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Dark Waters: Angel in Time (Book 2)

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Due to the demand of Lucy101_is_back (we really don't want her to die) and the commentors
of the book (is 'commentors' even a word), I shall be posting the second book to thsi


(Kenzi's P.O.V.)

That (censor). That rotten mother (censor) (censor). I hate her (censor).
 "Kenzi," Damien complains, "stop talkin' about her. She's my Master, ya know."
 I hadn't realized I was talking out loud. Damien, my boyfriend, my minoion, my second in
command, smiles up at me. I smile back. "And she's gullible and stupid, too. She even fell
for Eli and Gabriel. Those two goons couldn't act to save their lives," I say, laughing.
"Damien, sweetheart, kiss me."
 He does. And I kiss him back. 
 "Beautiful," he whispers.
 That's when Dave comes in. "WHy are you kissing Kenzi?" he asks.
 "Because she's my girlfriend," Damien whispers against my lips. I breath in his
scent--something like roses and lillies. 
 Dave's body shakes in fury. "Huh? Kenzi, I thought we were going out."
 Damien sighs and throws a blast of Power at him. Dave growls and comes back, fighting. I
watch the boys battle it out.

(Eli's P.O.V)

"We need to get back, O Sexy One," Gabriel says, rolling his eyes at me. "Kenzi does not
yet know what she did."
 "What Kenzi did or what Artemisia did?" I ask, running my fingers through my hair.
 "Artemisia. How's Kenzi going to fix this one?"
 "Send us to do it. But we won't."
 "We won't?" he asks.
 "Why won't we?"
 "Because, we're done working for Kenzi. It's be so much easier to help Artemisia than
  He nods. "But, she won't believe us--Artemisia, that is."
 "I know."
 "Oh, well, we can try. Let's not tell Kenzi. She'll figure out by herself."
 He grabs my hand and squeezes it. "Sure."

(Artemisia P.O.V.)

Death. Ending. 
 "Jake," I whimper, pulling myself closer. "Where are we?" I don't like the dark. Or the
closed in.
 He grabs my hand and kisses it. "We're at my house. Yes, the lights are off. It's the
middle of the night. If you get too cool, just cuddle next to me."
 I smile in the dark. "God, Jake, don't be so vague about it, ya know?"
 He kisses my hand again. "Sure enough, MeeCee."
 I do get an odd chill, though. I lean my head against him. He lifts me into the air and
sets me in his lap. "Did I tell you I love you?" he whispers by my ear.
 I smile. "Only a million times," I respond, turning my head towards his voice.
 He kisses me.

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OMG!!! Keep writing more!

30 June 2009, 10:15 PM   #3
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that was aswome!i loved every sentence!

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Chapter One--Artemisia.

"MeeCee, do you realize what you did?" Jacob/Cupid/my soulmate/the love of my life says.
 "Nope. What'd I do?"
 "You are ending the world," he says in seriousness. Which means nothing. He's always so
serious. Or angry. But, it looks hot on him.
 I kiss his nose, staring into his brown eyes. "I did?"
 I've never loved anyone like this. Even when I'm angry with him, when I can just hate
him, something pulls me towards him. Some cord.
 He nods and pushes me off of him. "Listen, another reason I was sent to find you. When
you said the spell, you added an extra part to it, okay?"
 "I did?" I don't remember this. I don't remember anything like it.
 He sighs and goes through this bag. "Here."
 "What is it?"
 "The first book."
 "To what?"
 "Your story!"
 "My story?"
 "Hello. Dark Waters: The Guide?"
 "That's about me?!"
  He nods. 
 "I feel important!" I squeal.
 "Just read."

