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Sleepovers, Different Schools, Phones…What Else Can Go Wrong?

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17 May 2009, 08:02 PM   #1
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“3:30 am,” said Kimmy, s she gave her best friend, Lucy, the time. 
	“Ugh, I am soooo tried,” said Lucy. 
	“Yeah, but we should be happy we beat out time,” said Kimmy.
	“3:30, 2:30…an hour! Wow! Most of the time it is like ten minutes,” said Lucy.
	“I like your name a lot. I wish I had your name,” said Lucy.
	Kimmy knew they would get to this part. The talk – about – anything – talk was
boring, but interesting at some points.
	“Why? Because you are named after a show,” said Kimmy.
	“But, no on has your name,” said Lucy.
	This was true. Kimmy did like it, but didn’t at the same time.
	“You get made fun of.”
	“Oh, did you hear that Becca is doing drugs?”
	“No, but did…” started Kimmy, but Lucy cut her off.
	“Yeah, and she asked some people to do dugs with her,” said Lucy.
	“Then it is not…” started Kimmy, but Lucy cut her off again.
	“TRUE!” yelled Lucy.
	“Shhh! You are going to wake my parents up.”
	“Sorry, I just…”
	“Need to sleep.”
	“Yeah, good night!”
*						*					*
	On Monday both the girls went to school. When they got there they saw something very
	“What’s going on?” asked Lucy.
	“Don’t know. Maybe we should ask a teacher,” said Kimmy. Just then Miss 
Gordon came up to them.
	“Welcome back, but I am afraid you guys didn’t hear....about the massage.”
	“What message?” asked the girls at the same time. All the students were there, but
there was a long line at the school it even went outside! 
	“This school is no longer a school. It is being shout down, and I need you guys to
stand in line, and wait your turn to see which school you guys are going to,” said Miss
	The girls got in line, but they couldn’t stop thinking which school they had to go to.
Both the girls thought most about going to different schools, but they never talked about
	“Name please,” said the girl behind the counter.
	“Kimmy Lee.”
	The girl went through some papers, and finally found Kimmy’s.
	“Here you are. Look’s like you are going to Hubble, instead of being at this school,
Lincoln,” said the girl.
	“Okay, and what is the other school?” asked Kimmy.
	“Edison,” said the girl.
	“Thanks,” said Kimmy walking away to get on the bus to go home.
	“New girl…what is your name?” asked the girl.
	“I hope I get to go to Hubble,” said Lucy.
	“Name?” asked the girl again.
	“Oh right. Lucy Colors.” 
	The girl went through some papers and found Lucy’s.
	“Looks like you are going to Edison,” said the girl.
	“What!” said Lucy.
	“Here, and hurry up to get to the bus,” said the girl. Lucy grabbed the paper, and
went to the bus. She found Kimmy, and sat next to her. 

((I will type more later...if I can find the rest of the story...))

17 May 2009, 08:04 PM   #2
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amazing! you're really good at realistic sounding dialogue!
check my story out?~

4 September 2009, 07:38 PM   #3
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I typed this story sooo long ago...I don't even remember half of it. Here is part of
it...I still need to find that notebook that I was writing in..........

