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Isle of Eard: The Pirate's Hideaway

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18 May 2010, 09:23 PM   #1
The Cap'n.
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On a small island not far from the great island of Albion – or Great Britain –
where the beaches are almost white and the cool ocean waters are placid and the air is
sweet, many a pirate footsteps mark the grounds. These footsteps mark a sort of worn trail
to a jungle, but do not be fooled. Just two hundred metres into the vegetation you will
see taverns, stalls, stores, inns and all sorts of civilisation. The area has been cleared
of trees and the ground is stone-paved. There is neither sign of the Royal Navy nor any
guards at all. Instead, all you can spot are pirates – everywhere. 

There is a sign on a small tavern window called 'The Pirate's Hideaway' beside you:

The window is small and dusty and the tavern looks as if it’s about to fall apart when you step in. Light and shadow from the various torches bounce off decaying walls and you can see dust floating in the stagnant air. Then you see him; a young man sitting languidly at a large rectangular table, obviously waiting for someone. For you.

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Theresa Nancy Dawkins
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 Theresa Nancy Dawkins, or Nancy, as she so preferred to be called, considered
herself the luckiest person in the world as she walked towards the old tavern where she
heard applications were available for a new crew. The young woman's reason for this
feeling was simple; the fact that she had survived a vicious mutiny where she was on the
side of the original captain was a miracle. Glancing on either side of her as her russet
locks blew freely from her bun which she did not care to fix, Nancy nervously dug a pair
of pale hands into the pockets of a blue coat. Deep breaths, now, she reminded herself.
Positive impressions are key for a woman who wishes to make her way onto a ship. The
redhead removed her hands from her pockets, and opened the door. A handsome young man sat
at a table, obviously the captain. She stepped slowly up to him, approaching the table
with an air of confident ease. Indeed it was a false air, but a well-acted one
nonetheless. Confidence, or lack thereof, was something Nancy often focused on, especially
when wishing to take advantage of a good opportunity such as this. 
"Ahoy an' goo'day to ye." The lady slurred quietly, her voice but a level above a whisper.
The pale lids to her large eyes are lowered, and a small, suggestive smile graced her face
as she sees the young man. "I've 'eard about a crew application bein' open 'ere." She
continued, hoping that her manner of nonchalance prompts him to accept her quickly.
Theresa Nancy Dawkins.

19 May 2010, 07:52 AM   #3
The Cap'n.
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The slight creak of the tavern's door and the sharp tapping of boots on the wooden
floors signalled for Vanya to take his distracted gaze from the window. Through the dim
lighting from the torches Vanya slowly slid his jade eyes towards the figure approaching
and was pleasantly surprised to see a young woman with a mass of tangled red hair in a bun
and clad in men’s clothing. He moved his chair slightly, the sound of wood grating
against wood irritating his ears, and his eyes roamed over the lass’ figure and face;
her bright eyes immediately drew his attention while she spoke. Vanya cracked a half-smile
in response to her own.
  “An’ a fine evening to you too,” he nodded in acknowledgement and stood, pulling
out a chair beside the table and gestured for her to sit. “Please, take a seat. I am
indeed searching for a crew to accompany me in the wide blue,” Vanya paused, hoping that
his thick Russian accent was understandable. No matter how long he studied English or any
other language, his accent tended to hamper his conversations with most. “But what’s a
pretty lass like you doing here in, Eard? Or furthermore, looking for company with
pirates? Not that I mean you any offence missy.” He offered her another, fuller smile.
“It’s just that I haven’t sailed with a lady in years.”

19 May 2010, 09:26 AM   #4
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
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R/N; Here we go. Short post.
It was truly a sight, this island. It was a stark contrast - with its numerous stalls and boundless energy - to the sleepy town he grew up in, so much so that Gabriel found himself a bit culture shocked. It was perfectly logical since it was his first time traveling outside of his country. As he explored and pushed through crowds, he happened to glance towards a window and barely made out the writing with his impaired vision. The sign was simple, straight to the point and exactly the opportunity he'd been waiting for. Without another thought, he pushed open the decaying wood of a door and stepped inside the musty tavern. There were two figures inside, the torches casting shadows over their faces - not that he could really see them anyway. Silently, he closed the door behind him and warily stepped forward, feeling his insides twist in anticipation though he forced his expression to be indifferent. "I saw the sign." Gabriel said quietly.

