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Evil Vampires Vs. Good Vampires

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Chapter 1  Origonally called Vampire Love but I got bored of it and changed
it :]

  School sucks very badly.I mean why does everyone have to be so mean an
gossip?Well i should start telling about myself,Hi my names Heather, I have very curly
dark brown hair,and very very dark brown eyes.I have constantly weird random styles,and a
medium amount of friends.
 So anyways,here I am sitting in my math class waiting for Mrs.Sheeks our teacher to
arrive.Meggy and I were sitting in our usually seats close to the back.The farther away
the better.As we were talking about how mean the science teacher was,one of the immiture
boys named greg shouted out something horrible.
     Everything got dead silent as he said that,then out of now where everyone started
bursting out laughing.Can you believe it?Jr was the worst dude ever!He has lots of magerly
weird habits!Even my he-uge crush Alan Frost heard Greg say that!And everyone knows that I
like him and he is supposivley 'into me to'.But i don't believe 'em,he would never like
me.Then I turned my head slowly to my left to see if he was looking at me.Oh shoot!,I
thought.He is!His big green eyes were looking at me through his longish black gorgouse
hair.Man i am so gunna kill Greg after this!
    Math class moved on boringly like any other subject.Then finally,FINALLY,the bell
''Ok class don't forget those math books for homework!'' said Mrs.Sheeks in her high
pitched,sqeeky voice.
    Then after what I thought was over through my embarresement from Greg,the impossible
happened.Alan was waiting outside in the hallway.As I coutiuosly said bye to Meggy,and
walked out the door,Alan came up and started talking to me!
''Hey Alan.'' I replied as simpely as possible.
''Yeah so I wanted to ask you,do you really like....JR?'' He asked me thoughtfully.I
looked at him for a while until i finally gave him my answer.
''Of course not.I soooo don't like him he's very strange to me.''He pushed back his hair
in a totally hot way.
''Oh OK i was just checking cuz I didn't really know and,well....'' 
 ''Well what?''I was eager to see what he was going to say.
 ''Well i was just gunna say that I thought it would be weird because he doesn't really
seem your type.''
 ''Ha!Of course he's not my type,I don't like him in that sorta way.''
 ''Oh OK well I gatta go so Ill see you around I guess.''
 ''I guess you will.''
    After with my amazing little talk with my huge crush,I headed to Language Arts,which
is like the only class he's not in on my scheduele.
''Soo,I saw you talkin' to that cute guy Alan!What he say?'' My way to excited friend
Meggy asked.
   Meggy is so beautiful,she has pretty soft brown eyes,dark straight hair,which I
''He didn't really say THAT much.'' I replied plainly.
   Meggy was about to deny that until Mr.Crumble came in.
''OK class shut it so we can begin.'' We all took out our books and opened to the right
page.I couldn't even consontrate because I was thinking about my little conversation I had
with the most popular guy in 8th grade.
 A week passed since i talked to Alan until now.We both bumped into each other when I came
in this morning.We hit pretty hard,my books flew out of my hands.I scrambled to the floor
to collect the runaway papers and books.Alan nelt down next to me to help out.''Im sorry
about that,I didnt see you.'' He said very sadly.
''Its no problem,I do this all the time...''I said.
    And as weird as it sounded it was 100% true.Im always clumbsy,I spill like everything
i eat or drink on my shirt,as i think about it,I have an orange stain on my shirt from
eating my breakfast.As we finished picking up the last of the papers,I noticed how perfect
he was dressed.He wore a black T-shirt under a black cool jacket,with dark blue skinny
jeans that fit perfectly on his skinny body.''Yeah so I'm really sorry for knocking the
stuff out of your hands.''He apologized one last time.
''Really its no prob.''
    He smiled at me before walking away with his friends.
As i entered Social Studies class,which Alan is in,I spotted my Bff sitting
reading.''Hey.''I said plopping down at my desk.''Hey.'' Meggy replied back.
As a couple seconds passed by,HE entered the room.He walked over to where I was
sitting,and sat down next to me.I didn't have enough time to react because the teacher
came in and told everyone to settle down and take there seats.As I was taking out my pen
to right down the questions he wrote on the board,my stupid folder fell onto the floor
with my papers flying out of it.grrrrrrrr,I growled  to myself.Then,Alan got out of
his seat and picked up my folder and paper with me.Then,after everything was finally put
away,he grabbed my arm and whispered,
''Hey,ummm I know this is sudden,but uhhh....do you wanna go out with me?''
    I was so shocked that I nearly choked!
 ''Uhh....yeah sure,I'd like that.''I finally replied.He smiled at me and said 'cool'
before we sat back down in our seats.
 The next day,I was so happy that i finally had my crush as my boyfriend!Well I was very
exited and happy,until I found out his very unreal,shocking truth...