 I open the page he's marked.  
 "The key is in my hand," she whispers, looking dazed. 
 "What are you saying, Artemisia?"
 "The world will never understand," she continues.
 "Huh?" I ask. Gabriel looks freaked. He tries to shake her, screaming her name. What's
going on?
 "The rocks will tumble into sand."
 "Salem? Aretemisia? Snap outta it!" Gabe screams.
 "The sea will shake."
 "Salem?" I ask.
 "The world will break."
 "Stop her before it's too late!" Gabriel screams. Stop what?
 "Fire will burn."
 "Huh?" I"m confused.
 "The tables will turn."
 "Eli!" Gabe shouts.
 "People will die."
 "Whos' dying?" I ask.
 "Babies will cry."
 "Why are they crying?"
 "Heavan and Hell shall never cease to stop."
 "No!!" Gabriel screams.
 "But Artemisia Shyanne Ryer will also be on top."
 Dramatic much?
 "The key isn't in my hand."
 So confused here.
 "Nobody will ever understand!"
 "The key is now locked inside!"
 "Don't say the last part!" Gabriel screams.
 "And into the shadows, forever shalll I hide!" she screams.
 Gabe faints.
 It isn't until the world trembles that I realize she has said the spell to end the

Wow. Eli's such an idiot!
 Jacob touches me. "See, that's what you did, sweetheart. Me, I don't care. But, the rest
of the world's going to be pretty mad."
 "Jake, am I bad?"
 "No. You are a corrupted youth," he says.
 He tickles me. "Nothing, sweetie."
 I giggle and squirm. "Stop."
 He smiles. "Fine. But, we have to think of another spell to kill this one."
 We sit for a moment. I take a gasp to make something, when suddenly the lights flicker
back on. Jake looks at me. "You got an idea?"
 I nod eagerly. "Listen, if I can make a spell to reverse it, will it be better?"
 "No, it'll go back in time and that's it."
 "No. The only thing that's going to happen is that you'll reverse everything. See, the
world won't be ending anymore, but the diases and wars won't stop. Neither will the
 "Well, if that was the case we magic-people would stop everthing."
  He kisses my nose. "Let's get osme sleep, beauty."

Why he sleeps, I think.
  Would I give it up? All of it? Him? For a reversal spell. If not, I could put me and him
in danger. I could get him killed if I didn't.
 I sigh and close my eyes. Nothing. No visions.
 And then, the answer strikes me.

(Jacob's P.O.V.)

I search for her hand. The only hand I know. The only hand that comforts me. It's not
 "Artemisia? What're you doing?" I ask, searching for her.
 "Over here," she whispers, voice cracking. "I'm thinking. Would I give it up?"
 "Give what up?" I ask.
 She stares at me, tears running down her face. "I'm sorry. I have to."
 "Have to what?"
 I reach out to her, but she pulls away. "I  have to," she whispers.
 I stare at her.
 She stands back and takes a deep breath. "This is the only way."
 "What only way?"
 "Two wrongs, won't make a right. Two days won't make a night. Two heavies won't make a
 "That's my mother's quote. "
 "The world is ending, there's no more time. I can say this many ways, but I'll make it
rhyme. Gratly quoted, 'Two wrongs won't make a right and two days won't make a night'. "
  What is she saying?
  "Back unto the day I was born. Back unto the day unto which I was given away. Back unto
the day, carried in my mother's womb. Back unto the day before the world is carried into
the tomb. Once found, now lost. I will pay the price, I know the cost."
 She stares at me, her eyes dripping tears.
 "I take this spell, to right my wrong. I take this spell, to go back long."
 More tears. I can't understand. Why is she doing this?
 "Here me Sarah, Goddes of Time! What is a witch to do, who knows nothing but rhyme? Help
me, send me back. Take me away from the present and get my life on track!"
 And then I know.
 "The tables have turned. The fire's have burned! The key was in my hand, only you
understand. The world will no longer break! The sea will no longer shake! Go back unto the
day I was born! THe day I was no longer nobody but a baby the size of a thorn."
 She weeps, falling on her knees. 
 "My Jacob. I know now what is true. I only did this so I couldn't hurt you."
 "Take it back," I scream at her. "Now, Artemisia! Take it back! Don't give a damn about
me! Don't even try!"
 She weeps harder. "No, Jacob."
 Then, I'm flying back.