19 May 2010, 09:06 PM   #5
The Cap'n.
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"I saw the sign."

Interrupted, Vanya glanced up and almost cursed his ears for missing the telltale noises
of another entrance. Nevertheless, he straightened from the table he half-leant on and
moved towards the newcomer, a slightly cocky strut evident in the way he walked. In the
dimness of the lit torches, Vanya offered a slow toothy grin though the element of humour
seemed to be missing in the expression and he held his hand out for the young man to
shake. He could barely make out the details of the boy but that hardly mattered; still
letting his eyes roam over the young man as he did with the young lass who waited for him
at the table, before he nodded towards the table. "Well then, come take a seat and you can
tell me your tale too."

19 May 2010, 09:40 PM   #6
Guest Poster
I was wondering if we're suppose to roleplay in small font and...not centered?
Michael wandered around aimlessly in this cursed place known as the Great Britain. He has lost his memory of when the ship crashed and about a mysterious person yanking him into a dory. He wonders why, from all places he ends up here? Michael sighed as he shoved his right wooden hand into his pocket and his left hand was scratching his head. He came to a halt because he almost ran into a sign. Michael took a few steps back and read the sign.
Should I join? Maybe I should grab some rum too, besides it's an ol' tavern anyhow.... he thought to himself and silently walked to the window of the old tavern while the chain on his pants was clunking, with a flail ball at the end of the chain and a silver pocket watch that seems to have a few scratches. He saw about 3 figures in there talking amongest themselves. I guess there's no rum 'ere huh? he thought gloomy, it was already bad enough that he didn't know where he was. Then he remembered what the sign said. "Perhaps if I joined this crew then I could restore som' of me mermory...." he thought out loud, practicing his pirate slang. He quickly moved away from the window, hoping that no one saw him and snuck around back to the door eavesdropping on their conversation to see if what he saw on the sign is why these three figures are inside this old tavern.
I decided not to enter in the tavern all of a sudden, so that way you can handle the first two people that got there first...>_<

19 May 2010, 10:02 PM   #7
Theresa Nancy Dawkins
Joined: 8 May 2010
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 Nancy obeyed, glad to have met a seemingly friendly captain. His accent was
rather peculiar, Russian, she supposed, but she could understand him for the most part.
Sitting down with a grin, she gazed at him. "Well now, sir, I 'ave been sailing with
pirates for quite some time now." She replied, and then took a breath to acknowlege the
mysterious newcomer. Patiently, Nancy waited for him to take his seat and speak. This was
going rather smoothly, the redhead noted to herself. Too smoothly, perhaps? Because
the only time things seemed to be 'going smoothly' in Nancy's entire life was when some
divine force was prophesying worse trouble than she could imagine not far ahead. Such was
the case that had landed her here in the first place, for things seemed peaceful shortly
before the mutiny.
Theresa Nancy Dawkins.

20 May 2010, 05:55 AM   #8
Llewyn Falkenberg
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Llewyn could only blink as he stared at the sign in front of him. First, he had to escape from France because - well, what could he say? He looked like a pirate, and was even getting the hang of talking like one, too. And he was one. And what do people do when they see a pirate? Chase them out of the country. Scratch that. Hang them. And those people seemed damn determined, since he didn't do anything wrong. So he escaped, took a ride to - where was he again? - Albion? He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He had gotten completely lost and tangled in a bloody jungle, and then, finds himself at a place filled with pirates. And it was kind of nerve-wracking, really. Especially since he was still pretty new at the whole thing. And now, he stands in front of a small tavern, inviting him in, looking for new crew members. He took a deep breath, creaking the door open, 'You can do this, this is what ye were lookin' for...' "H-hello?" 'Stop stuttering, fool!' There were four people inside, there was a red-haired lady that was wearing men's attire, and two men. The first one, he saw him come into the tavern just a minute before he did. The other - he was pretty sure this was the man he was supposed to see. They were all quite a... peculiar group of people. He cleared his throat, and said more loudly, "Hello? I saw ye were lookin' for some new members for a crew..." he tried grinning, he hoped it didn't look weak.

20 May 2010, 08:46 AM   #9
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
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Gabriel froze when he saw the first figure - the Captain, he assumed - rise from
his seat and almost took out his pistol when he saw the Captain hold out something in his
hand - he thought the Captain was going to shoot him right then and there. He felt stupid
- and rather relieved - when he saw that the man only wanted to shake his hand. He took
the hand and shook it hurriedly, busying himself with noticing the man's strange accent.
Maybe he was being too jumpy around them and that wouldn't look too good if he's going to
become part of this crew. Mulling over his actions, he took a seat across from the other
figure in the room. He was slightly amused to see that the other figure was a lady.
Female pirates are rare, but not unheard of – female pirates are quite scary when
ridiculed, like what the sailors in the harbor said; Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman
Scorned. Gabriel was about to question himself if this was a good idea when a newcomer
entered the tavern. 