       Well this is the end of the first chapter,Ill right more if you like.Tell me
what you think!And in the next chapter,you'll be suprised what secret Alan was hiding!Very
misyrous and scary!

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Chapter 2
  One sunny morning,while I was walking to school,I saw Alan sitting down beside a
tree.It was very suprising to me because he wasnt reading a book or anything,he was just
there,staring.I finally walked up to him to see what was up.''Hey Alan.'' I said walking
beside where he was sitting.''Hey.'' He answered back without looking up.OK now somethings
really up,I thought,this is so not like him.''Is there something wrong?'' I asked
him.''No.Why do you ask?'' He answered.''Well,cuz you seem kinda,I dont
know...distracted.'' He looked up at me with these cold eyes.This was certanly not
the Alan I knew.Where are the warm greeting eyes?Wheres the bright smile he always gave
me?And most importantly,wheres the real Alan?
  Those were the questions swirling in my mind.I barely even noticed where I was,intil the
teacher yelled at me.''Heather!Are you paying any attention!?!'' Yelled Mr.Simmons
angrily.''Huh?Oh yeah of course I am.'' I said absently.''Well then,you can be the one to
tell me what bones are in your leg.'' Drat.Out of all the classes,I was stuck in
science.Of course I wanted it to be lunch,but it isnt intil another 2 hours.
  After the dreaded sience class,I went to math.I went extra early so I can talk to Alan
to see what happened with him.When I walked inside,he was already there in his usual
seat,talking to a bunch of his friends.I didnt mind walking over to him though.
    ''Hey Alan, can I talk to you?'' I asked him hopefully.
    ''Ummm yeah sure,what is it?'' 
I looked at his friends and glared a bit.''I meant alone.'' I said emphisising
alone.Alan looked at his friends and shood them away in no time.
    ''Uh yeah Alan,heres the thing,I think we need to talk.''
    ''Bout what?''
    ''About how you were this morning.It was like you were dead or something.''
I was hoping he wouldnt think I was crazy or something.
    ''Oh...that.I dont really want to talk about it right now.'' He looked away like he
knew something I wasnt supposed to.
    ''Why not?'' I asked getting impatient.Why isnt he telling me what I want to know?This
is all to weird.
  Then all of a sudden,he pushed me.Hard.I fell to the floor with a loud thud.
    ''Owww!'' I yelped in major pain.He picked me up and dragged me to Mrs.Sheek,who just
walked right in.
    ''Heather hurt her leg,so im taking her to the nurse.''
         What?I wasnt that badly injured.Whats he doing?As we walked into the dead silent
hall,we went through the caffiteria where the 7th graders were having thier lunch,to go to
the back part of the school.
    ''OK,I did that because I didnt want people to over hear me.'' He said to me very
suspicously.''Since your gunna need to know sooner or later.I was very weird this morning
because,because Im a.....Vampire.'' 
         After he had said the word 'Vampire' I started staring at him like he was nuts!A
    ''Your,your k-kidding right?'' I stammered.
     ''No Im not.Really, I am a Vampire!Trust me!I drink blood,I bite people,I do all that
stuff!'' He yelled at me.
     ''Im,sorry,I,you,I didnt...'' I tried saying something,but it came out jitterish.It
didnt matter anyways,because I was talking very softly.Alan sighed.
     ''Im sorry I yelled.Its just that I want you to understand.But you dont!I dont even
think you beleive me!'' 
          I thought for a moment.I know Alans telling the truth,because he would never
joke or lie about this.I just know it!
      ''I-I do believe you.'' 
          He looked at me suspicously.
      ''You do?'' 
          I nodded.I couldnt really believe this would happen to me,but it just did.
          A week later,I was at Alans house with his friend Jeromy(who is also a
Vampire)and Meggy and another girl from school Victoria.We were all sitting on Alans back
porch.It was a very hot day today.Victoria and Meggy were talking about a hot new T.V.
show,while Alan,Jeromy,and I whatched his dog run around like crazy.But all of a sudden
Alan and Jeromy pulled me inside,to Alans room.
      ''What?What is it?'' I asked them totally confused.They shoved me on his bed,and sat
me down.
      ''We need to tell you something.'' Alan said serously.
      ''There are these guys that are after us-ALL of us.''After Alan told me about these
bad Vampires,who use there powers for evil,were trying to get me!The part I was
freaking out the most was when they told me those guys were out to get me because Im going
to be turned into a Vampire...Today.

