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Lann's Diary

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21 March 2010, 06:39 PM   #1
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(I want to see what you all think and if I'm going in the right direction with this. I
know this is three paragraphs of discription and hardly is extremel entertaining
explaining about Lann)

	The room was quiet, for mostly empty chairs occupied the room. The walls were white,
clean, and slightly polished. It all seemed almost too clean.  Squares upon squares of
white plastic tiles covered the floor as a black plastic strip bordered the wall and
floor. The room’s shape was very rectangular and dark blue cushioned chairs lined the
length walls.  This room had two doors: one at the head of the room, on one of the shorter
walls; the other was on the length wall that stopped the line of chairs short.  On this
wall with the doors and chairs, there were windows that covered the upper wall above the
chairs.  Nurses pasted by the window before the view of hallways and doors with room
numbers.  All white, engulfing everything real into this surreal reality. 
	Lann only knew too well of this life, now sitting across from the window, his feet
leaning against the legs of the chair.  His upper was bent forward as his hands were
folded neatly in his lap.  The dark brown eyes started at the floor.  His choppy black
hair hung in his face, barely touching his striped, dusty grey, long sleeved shirt. A
frayed ebony-colored backpack rested beside him, looking as lonesome as he.  It seemed he
had been sitting there for hours, even days.  Though in reality, he had only been sitting
a couple minutes since he spoke goodbye to his parents.  It had been two years since he
had last seen his parents, but nothing had changed.  They still were as self-centered as
always, arguing over the littlest of things.  Although they had not seen their son in two
years, they still continued their competition with each other caring little over what Lann
wanted to say.  But Lann never really wanted to talk.  At least not anymore.
	After a while, a girl in a white uniform dress came into the room. Lann noticed her
arrival in the room, but he cared little of her presence.  His head remained toward the
floor, until he saw two white slippers in his view.  The girl stood before him, a little
impatient.  With her authority, of nurse, she beckoned him to stand. Unwillingly, he did
so, following her as she started to walk towards the door.

27 March 2010, 06:11 AM    #2
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I feel loved......

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