1 July 2009, 02:54 AM   #5
Guest Poster
How many times is Artemisia going to have a soulmate?!?
Anyways, thanks for letting me hang here!

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Artemesia only has one soulmate. The rest weren't soulamtes. She doesn't know the
difference between the two until she met Jacob. See, they had pwoers of persuaision. Easy
to make a girl think she's in love with you if you have those. But, with Jacob, there's no
such thing. He doesn't need those.

1 July 2009, 03:19 AM   #7
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That's really good, but now I think I am going to die...or faint...or maybe even go back
into time! 

3 July 2009, 02:20 AM   #8
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Chapter Two--Artemisia's P.O.V.

"No way," I say, slapping my best friend, Cory-Anne, on the back.
 She smiles. "Yes way. My Guide is super-hot," she says. 
 "My Guide?" I ask hopefully. Sometimes she gets these vision things that tells us
everything. Especially the important things. She sees good things. I see bad. Like me
destroying the world. And some guy that's a Cupid named Jacob. And Damien as my Guide. And
me angry because they capitalize the 'G' in Guide. Then, I see these guys Eli and Kenzi
and Dave and Gabriel, who oddly I call Angel even though he's evil. A demon.
 "I don't see you with one," she says. Her eyes take on this blank look. "No, no Guide. A
boy...Jacob? A Cupid?" She looks at me. "Are you in love with a Cupid and not telling
 I shiver. "Yes. I'm not telling myself either. I keep seeing weird things. Like this girl
named Kenzi...from here actually. With somebody named Dave fighting someone named Damien.
Damien's kissing her. Damien's a Guide. So is Dave. Where did Damien come from? Not my
Guide. And did you know somebody's gay? I think Eli and Gabriel. Although, Eli kissed me.
Or, is going to kiss me. They're evil. Weird."
 She nods. "Yes. Very."
 Something crashes in the lunch room. We run towards the sound. There, I see the hottest
 He's my height with wavy honey-gold brown hair and angry brown eyes and light brown skin.
He has a few muscles. I hide behind Cory-Anne. She pets my smooth black tresses. "It's
okay. Just because he's hot doesn't mean he's looking for you," she says comfortingly.
 I sigh. Probably right. Last hot boy that came looking for me wanted to kill me. Talkign
about the end of the world and all that. He had kinky blonde hair and bright blue yes. His
name was.....Eli!
 "Eli!" I shout.
 Everyone looks at me. Including hot guy. He smiles at me. "Artemisia?"
 "Crap, Cory-Anne. Must every hot guy want to know me," I hiss by her ear. "Uh, I'm
Salem," I say, using a fake name.
 The boy laughs. "You don't recognize me, sweetheart?"
 I tilt my head to the side. Normally I flinch at that nickname. Not today. Why?
 Something so familiar about him...those eyes. That smile. "Jacob!" I cry, running towards
 He hugs me. "Don't ever--and I mean ever--do a time reversal spell that powerful again,"
he growls playfully in my ear.
 I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck. "How'd you find me?"
 "I'm your soulmate, girl, I can always find you."
 I kiss him. 
 "Good. Keep that in mind. Now, you better go before I get caught by Mom."
 "Astra?" he asks.
 I nod. "Do I have any other mom?"
 He gives me an odd look and disappears. Everyone looks at me. I smile. "Hi."

3 July 2009, 02:35 AM   #9
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omgz that was aswome!write more!!!!!that was cooooooool!!

3 July 2009, 03:58 AM   #10
Guest Poster
Hmm, I get it now...

But that last chapter left my head spinning, haha...