Really, he hasn't been with so much strangers - pirates, even - since his sister's
wedding. Maybe it was a good decision to become a pirate after all.

20 May 2010, 09:31 AM   #10
The Cap'n.
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@Gantai: That's fine. Thank you; feel free to join the 'crew-to-be' whenever you're ready. C:
Vanya couldn't help but let a small grin plaster itself to his face. The search for a crew was going much easier than he had though; and much better too. Even though this wasn't the burliest crew he had ever witnessed, he was willing to bet something on their smarts and skills. Besides, what better than a strange crew to sail with? They would be renowned in at least one way. The jumpy young man - who Vanya had a hard time suppressing to harrass - took a seat, letting Vanya direct his attention once more to yet another newcomer; another young, nervous looking boy - Vanya froze for a moment, scrutinizing the boy's innocent face intently. Then he noticed: the hair was to short and neat, the eyes were to round though they seemed to be just as blue...but... Vanya gave himself a brisk mental shake and his wavering grin came back strong. He held a gloved hand out for the dirty-blonde to shake, then gestured towards the tables. He cleared his throat, and reached up idly to fiddle with the plume on his wide-brimmed hat. "So, if ya'll gonna be sailin' with me, it be best if we all knew each other, da?," Vanya nodded at the lass. "Would care to introduce yourselves?"

22 May 2010, 04:54 AM   #11
Chadrick Winston Montgomerie
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plz dun' kill me for failure. ;A; Ya'll made me pressured!
Not too far at the point of yonder, was a cloaked figure who followed the path towards the decaying tavern with not of a single clue to what was to be there when he would arrived. He smiled from behind the shade of his cloak before he arched his head back, causing the dark hood to fall back, revealing his sinister smile- a naughty one that enjoyed his deed of trouble he had just created. Running from his father when he had his back turned was ever so clever! It made his adrenaline pump fast and shot excitement through his body. He straightened himself as he walked along this path that he had began to follow earlier, only was he told in a rumor of the by-passers of the city that this was the way to go. This was the thoughts of merely Chadrick. He paused for a moment, realizing that he had just ran away from his rightful place- a son of precious heirloom and many valuables and he would trade that all up to be a mere pirate? He'd have to create an alias for something so dreadful! No longer could he fling his name around; what if someone knew about the Montgomerie's? 'Nonsense!' he meekly scoffed in his mind, tracing over a new thought, Imagine the adventures! He stood there for a moment, thinking of himself at the front bow of a ship, an iron sword at hand with himself looking ever so nicely; the ocean glistening the sunlights rays in the background while wind brushed heavenly through his strawberry-blonde hair... And the epic battles for the 'booteys'! As well as a new name for the high-rulers known as the Montgomeries! A pirate to be advenged! He squealed silently, picking up a large stick in moments then waved it around like it was a sword of some sort. "On guard, ye' skalley-waggers!" He like a clarion, seeming obnoxious as he treaded along the rest of the way, swinging the stick sharply.... But Chadrick stopped in his tracks, noticing the tavern ahead- and sure enough there was a sign about a crew being needed! And to see the captain at no least! A jolt of energy rushed up into him as he dropped the stick immediatly in a quick attempt to catch up with his own breath who seemed to leave without warning; could he have that much anticipation? And yet, there was a man in the way of the door, haulting any chances of getting in. With that thought scurrying in his head, Chadrick stepped over, light-footed as ever, and sent a tap on the mans' shoulder. " 'Ryt mate', yuptae, I ken ye' be in front of dis' 'ere dor'. Don' be a wee weesht one, can ye' move aside, Laddy?" Chadrick managed to find the place to speak but with his Scottish slang. He always felt like the slang was more intimidating than most, so why seem like a prim and proper fellow? Might as well get used to his heritage... Oh, but if felt so awkward to talk like that.

22 May 2010, 11:35 AM   #12
Theresa Nancy Dawkins
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 Nancy stood up, and placed a feminine yet calloused hand to her ruffly
cravat-clothed chest. 
"My name is Theresa Nancy Dawkins, however mos' folk just address me as Nancy. I bl'ive
I'm 'alf past ninteen." She introudced herself, shook the captain's hand, and then sat
down once again. A few more tangly red curls came loose and fell from her bun when she
sat, but Nancy did not really notice, because she was soon overcome with the uncomfortable
feeling that she was being watched. She masked it with the same expression she had worn
earlier, not letting on for a second that she was feeling paranoid. The young woman
reprimanded herself that it was probably just her nerves, and that she really needed to
calm herself. Still...
Theresa Nancy Dawkins.

