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i need help with this story.
and also, critiques are most welcome.
i'm not done with the second chapter. 
i'm stuck... /DIES

	When you think about your first year of high school. You might think, finding what clique
you might belong in, mending a lost friendship, making new friends, losing a friend or
two, and maybe losing the one you love most. Me? Well, I’m not that in touch with
society these days, but I’ve gotta say, it’s like you’ve read my mind. 
“Ready to walk home my love?” Says the young man in the ‘Super Junior’ t-shirt as
he reaches for his girlfriends hand. 
“Aw! In the rain? But I just got my Converse yesterday!” She complains. 
“Well, I could carry you. But that is only if you’d like.” He says with a adorable
“Really?” She shouts happily. 
“No.” He says as he begins to chuckle. 
	I never actually thought of him as my first love. He was just a great boyfriend, so I
thought. But as my freshman year went on, I began to see what he truly was like, all the
flaws he and I both had. How imperfect our relationship actually was. It felt like an
illusion soon after I realized this, I know, I know. Harsh words, but they are also true
	Now all he is, or ever was to me, seems like a far off memory of when I once was happy.
He used to have title of my boyfriend, and the man that made me happy. You’ll never
expect what happened next. 
“I’m sorry, I just don’t… I don’t know anymore, we aren’t what we once were.
You aren’t the same, and I think it’s best if we were just friends.” she says
“Well, if this is what you want. I won’t stop you. But maybe it is best if we were
best friends. … I just… I just don’t know what to say, this is so sudden.I thought
you loved me…?” He says with a tear rolling down his cheek. 
“I… I do love you! Don’t ever think I don’t. Because I do…” She says. 
“If you did, then… why are you breaking my heart like this?” He says. 
	That day went with me breaking my own heart. You might have already drawn the conclusion
that I stopped talking to him after that discussion. Well, I didn’t. A few days later, I
broke my own heart again. 
“…We went to the movies, and she kissed me, and I think I kissed her back.” The text
read. “I never actually thought you’d be the one to move on first. Oh wait, nevermind.
You’re a conniving boy, I should’ve expected as much from you. So what next? When you
two getting married?” She replied. “Seems to me like you are jealous.” His text
	That day I learned that throwing inanimate objects across the room is very therapeutic,
and so is crying hysterically while on the phone with your best friend. 
“Why was I so fucking bitchy to him? Why couldn’t I just be happy for him?” She
screams into the reciever. 
“Honey, don’t worry. It’s natural for a former girlfriend that is still in love with
her ex-boyfriend to be jealous.” Her best friend stated. 
	What was I thinking, you ask? I don’t even know. I kept asking myself over and over,
“I thought he loved me. Ha, what an idiot I was to believe I could trust him.” I guess
the build up of stress, and family troubles were what hurt me most. After the break-up, we
both decided to promise eachother to be the closest of friends. No matter how painful it
was. Too bad for me. Every time he was with me… flashes of happy memories bounced about
my brain. I don’t know why I even chose the path to still be friends with him, honestly,
I didn’t. Was it all an act? Quite frankly, yes, it was.
	When you see me, you’ll probably think, “Damn, that guy is such a douchebag.” But
I’m just as normal as you. Though, I may not seem so, I’ve been in love once. His
name? I am not at liberty to say, only because it hurts me too much. “He’s
homosexual?” You might be thinking. Well, yes I am. If you’ve a problem, then I
couldn’t care less. I’m all alone anyway. 
“How do you sleep so well on the floor?” Kaito asks Haru with an adorable grin.
“I don’t. I hate sleeping like this on the ground. Although, I do enjoy the
view.” Haru says with a frustrated grin. 
“Pervert!” Kaito says with a quiet girlish squeal.
“Hehehe, not til later.” Haru says with a perverted grin.
	I never thought that he would ever stop loving me. I mean, I would stop loving him. He
was the best part of me. My other half, you might say. But, alas… He left me for
another. I couldn’t complain though. I was the one that didn’t wish to make the
relationship work. I was too obsessed with my career, and at that time, I was at the top
of my game. Photographer to most of the famous fashion magazines, and I was just about to
make my directorial debut. It was the most important time in my life.

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