      Well thats it for this chapter.So please tell me what you think so I can keep
writing some more!Chapter three is going to be about how Heather going to learn how to be
a Vampire and become very stong to fight of the evil ones!Thankz lotz for reading!

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You should write more!!!!

23 May 2009, 12:34 PM   #4
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ok i will!im glad that somebody likes it!

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Chapter 3:Love Life

   After I found out that I was going to become a Vampire today,I totally freaked!I
mean,who wouldnt?Like out of the blue your boyfriend comes up and says,'Your gunna be a
Vampire today.' and thinks your ok with it!So anyways after that dreadful day,we met in
the woods,kind of far from where we all live,and he bit me and everything.It did feel
painful and weird because the blood was rushing from my head and body.It was like I was
going to faint.Then, my neck started burning like it was on fire.After it cooled down,I
felt 2 large upper fangs and 2 smaller lower fangs grow.I felt hungry,but not for
hamburgers or whatever,I felt hungry for blood.
 ''That's very natural to happen.'' said Jeromy.
 ''Oh yea,its so nice to be like this feasting for blood.'' I said to him sarcasticley.
 ''Come on you guys no fighting now.We really need to train!'' said Alan,leaning on a
 ''Ok,sorry.'' Jeromy and I said in unusion.
     Our little fight was over in an instant.We all walked over to where there was like no
trees in one spot.
 ''Ok,first we need to test your speed.'' said Alan.Then he picked up a very large rock
from the ground and chucked it at me.I dodged from it with only one second to spare.
 ''Nice,Nice.Ok lets check how strong you are.''
 Then, Alan ran lightning speed,off somewhere else.In a couple of seconds,he showed up
with a truck in his hands.I looked like a baby staring at the window like it was a whole
new world to explore.I didnt have enough time to take second thoughts about anything
before Alan threw that at me!I screamed holding out my hands in defence against that
truck.I caught it for a couple of second.But I couldn't hold it any longer,so I fell and
so did the truck.It was crushing me like a bug!
 ''Ahhhh!!Get it off!Help!'' I screamed out in terror.Jeromy took it off me.I felt so
embarresed for not holding it up.I felt as if I wasn't strong enough.
 ''Its Ok Heather.You did good.'' said Meggy coming up to me.Uggg no its not.I'm so not
ready to become a Vampire.I don't have the skills.
 ''Yea its totally Ok babe.You don't have to do that now,we still have a couple of weeks
to prepare before they come.'' said Alan.
For some reason,I didn't like that tone of voice he had.It was like he was all calm like
nothings wrong!
 ''No its not Ok!I don't deserve to be a Vampire!'' I yelled.I couldn't help it I was so
 ''Ok,ok calm down.We can skip that part,really.'' said Alan as he kissed me passionatly.
I felt a whole lot better.I did have a long time to practice.And I did have
friends to support me.I was Ok,wasn't I?
   After I practice all the other skills I needed to practice,I was tired!I didnt know how
much it took!I started feeling unsure of  What if those guys were way better than
me?They probably practiced longer so their way skilled.I thought all of the negatives and
not the positives.Well,I'm gunna try my best.I'm not gunna quit now!Everyone's counting on
me!Ok,I thought,I will do this.I'm not giving up.I could so beat them.Right?Yeah.I know I
can....But what if I lose?And I get hurt,Or maybe even worse?