22 May 2010, 02:16 PM   #13
Gabriel Clemente Vieira
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"It's nice to meet ye, Nancy," Gabriel said, giving her a small grin before
standing from his seat.

English was not his mother language; but he had picked up the language during his time in
Portugal and again during his sail to the island. He must be able speak it now; he's been
spending all his time around them, pelo amor de Deus! However, he wasn't so sure if
he could pass as a pirate - or speaking like one - with his accent. But he liked to try -
there's no harm in that, is there? Unless speaking horrible pirate is a crime and the
punishment is being hanged; he hoped it wasn't, teasing is just fine and he could live
with that for a while. So, mustering up all the confidence he had, he faced the others.

"Meu nome - " Gabriel paused briefly and continued, "Me name's Gabriel Clemente
Vieira, but - uh - todos may call me Gabriel an' I am from Portugal.." He finished
it with an apologetic smile before sitting down and distracted himself with the
non-existent dust on his lapel.
Please bear with me on this - this fail speak, I swear (Gabriel and) I'll do better... ANYWAY, TRANSLATIONS; meu nome = my name pelo amor de Deus! = for God's sake! todos = all/everyone

25 May 2010, 04:05 PM   #14
Guest Poster
Michael chuckled  then thought. Laddy huh? I'm much more older than he!He
shook his head at the young boy and said. "It ain't polite ta tell som'one ta move eh?" He
opened the door and closed it behind him on purpose before the boy could make a move.
He ain't very scary at all.  Michael looked up to see other figures around the
table. One seem to be the captain, with jade colored eyes and dirty blonde hair, speaking
with the rest that seemed to be the crew with a deep Russian accent. In the crew, he saw
two men and 1...Woman? That's unusual.... he thought. One man had wavy light brown
hair with Indigo eyes with blond on the tips of his hair. The other man had sea-green eyes
with dirty blond hair, but with light brown streaks in his hair. Finally, the lady had
very deep red hair such as his own! Although, he had a secret black hair layer underneath
his messy red hair. He looked calmly at the Capt'n's face and said. "Tis' be the crew,
no?" Michael asked even though he knew the answer. He heard a portugual accent and turn
around to see the man with the wavy light brown hair. Michael gave a small smile
underneath his navy blue bandana, which covered his mouth at the moment. Portugese is a
close language to Spanish.... he thought happily that someone here spoke somewhat the
same as he. "Any way, I would be mos' happy ta joi'en thee crew" Michael said looking
directing at the Captain's eyes with his left eye, since his right eye was hidden beneath
his eyepatch.

28 May 2010, 11:54 PM    #15
The Cap'n.
Joined: 1 May 2010
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OOC: I AM SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG TO POST. all get a pep-talk from Vanya. xD
A smirk spread itself across Vanya’s lips and a chuckle rumbled from his throat as he faced the red-head lad that had just entered and he shook his hand nonchalantly, gesturing for him to take a seat and make his introductions. Then he paced the small perimeter of the room, gloved hand tapping his chin thoughtfully. He was impressed with the fast responses to his ad and he lifted his head to squint at the group of people that was going to be his crew. Of course he’d wait a little longer for more members but already he was excited. Finally his Bride could set sail. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Gabriel, Nancy,” he said finally and let his eyes wonder to the doorway, noticing the boy with dirty blonde hair and a figure lingering just outside. Though he didn’t say anything to press them, he waited impatiently for them to take a seat and introduce themselves. He spared another smile to both Gabriel and Nancy and opened his mouth to say more when suddenly a flash of ebony streaked from the top corner just above Nancy’s head and swooped over her head and glided over to where Vanya stood. The crow squawked once, twice and then landed on Vanya’s outstretched arm. The Russian man smiled endearingly and stroked the underside of the bird’s beak and muttered something to it in Russian and turned his attention back to the others. “M’name is Ivan Britanov, or simply go by the name Vanya – but at all times,” his expression abruptly turned cold and serious; the atmosphere in the room tensing suddenly. “If you are ta’ be in my crew, you will always refer to me as Captain: Captain Ivan, Captain Vanya, or Captain Britanov – it doesn’t matter which name you choose. I am Captain and will be referred to as such. You will be sailing under my command and my word is law. Step a foot out of line and I will personally cut off your foot.” He began to pace once more, his long coat fluttering behind him. “A pirate’s life is not for the soft-hearted or weak-willed. If you sail with me, you sail to prove your worth, regardless of your original goal.” He paused and he turned, grinning slowly, white teeth flashing almost menacingly in the darkness. “I have my own reasons for setting sail, but moreover, I want this to be the greatest crew to ever mark the pages of history, da? What say ye?”

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