“What school?” asked Kimmy.
	“Edison,” said Lucy.
	“What? Different schools? Not cool.” 
	“Well, only half can go to your school, and only half can go to mine.”
	“But you are my only friend.”
	“I know, and this starts tomorrow.”
	“Yeah…too bad. We will be cleaning our lockers.
	“Then setting up our new ones.”
	“Finally, going to classes.”
	“But with out each other,” said both of them at the same time. The rest of the bus
ride was silence. Everyone was sad, because most of them weren’t going to the same
*						*					          *
	Kimmy came in at 9:00 am to clean out her locker. Once Lucy would get here she would help
her. At 9:10 Lucy finally got to the school.
	“Hey,” said Kimmy.	
	“Hey, ready to clean?” asked Lucy.
	“Yeah, let’s finish my locker.”
	“Ok, then my locker!”
	Kimmy and Lucy packed and clean their lockers.
	“Bye, got to go to my school,” said Kimmy.
	“Me too. Have fun and good luck making new friends,” said Lucy. 
	“Thanks. Good luck to you, too!”
	Then they both got into their parent’s car. Their parents drove them in opposite
directions. When Kimmy got to her new school, Hubble, she went to the office with her
	“Hello,” said Kimmy.
	“Hi, welcome to Hubble. Paper please?” asked the lady behind the counter. Kimmy
handed her the paper.
	“Well, let’s start with your classes. Oh, this will work.” Then the printer printed
her classes. “Here, I will show your classes later, but locker first. Just follow me,”
she said while getting up. Kimmy grabbed the piece of paper with her classes on it, and
said good bye to her. Then she followed the lady.
	“I am so sorry about your school. Oh, wait did I tell you my name?”
	“No,” said Kimmy.
	“Ops, sorry. Well, my name is Mrs. Flower. I work at the office, and you will see me I
you need any help. Oh, look here is your locket.
	“It’s black, my old one was red.”
	“Yes, we have black and blue. Blue is upstairs, and we are downstairs.”
	“Oh, what’s my number?
	“Oh, unlucky numbers.”
	“Well, I will let you put your stuff away. Come back to the office when you are
done.” Kimmy nodded, and opened her locker. She saw her lock and practiced her lock for
a little bit. Then she put the paper in her packet. Finally, she started to put her stuff
away. She wondered what Lucy was doing that very minute. 
*						*					          *
	Lucy walked right in the school.
	“Hey, Becca,” said Lucy.
	“Hey, I didn’t know you were going to this school.”
	“Hello, you must be Lucy Colors. Here are your classes, map, and your lock,” said the
lady behind the counter. “My name is Miss Honey, and I am really busy, so you have to
find it your self. Sorry!”
	“It’s OK, I understand,” said Lucy.
	“Good luck,” said Miss Honey smiling. Lucy took the map, and looked at it. She found
her locket was on the first floor next to Mrs. Mad. She also found out her locket number
was 1313…unlucky.
	Lucy went to her locket to unpack and then, went around a few times, and found her
classes. Then she stopped at the office again.
	“Bye, going home!” said Lucy.
	“Bye!” yelled Miss Honey.
	Lucy walked out of the school and found her parent’s car. When she was home she was
going to pick up the phone and call Kimmy.
*						*					          *
	After they got off the phone they both learned that they had the same locker number. They
laughed about it, and were saying faith did that. They also learned that they were going
to have a sleepover on Friday.
*						*					          *
	The first day of their new schools, and Kimmy took the new bus. She saw Katie at the new
bus stop.
	“Hey, Kimmy,” said Katie.
	“Hey,” said Kimmy.
	“Lucy going to Edison?”
	“Lucky, she got to go to the bigger school.”
	“Is Becca going to school there, too?
	“Well, I guess fate sent us to be friends.”
	“Yeah, I am just so happy that I know you.”
	“Me too.” Just then Kimmy wished she could be friends with all three of them. Kimmy
was having a sleepover at her house, so she thought she could invite them.
	“Hey, you want to come to a sleepover at my house on Friday?”
	“Could you also invite Becca?”
	Just then the bus came and both of them found a seat and sat down. Kimmy wished she and
Lucy was still going to the same school. She wondered what Lucy was doing right there and
*						*					          *
	Lucy didn’t want to take the bus to school, so her mom drove her. Once she got there,
Becca was waiting for her there.
	“Hey!” said Becca.
	“Hey,” said Lucy.
	“Hopefully I will get through the day without anyone asking me a ton of questions, and
	“Yeah, me too. I have to go to my locker, but see you in the halls, and classes.
 	“OK…bye!” Lucy walked away, and found her locker.
	“Crap, new people said Taylor, the meanest girl Edison.
	“Nice to meet you, too,” said Lucy.
	“Great and she talks.”
	“Look all I want is to get to my locker, so if you move I won’t talk to you,” said
Lucy. Taylor moved.
	“Sorry,” said Taylor.
	“Now you are nice to me?” asked Lucy.
	“Yeah, because you are just like me. I am Taylor.”
	“Thanks, and I am Lucy.”
	“Cool, I wish I had more time to talk, but I don’t. See you at lunch,” said
	“OK,” said Lucy happy that she made a new friend. She hoped that Kimmy makes a new
friend, too. She would be so proud of her friend. Actually they would both be proud of
each other. They might laugh about it, but a good laugh.
*						*					          *
	Friday, night right before the sleepover Lucy called her. She just wanted to know if her
new friend would come, too. Kimmy was proud of her friend, so she said it was fine. Soon
after the phone call everyone was at Kimmy’s house.
	“Ugh, what time is it?” asked Becca.
	“Only midnight,” said Taylor.
	“I will say this is the best sleepover!” said Lucy.
	“Yeah,” said Kimmy.
	“We need to do something,” said Taylor.
	“Let’s talk!” yelled Katie.
	“No, something better,” said Becca.
	“I got it! Get your shoes on and coats! Then follow me!” said Taylor.

20 April 2010, 06:17 PM   #4
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I wrote a little bit more only to realize this story is stupid. Just post your comments
what you think. Oh, and the reason it took so long to write more is because I couldn't
find the notebook I wrote it in until today. If you believe me that is.

