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5 August 2010, 10:59 PM   #1
Guest Poster
Nao sits by a river, his feet in the water. He looks around at the dead trees and sighs.
Stupid evil humans, they kill everything just so they can live easier. But, he couldn't
exactly complain. He was a human too, after all.

5 August 2010, 11:06 PM   #2
Guest Poster

 Euryl looked around at the dead-ridden limbs of the trees around and smiled to himself
thoughtfully; he had no true scenario's to muse to himself about this danger since,
well... everything was practically dead. He brushed back some of his hair and sat near the
river on his knees cooly, pulling a messanger bag from around him and sat it down in front
of him, opening it and taking out odd handbells with a soft smile on his face when he saw
them. So musical... 
 His blue eyes suddenly flashed over at an "emotional' kid not far off... Euryl cocked his
head softly with a 'humph', scenario's coming in now.

5 August 2010, 11:10 PM   #3
Guest Poster
Nao layed back, feet still in the water. He wondered if his parents would come and search
for him soon. Probably not. They never really did, but always "punished" him once he got
home. He sighed again.

5 August 2010, 11:17 PM   #4
Guest Poster

 Euryl, somewhat nervously knowing any 'noise' he made from these bells would be heard,
gripped onto the handbell that had a fancy red-writing "#F" on it and made a sweet little
controlled clinks from it of a strange sound, humming to himself lightly as he looked back
over at the stranger. Naturally, this boy wasn't too social, actually he never really had
'human-contact', but he never really needed it either with the soothing comforts of the
instruments he had. 
 He put that all aside- he felt that this kid and him had terms they could agree to,
somehow. "Hey! Why are you at your lonesome?" He called out to him in a very meek, yet
somehow classical tone of voice.

5 August 2010, 11:20 PM   #5
Guest Poster
Nao looks over. He spoke in a voice barely heard, "Nothing.. I'm just sitting here
thinking..." He said. Nao wasn't much for human interactment. In fact, he usually avoided
people, they only annoyed him.

6 August 2010, 01:16 AM   #6
Guest Poster

 Euryl frowned to himself with a soft dismanteled  sigh escaping his lips somewhat
unpleasantly as he set down the F-Sharp handbell and picked up the casual A normally and
rung it, switching over to a D in an instant. This kid didn't seem to want to talk at all,
neither did he, so what was the point of pushing up a conversation then? Well, it
certainly was awkward having a lonseome at his own while the silver-haired boy played with
his handbells. Certainly that didn't matter...
 "I take it as though you do that often?" He mused out in a sarcastic voice that seemed to
trail into a valley of being rhetorical as he had spoken it.

6 August 2010, 01:20 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Nao sighed. "Of course I think. Who doesn't?" Nao looks over at the boy this time. He
frowned when he saw the bells, that's what was making the noise. He never was one for
music. Even when he played videogames.

Sorry, I try to write as much as I can, but it's hard. xD

6 August 2010, 01:29 AM   #8
Guest Poster
 OOC: do I intimidate? It's okay. Less for me to have to read! xD

 Euryl caught his look and made a silent huff to himself, pushing up his thick
black-rimmed glasses on his nose when they seemed to trail down a bit from their proper
spot. He felt bad blood between the two already, but for now he was amused. May-haps he
could run the child off. He seemed to detest his handbells after all... if he detested
music, Euryl would detest him too.
 "Not supposing you could multi-task that one, hm?" He made a scoff looking back at his
assorted bells. They all had the scales, of half-steps, though, only one, the #F, was
otherwise to that. 
 "Well, I don't believe dead people think... their minds slowly deteriorate.." His
expression went suddenly sharp and lifeless as he picked up the D bell. "Could always be
wrong though..." Euryl paused with a stifled laughter, "That was rhetorical though, was it

6 August 2010, 01:34 AM   #9
Guest Poster
OOC: It is a bit intimidating when roleplaying with someone who writes so much. xD

Nao sighed, and just stayed quiet. He always stayed quiet when people he could tell didn't
like him tried to speak to him. He just stayed silent, because that seemed to be a good
way to end a conversation. He closed his eyes and tried to not concentrate on the bells.

6 August 2010, 01:41 AM   #10
Guest Poster
 OOC: my job isn't to intimdate, it's to annoy. CB

 Euryl felt the conversation now disappear at his midst as he picked up the B handbell,
sending a glance over towards this stranger who didn't seem so delightful nor open to
anyone and made a mellotone sigh. He enjoyed the quiet, of course he had to because that
was simply him, but the precense lingering undoubtfuly nearby, close enough to hear him
play with those handbells of his, was a bit bothersome...
 "Quiet again, hm? you don't talk to people a lot, do you?" He mused out in a rhetorical
manner, brushing back his bangs ever-so-smoothly as those Electric cyan eyes of his
trailed over softly to see this 'lonesome one', which was the name the boy had officially
given to him until he had further details.

6 August 2010, 01:50 AM   #11
Guest Poster
Nao still stayed quiet, but opened his eyes to stare up at the sky, which looked like it
was going to rain. If there was one thing he liked, it was the rain. He even smiled a bit.

8 August 2010, 02:03 PM   #12
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Sakura saw a guy sitting by a river. ''Hi,there..Can i sit at here as well?''asked Sakura
smiling at the guy.
Sakura's Mokun,Guren
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8 August 2010, 02:47 PM   #13
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Eden had a deep scowl set in her face as she trudged along wearily, a yapping dog at her
"Pepe, can't we atleast rest for a bit?" she grumbled, in her smooth, cold voice.
"Look, there's a clearing!"
Not waiting for her puppy's opinion, she dashed off, only to see that there were already a
few people there.

26 August 2010, 03:44 AM   #14
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kohane sat down under a tree watching the fish jump around in the water.she sat quietly
reading an interesting book that certainly amused her.she put her book down and looked

26 August 2010, 03:54 AM    #15
Guest Poster
Lucas walked to the river looking around and sat down.

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