The Real Reason Why Garrett Ecstasy Was Kicked Out Of The Band. (According To
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The Real Reason Why Garrett Ecstasy Was Kicked Out Of The Band. (According To

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29 October 2010, 02:34 PM    #1
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The Real Reason Why BOTDF Split In The First Place.  Directly From BOTDF's Myspace. 
From Dahvie Vanity.

SOME PEOPLE JUST MAKE ME SICK!!!!!! How dare you be so low and just ungrateful. I
happily shut off Garrett's phone today with such joy. You see .. Garrett has been
THROWN AWAY FROM BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.. Just like that! Let me give you a little
history behind BOTDF.. I Dahvie Vanity created Blood On The Dance Floor and no I will
never give up my dreams.. BOTDF is my life's work.. I have bled.. I have sacrificed
and I have given my whole entire life existence into this movement. My fans mean the
world to me. I composed all of my music that brings utter happiness and I even wrote
all of Garrett's so called parts. HAH and what's so funny is when he would come into
the studio all drugged up from the night because he's a druggy loser.. I would still
be so kind to write and direct his parts while he slept on a couch all day. I
should've removed him than and there but didn't because

I am a monster... But I do have a heart.

I just didn't want to disappoint my fans. You guys deserve the best! And when
relationships fall apart it just totally sucks.. But the show must go on...
It's funny how things work out. How people can just back stab you.. Not anymore!
It's time for a change.. Let me shed the truth..
I had to cancel some shows due to personal reasons.. False accusations we're made
against me! ME.. I am so kind and legit..I give everyone R-E-S-P-E-C-T And When I
was gone Garrett decided to steal my trailer with all my gear..(((GRAND THEFT AUTO +
Robbery = 5 to 10 years in prison))) and trust me Garrett would not survive in
prison. He than performed a show with my music.. without me.. I'm sorry but that
CREATED BY ME.. You just don't try and take another man's work.. That's called grand
theft dreams.. Garrett also tried to steal my debit card and access my accounts..
That's called fraud and If I do believe so that's a felony with a 10 year sentence
to prison.
HOW DARE YOU! He's so fortunate I didn't press charges..

Oh it gets worst.. He than took all the merch money when I was gone to go buy
tattoos with EV which by the way that money was specifically for ordering more
shirts so our fans get there merch orders as soon as possible. Now I'm behind and
picking up all the pieces.. No worries you all will get your merch orders soon. I
have some amazing friends who are helping BOTDF out right now. Talk about greed and
selfishness. Just ask Garrett himself about his tour tattoo that he spent with your
merch money from the shows that was suppose to go towards making sure you the fans
get there merch orders asap. Real cool! NOT. It just goes to show how pathetic he
really is.

So the druggy than decided to delete all the back tracks from my lap top.. Literary
tried to destroy BOTDF.. Even deleted all the new lyrics for the new album.. But
little does he knows.. I have back ups to back ups.. Nice try you poor unfortunate
soul. No wonder everyone kicks him out of there house.. Garrett only cares about
himself.. He's a bum! Just ask him where he lives.. And thanks for wrecking my tour
van you fuck nut! I hope karma repays you dearly.

But on a very optimistic note I feel like a cloud has lifted and the sun's warm
yellow light is pouring all over me again. With every end comes a new beginning. A
new chapter to the story that is BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR. I've already found the
perfect other half to this uplifting movement and I'm very content with every
decision I have made so far. I don't want to associate myself with druggies. Why!?
So when they fall I have to fall as well and let down my family and let down my fans
and friends. I don't think so! I mean it's coool to get crunk and do your thing..
just keep it legit. And play it smart. I'm just so over negative people and users.
For now on I'm going to do this right. I can't wait for you all to meet my other
half to BOTDF. He's been my best friend for a long ass time.  ONE LOVE, ONE HEART

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