  Well this is the end of this chapter!I'm glad some of you like it.In the next
chapter,Heather is going to have to make the biggest decision of her life.T choose to stay
here with her friends and Alan....Or to go and practice more in a School where they teach
kids how to be a Vampire.Please comment on my stories!thanks!

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Ok so I got very bored so i decided to write some even though i havent looked at this in

  Chapter 3:Love For A Vampire

  After I had settled and finally realized what really was up,i really started freaking
out.I was in my room with Meggy Alan and Jeromy.
"Omg!What have I gotten myself into?!?!" I started screeching and pacing around.
   My friends were just sitting watching my every move.I still couldn't believe i was
dating a vampire and i had to fight one!What have I gotten myself into?
"Heather I'm so sorry" Alan suddenly said to me.
"Huh?What are you talking about?" I led at him puzzled.
"It's all my fault I let those evil vampires get to you!I shouldn't have let my feelings
towards you over rule me!It's all my fault!"
   Alan placed his face into his hands.I felt so bad for him, it wasn't totally his
fault.I walked over towards him and wrapped my hands in his face.
"It is not your fault.Don't ever say that!I'm glad i get to spend time with you!I so don't
regret any of this."
 He looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes of his.He smiled at me showing his
vicious fangs.I couldn't help but star at how white and clean they were!Then all of a
sudden Alan took me and kissed me.We were so into out makeout session that I hadn't
realized that someone was banging on my front door.We all froze and Alan and Jeromy looked
very worried and angry.I think I know who's on the other side of that door.....

sorry it's so short i just have to go so i'll add more when i have some more ideas.

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Wow, you haven't wrote about this story in FOREVER.

I am going to read it later, partly because I have math homework to do and that I have to
reread the whole story.

Sorry, that I forgot about, but I kind of did!!

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I know huh!
i just found it and i was all whoaaaa
so i just kinda fixed it and made some more
and its ok if you forgot

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 Looks very good. Mind commenting on my story?

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Continue Of Chapter 3

  We all ran towards the door like mad people. I was scared and anticipated to see who it
was. I looked out of the peep whole and saw.....nobody. 
 "Huh? I don't get it. There's no one there!" I said to all my friends.
 "That's because were inside you're house now." said a unfimilair voice.
Shocked, I turned face to face with 3 more people. One was a girl who had purple hair
straight and long. She also had beautiful orange eyes. The guy on her left looked like
Alan. He could probably be a twin of him! Then the last guy had blonde hair and the same
orange eyes like the girl.
 "Oh my gosh! Guys! I didn't know that you were actually coming!" Alan said excidedly. 
 "Well of course!why would i not come and help my little brother!" said the guy that
looked like Alan.
 "Oh yea guys," said Alan turning towards Meggy and I "This is my brother Shuan and these
are my two friends Julieanna and Richardo."
  "Hi nice to meet you." I said politly to the strangers.
 " Oh so this must be Heather, who've i heard so much about!" said Shuan looking at me.
 "Yea. She's awsome!" said Alan. I blushed slightly after he had said that.
 "Well the reason why we are here is because we need to discuss the situation we are in
now. The evil is coming closer and closer each day! If we don't make up a plan right now,
there will come and easily attack Heather!" 
After Shuan had said that the pain came back to me like a smack in the face. This is
actually happening. 
  We all went back to my room to discuss our plan and everything. We all agreed on going
to Alan and Shuan's parents house so they can let us in more on what we were deciding to
do and how we were going to pull it off. As everyone was all talking more about that I
started to daze and wonder off into my little world in my mind. I imagined what the Evil's
were going to look like. I bet they were ugly and gross. I imagined them coming closer to
me getting ready to pounce out at me and suck my blood till i was dry. Each one would take
turns drinking gulp fulls of my blood. I imagined what the pain would feel like being
beaten down...they were stronger than me i knew it. They had become vampires at birth.
They would just beat me to a friggin pulp....
face. Wow I must have been really out if he had to scream at me like that.
 "Yea he was and you were totally out." said Richardo out of the blue.
 "Huh?" It was like he read my friggin mind!!
 "I did read  you mind...I'm a mind reader. And don't you worry, you'll be safe with us."
he soothed me. Wow that's strange , I thought, i was so tense and now I'm very calm.
 "Oh yea I forgot to tell you, Julieanne has the ability to change the mood to certain
people." Wow that can be useful. But I still don't know how I'm going to fight off these
 "Oh and trust me, you wont be alone. We totally got you back. No worries." said Alan
smiling at me brightly before kissing me. I hope so.....

