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Nudity: What do you think?

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9 January 2010, 08:55 PM   #1
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This discussion is most specifically about nudity, the forbidden kind, the one that some
parts of society seem to be so concerned about...namely girls over what 5-18? 

I think there are arguments on both sides.

When i was pissed off over seeing Gabriella yet again being harrassed by those idiots
posting her pic on ANON i wrote this diary:

but i will summarize my views briefly here:

1. Nudity isnt treated the same in all societies, many societies are very open to nudity
of males and females of all ages. In Europe and some parts of South America nude public
beaches (not just nudist ones or colonies) are more common. It is also more commonly
acceptable to have nudity on television and print media. Some societies are very closed.
Some societies i would say are extreme where they would prohibit women, specifically from
revealing any part of their bodies in public and make them where garb to cover up
head-to-toe including a veil.

2. In the U.S. nudity reflects archaic Victorian-prudish values that are completely
sexist. A teen boy for example may walk around topless but a teen girl may not. 

It has nothing to do with the size or shape of the breasts for surely there are some girls
and women with breasts smaller than any boy or man and some boys and men with breasts
larger than many girls or women.

One can't say well that's because girls would be victims of guys or that guys would perve
on the girls, because if that is the case what about gay guys who would be attracted to
topless teen boys? And yes there are adult women who fantasize about a 17 year-old buff
Taylor Lautner.

3. The magical black-out period for girls makes no sense.

Many young kids are often seen nude. If they are young enough, no one but pedophiles finds
anything arousing about seeing a baby or little girl or boy naked. Most of us normal
people don't have any kind of reaction like that at all. 

Online, people post pics or share them of their infants, toddlers, or young children or
they are seen running around like that and its ok. There have been several legal cases
where initially the parent or whoever was charged or a complaint was made that they had
nude photos of their children but the courts have always thus far vindicated them and held
that there is nothing pornographic about such photos. So people post their
"baby-in-the-bathtub" photos all the time.

In media or in entertainment or modeling after a certain age, usually 18, girls can appear
topless. Kristen Stewart when making Twilight was underage and couldnt appear topless.
Taylor Lautner at 17 in New Moon made women and girls of all age wet with his practically
nude body. I think that says a lot about the sexist situation.

So in it is just this “middle period” from puberty to the age of majority where we
have this very odd and irrational social morays against public (or even private) nudity
and not of guys…but only of girls. Makes no sense.

4. Nudity has nothing to do with crime or sex-offenses. Many cultures where nudity is
freely treated have very low incidences of sex-crimes.

5. Technology has advanced way beyond our laws. Meaning that its completely simple for a
young person, guy or girl, to expose themselves via webcam or text or sharing photo or
video files. Our laws reflect an older time when this wasn't possible. 

6. Laws reflect society's view of things.  Laws change over time. In the U.S. there were
and in some cases still are laws that prohibited interracial dating or marriages. Laws
that prevent gay-marriage. Laws against sodomy (aimed specifically at gays). And of course
laws that were biased against blacks or other minorities and reflected racism. These
things changed over time as the Society got more enlightened...though obviously there is
still a ways to go with respect to gay-rights.

My point with this is that in time, I believe because nudity is so prevalent among youths
today and they seem to take it a lot less seriously  than older people, that in time, the
laws will change and reflect contemporary views.

Personally, I think that the law should make a distinction between child-pornography where
children are being raped or molested and photos or a video that a teen girl makes for her
boyfriend. There is also a lot of ambiguity in the law about what constitutes pornography
and sexuality and what constitutes mere nudity and artistic expression.

7. In my opinion, too much is made about nudity and there are far bigger concerns in life.
I think the over-concern about nudity leads to more problems then if people would just get
over their hang-ups and stop being so judgmental about it.

8. Finally, a girl who does show herself or her body whether by dressing scantily or by
revealing it online or in pics is NOT a slut. Those kinds of labels are thrown at them by
people who have a different opinion about nudity and sexuality. A slut is someone who
charges money for sex as a living. Period.

If a girl has the confidence (or the lack of confidence) to show off her body its her
own business and her reasons for doing so are also her own business and possibly the
business of her parents.  

(but call me crazy cause i think that parents should have the right to be informed of
their teen girl's abortions and in some states they do not)

So these are my views on nudity.


Perhaps you may have seen the recent iniative by MTV called "a thin line" which is warning
girls about sexting to their boyfriends.

Here is one of the ads if youve not seen it.

You've probably read my views in my diaries or had me tell people that its generally a bad
idea to take such pics for one's boyfriend.

I say so not because I'm against nudity obviously, and I do support sexual liberation,
but because such teen relationships are usually short-lived. Even if you date
throughout high-school one or both of you will be off to college or have moved past the
relationship if it even lasts that long.

And if teens break-up, its not very often a mature parting, its in a bad way. Cause he
cheated on her or cause she dumped him for a better guy. That kind of bad blood always
leads to feelings of anger and revenge. Teen guys too like to brag to their buddies about
their hot girlfriends so be assured that he will show those pics or vids to his buddies.

As you can tell from above, I am not against nudity and I dont think it should be held
against the girl. But the girl's peers, her associates, her teachers, her parents, family,
friends, minister, etc. may not be as open-minded so I think this campaign of MTVs is good
to remind girls of the consequences of their actions.


My bottom-line view is that I think a girl should appreciate the potential consequences of
her actions but if she makes the choice to do something like show off her body or go nude
in public or other things....whether its having sex with her boyfriend or making a sexy
video for him...then I am not going to judge her about those things. (though i will have
an opinion)

9 January 2010, 11:26 PM    #2
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