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How Article: How to Give a Hug

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How To
How to Give a Hug

The hug is a universal interaction between two people that is a way to say hello and good-bye and even comfort in times of need, worry, pain or disappointment. While it's kind of hard to mess up, here are some pointers that will help you give a hug and send the correct message.


Be intuitive. You can get in quite a lot of trouble for randomly hugging people (especially at the office); make sure it is a situation in which people are accustomed to hugging--like greeting one another, saying good-bye or comforting a loved one. If it feels like it might be awkward to hug, then the rule of thumb is that it probably is. If you have never met the person before, hugging is probably inappropriate. Also, in business, hugging is rarely practiced. Stick with a firm handshake and warm smile for those purposes. Keep hugging for close friends and family.

Clearly open your arms. Don't sneak up on someone and hug them, as that will not only startle them, it will also be perceived as a little creepy. Open your arms wide in front of them so they can clearly see your intention.

Place your head to one side. There's nothing worse than hugging someone and banging noses. After you reach your arms out to the side, tilt your head to one side. It really doesn't matter which, just so long as your intention is clear, and the other person can compensate by tilting their head the other way.

Approach and wrap. With your intentions clear, approach the other person and wrap your arms around them. This is where the hug again becomes intuitive. You are simply saying hello, and this should last a second at most. However, if you are helping someone grieve the loss of a loved one, take your cue from them as to when they are ready to let go. Congratulations--you have learned how to properly give a hug!

How Article: How to Give a Hug

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thats not how you give a hug you run up to them behind them with a huge boner (if you  r
a girl a knee will do just fine) an give them the iggest hug of their life when they awsk
what is poking them just tell them you love them and walk away

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