3 July 2009, 08:47 PM   #11
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Something brushes my ear. I trun around, about to shove a knife through the stomach of
that person. I then see it's my Jacob. He grins and touches my hair. "Hello, beautiful."
 "I'm not beautiful, I'm pretty," I say humble.
 "Si usted es bonito, que mí soy la bestia," he says. "That means, 'If you are Pretty,
than I am the beast."
  I giggle. "You're very handsome actually," I remark.
 "That's a relief." He looks around. "Where's your mom and dad?"
 "On a date."
 "Oh.  We have the house to ourselves?"
 "Depending...what do you have in mind?" I ask.
 "A movie. In your room. No popcorn..." He trails off mischeiveously and winks.
 I shake my head and hide my smile. "No way. I have to watch Samson."
 "Whos' that?"
 "My baby brother?"
 He looks around. "How old is he?"
 "Four months."
 "He won't know. And if he does, who's he going to tell?"
 I shake my head stubbornly. "No. Do you need to go?"
 He pouts. "No."
"Then be a good boy."
 The rest of the evening is a bit strained. I hate to admit it, but I'm just a little
happy when Mom and Dad come back. Samson wails.

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that was coool write more!!!!!!!!

5 July 2009, 04:47 PM   #13
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That is really good! Keep writing!

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(Jake's P.O.V.)

I totally missed out. I didn't mean it like it sounded. I'm not good with words. Not since
she did this whole tiem reversal spell. I'm not even me anymore!
 I'm angrier, more sullen, hostile, I think I'm losing my inner Cupid! I have to get her
to fix it somehow, the little witch. The cute, sexy, strong-willed, stubborn, cheerful,
independent....where was I? Oh yeah, she needs to fix this.
 I pick up the phone, only to hang it up. I dial her number, only to not press send. I
fall on my bed and scream. 
 Mom comes running in. "What's wrong?"
 "I'm having girl problems," I say into my pillow.
 She laughs. "Which are?"
 "Mom. I'm Cupid. I found my soulmate. I tell her something, she takes it the wrong way.
She's mad at me, or at least put out. I can fix this, but there's this rule. Never use
your bow and arrow on your soulmate. They're already bound to you, no need to make them
completely crazy. Cuz that's what's going to happen."
 She shakes her head. "What're you going to do about it?"
 "Mom, what's the point of you comin' in here and makin' me tell you this story if you
aren't goin' to help me?"
 She shrugs and walks out.
 "Thanks, Mom," I call sarcastically. "I feel much better."
 "Your welcome," she says.
  I could shoot that arrow right up her...the phone!
 "Hello?" I say.
 "Hello, Cupid. This is a message from your soulmate. She wants to meet you tomorrow in
the park at seven in morning," comes the tiny, musical voice of Artemisia.
 I grin. "Tell her I don't wake up till ten, but I'll be there," I sing.
 "'Kay, bye, Jake!"
 "Bye, Artemisia."
 And my problem is fixed.

She comes out of the foggy day, looking like an angel. Or, a dangerous angel anyway. She's
wearing a tight leather black skirt and a tight halter top with long black high-heeled
boots. Her long hair is done up in a ponytail,a bang covering one eye. I rush up to her
and hug her. "Where are you going, looking like that?"
 She smiles. "I'm out to fight crime."
 "Huh? Without me?"
 "Duh. That's why I came to tell you bye."
 "No way. You're not leaving without me."
 "Uh-huh. I'm going to surrounded by all boys."
 "Then you're definitely not going."
 "Please? Look, Jakey, I love you. You're my soulmate. I'm not going to cheat on you."
 "But you're going to get distracted," I say ina child-like voice.
 She smiles. "Promise I won't. Anyway, I have get these boys--Damien, Eli, Gabriel, and
Dave--to tell me everything that Kenzi's trying to do. I have to save the world."
 She hugs me. "Do you understand now?"
 "You do?" she asks, shocked.
 "Yes. I understand that I'm definitely coming with you. Those boys could do anything to
you. If they hurt you in anyway," I growl.
 She hugs me. "Well, let's go lover-boy. But stay your distance when I'm talking to
 All I want is to be with her. And everytime I am, something happens with the world. I
shake my head. This girl is dangeorus.

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that was aswome!i specialy like the part were artimisia is 'dangerouse' it gets very

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