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28 July 2010, 11:48 PM   #1
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New Story!!!! Hope you like! I'm writing this from the top of my head! :D 
*Note: I am NOT abandoning Stuck in Kiddieland.

EDIT: I now know what the story will be about, so I took out what I had already writen and
added something else. I also decided that I'll be telling the story from 2 different point
of views. So, enjoy!

September 3
Dear Ana,

The first day of school was a few weeks ago. It was just....OK. I mean, it was literally
OK. The classes were OK. My seating arrangements were OK. The teachers were OK. Frankly,
it's very boring. I wish I could say I haven't written to you in a while because I've been
busy with school, but that would be a total lie.

I'm kind of sad, because I'm not in the same class as Wittney, my bff. Instead, I'm stuck
with Ryan, Rhonda, and Rena, the three most popular girls. Also, the three most
mean girls. They can make your life miserable. So far, I've been safe, but I sit
behind Ryan, so how long will it be before I'm a target? Being a preteen girl is hard
enough without the woes of trying to fit in but still be yourself at the same time. 

Also, my teacher is Mr. Succumbs. He's short and skinny and all jittery. He has huge thick
glasses and always wears tan pants that are too short and a checkered shirt tucked in.
Sometimes he wears ties. He's your average geek teacher. And, unfortunately, I'm stuck
with him. 

Write back soon!
Love, Courtney.


I hate school. There are bullies and popular girls everywhere, and I just can't escape!
And Mum won't homeschool me, so I'm stuck at Redwood School untill I graduate. Ugh.

I used to have friends. First, there was Matt. We became friends because we have the same
name. We were best friends up until third grade, when he told me a really big secret. Then
some older kids made me tell them Max's secret, and the older kids told everyone in the
third and fourth grades. Max was so embarressed that he didn't talk to me for a whole
month, then he moved away.

After that, I was dubbed the Blabbermouth. Nobody would go near me. It was as if I had a
contagious disease. Back then, it was practically a crime to go behind your friends'
backs, so everyone hated me. 

Then in fifth grade, there was a new kid in school; Archie. He traveled all over the world
with his parents and was really cool. Everyone wanted to be his friend, but he chose me,
even though I wa the most unpopular kid in our grade. But then his parents decided they
wanted to go to France, so a few months later, Archie was gone.

The summer before sixth grade, my neighbor's grandson came to visit. His name was Ben and
he was a very quiet and serious person. But he was fun to play and go exploring with, so
we hung out the whole summer. Unfortunately he had to go back home at the end of summer,
and even though he promised to write, he never did.

So now you can see what my life is like. I'm the geek, the nerd, the dummy, the outcast.
I'm the one who's always picked on, the one everyone stays away from. But it's actually
not that bad, because I don't really like anyone at school. there's no one I would
want to be friends with. They're all worthless people who find entertainment in mocking

Except Courtney.

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29 July 2010, 12:06 AM   #2
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Are you having writer's block?

That is the question!

Anyways, its interesting. I love how you made her think that its been an awesome year, but
to most of us, it would have been a horrible year. 

I can't wait, to read more. I almost typed heard more. 


10 August 2010, 07:57 PM   #3
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You so did NOT just change the story.

Its okay though.

I think I like this one better anyways.

Are you having writer's block?

Because normally you don't write a new story, unless you quit with a story or you don't
have ideas with it anymore.

Just saying...

Anyways, keep writing and good luck!

11 August 2010, 01:51 PM    #4
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Lol, I actually don't.....I don't think. It's just that sometimes I have the need to
write something that I haven't already started, so i usually either think of a title and
write a story to match it, or just start writing off the top of my head. This time it was
the second one. XD And thanks!
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