         “I got it! Get your shoes on and coats! Then follow me!” said Taylor.
Everyone did what Taylor told them. Taylor opened the door to the ark, chilly, but nice
	“Wow, look at all those stars,” said Lucy.
	“Okay. Let’s stand in the middle of the street and scream as loud as we can,” said
Taylor. All of the girls did.
	“On the count of three,” said Kimmy.
	“One, two, three,” said Taylor. Then all of the girls screamed. They saw lights go on
in every house. When they heard a door opened they ran inside, but it was too late.
Kimmy’s parents were on the stairs waiting for them.  
*						*					          *
	Kimmy’s parents were mad at her, but they still had the sleepover. That Monday Kimmy
walked to the bus stop.
	“Hey, I am sorry about getting you in trouble,” said Kim.
	“It’s fine. I am only grounded for a week,” said Kimmy. “Plus, it wasn’t’
your idea, but you did do it.”
	“I still should have said something,” said Kim.
	“That’s okay.” 
*						*					          *
	“Lucy!” called Taylor at lunch on Monday.
	“Hey!” said Lucy.
	“Can you tell Kimmy I am sorry that I got her in trouble?” 
	“Count me in too,” said Becca.
	“Sure,” said Lucy.
	“Good, now we can talk about…” said Taylor.
	“Baylor,” said Becca.
	“Huh?” asked Lucy.
	“He is staring at Lucy with the love look,” said Taylor catching on what Becca meant.

	“No way!” said Lucy. Lucy did have blue eyes, straight blond hair, with side bangs
but she never called herself pretty.
	“Well, he is,” said Becca. 
*						*					          *

Okay, I know it isn't much, but my hands hurt from typing a lot of other stuff too!

20 April 2010, 06:32 PM   #5
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I finished typing up the story. Have fun reading it and tell me what you think!

*						*					          *
	“You won’t believe it!” said Lucy.
	“What?” asked Kimmy through the phone.
	“You can’t tell anyone!”
	“I promise.”
	“Good. Well, there is this boy named Baylor. Today at lunch he was giving me the love
look and I have a crush on him!”
	Kimmy was glade that someone liked Lucy, but no one at her school liked her as far she
	“That’s great!”
	“I know. I will be calling you every night from now on.”
	“Okay. Crap look at the time I better get to homework. Sorry, I got to go!”
*						*					          *
	Next few days Lucy didn’t call Kimmy and Kimmy didn’t call Lucy. Kimmy didn’t’
want to hear her friend brag to her about her boyfriend. Lucy did want to tell Kimmy about
her boyfriend, but did have time to, because of all the dates. Finally, after two weeks
Lucy found the time to call Kimmy.
	“Hello! This is the Lee family. To whom did you wish to speak to?” asked mrs. Lee,
Kimmy’s mom.
	“Kimmy, please,” said Lucy.
	“Okay, Kimmy phone for you! Lucy is on the phone sounding really happy,” said Mrs.
	“Mom, I cant’ talk!” yelled Kimmy.
	“It’s Lucy! You haven’t’ talked to her for weeks!”
	“Maybe I don’t’ want to talk to her!”
	“Oh, Lucy, honey, I am sorry, but Kimmy can’t talk right now. May I take a
message,” said Mrs. Lee.
	“No, that’s okay,” said Lucy. Then she hung up the phone. After Lucy heard that
Kimmy didn’t want to talk to her, she didn’t’ want to talk to her either. Like they
always say, fight fire with fire. 
*						*					          *
	The next morning was a Saturday. Kimmy felt really sorry about herself saying that she
was “busy” even though she wasn’t and even called Lucy. No one answered at her
*						*					          *
	The next day Kimmy tried calling Lucy, again. This time she picked up.
	“Hello?” said Lucy.
	“Hey,” said Kimmy.
	“Why are you calling? I thought you didn’t want to speak to me.”
	“Well, yes and no.”
	“No, because you would brag about Baylor. Yes, because you are my friend.”
	“Let’s make sure nobody or something comes between us ever again.”
	“Okay and we call at least one a week.”
	“Deal,” said Lucy. 
*						*					          *

20 April 2010, 09:22 PM   #6
Guest Poster
Continueee! It's awesomeee!

20 April 2010, 09:42 PM   #7
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I am done. That was the end. I am thinking of going back and rewriting it.

For example, add more feeling to the characters and their background.

Plus, add the the background.

I am lucky that I actually found the notebook though.

I guess that's what I get when I am super bored one day.


26 April 2010, 04:31 PM   #8
Guest Poster
Ohhh okayyy you have to continue thoughhh! Like maybe have *hint hint* Somebody gets hurt
or something? Something very drama-filled!

26 April 2010, 05:06 PM   #9
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Well, it was meant to be very short. In fact I wrote this when I was in sixth grade. It
was just a little story to get through the school day when it was slow. Which it was VERY

26 April 2010, 09:07 PM    #10
Guest Poster
Ohhh gotchaaaa.

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