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Adopt your Neko

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Here is where you adopt your Nekos. Here are the cats up for adoption

Name: Sakura
Age: 15
Sex: female
Orientation: Straight
Appearance: original Pictures, Images and Photos
Description: Abuse her however you like. She likes to sleep with men but is in fact still
a virgin. She hates the fact she is such a whore but she still does those kinds of things.
If you can train her she's be happy to learn whats proper and whats not. Or you can just
have sex with her ever night. Doesn't really matter to her.

Name:  Maya
Age: 5
Sex: Female
Orientation: Unknown
Appearance: anime neko Pictures, Images and Photos
Description: Abandonned by her parents, she's one of our newer additions. She can be quite
playful and really likes to play with people but doesn't have anyone to play with. Please
adopt her. She is lonely.

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 12
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Appearance: neko Pictures, Images and Photos
Description: Very cute. She loves sweets and cute things. Put her in a room with sweets
and cute things and she won't complain. She loves kittens too. 

Name: Raya
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Description: One of the very few nekos that actually goes to school and meets all kinds of

Name: Kai
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Appearance: Photobucket
description: He tends to get into lots of fights but is really kind. He is bisexual and
doesn't mind how his master treats him as long as he gets a master. He hates being trapped

Name: Hina, Rin, Yui
Age: All 14 years of age
Sex: Females
Appearance: Photobucket Purple quiet one is Yui, Light blond happy one is Hina
and Dark blond angry one is Rin
Description: Yui is very quiet at times and is always polite. Hina is quite cute and is
always energetic. She lacks manners but not as much as Rin does. Rin gets into lots of
fights and people can't believe that she's a girl. She hates being treated like a child or
called short. Her sisters sometimes tease her and they fight a lot.

Nekos already adopted

Name: Leo
Age: 16
Sex: male
Appearance: neko Pictures, Images and Photos
Descriptions: Very quiet and doesn't misbehave very much. He obeys any rule and will do as
you say. He needs someone to love him and maybe train him to fight. He really likes
fighting but no one ever taught him.
Taken by Psycho_Goth(if She joins the club)

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