20 February 2010, 06:53 PM   #11
Guest Poster
You really need to write more. this is really good. i like it a lot

20 February 2010, 08:48 PM   #12
Guest Poster
Many grammatical and spelling errors. Be sure to double check your work and use word to
spell check. Too much quotation.

Overall, it's okay.

20 February 2010, 10:43 PM   #13
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thank you dears
i think i checked a few of my grammar in some of the chapter but not all 
soo ill be more carful
i hope

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It all starts with a question: How to capture a Goth's heart for his own. Mike ponders how
best to solve his dilemma, soon to come up with an idea, a theory. He calls it 'The Theory
of Coffee'.


It's a chilly fall day. The Goth kids sit on the back steps of the school. Suddenly Mike
walks up to Dylan with a steaming cup of coffee. He smiles, places the coffee in his
hands, and leaves. Once he's a good distance away, he turns to observe Dylan's behavior.

The red haired Goth stares at the cup in his hands. Slowly, he raises it to his lips,
taking a careful sip. Seconds later, he's drinking the coffee as if he himself had bought



Mike repeats this process for three weeks.

Each time he brings Dylan coffee, smiles, and leaves.

Time to see if the theory works.


It's a cold winter day and the days are only going to get colder. Mike is not taking his
newly purchased cup of coffee to Dylan. Instead he sits on the merry-go-round with his
fellow Vampires. He counts silently in his head.




An angry Dylan storms over to the group, glaring at Mike expectantly. He stops a foot away
and crosses his arms.

Mike smiles and offers the still hot coffee. Dylan snatches it and walks off. The smile
changes to a smirk.

Just as he thought.


Mike watches as Dylan approaches him every day for his coffee.

He's becoming dependent; he has started to accept Mike as a supplier of coffee.
Subconsciously, the small Goth has come to the conclusion that Mike is not an enemy, but
an essential friend.

Dylan comes for the next three weeks.

Once again, Mike needs to test his theory.


Dylan once again approaches the Vampire leader, stopping right in front of him and waiting

He's about to be sadly disappointed; Mike has no coffee. The taller boy smiles sheepishly
and shrugs. "Sorry, I forgot. We could go to a small coffee shop and I can buy you one

Dylan narrows his eyes, scowling cutely. Eventually he sighs.



Dylan has shown an amazing amount of tolerance for his Vampire 'enemy' for the past three
weeks. Each day he joins Mike in a walk to the nearest coffee shop, and then waits
patiently as Mike buys him a cup of coffee.

Either that or he's just tolerating Mike for the coffee.

Yet again it's time to test the theory.


Mike holds the coffee in his hands. He turns and finds himself face to face with Dylan,
who's eager for his coffee.

Mike swallows. It's time for the big leap. The all or nothing. He's throwing all his cards
on the table here.

"Kiss me. Right here, on the cheek. Then I'll give you your coffee."

Mike taps his cheek, staring at the Goth. He expects him to yell at him and storm out.

Dylan instead awkwardly pecks Mike's cheek and swipes the coffee, fleeing out the door in
seconds. The stunned Vampire holds his cheek then smiles.

The theory is going strong.


Kisses for coffee.

That is how it is between the Goth and the Vampire for the three weeks.

What's more, as each day passes, Dylan stops fleeing after the kiss. Instead he calmly
starts drinking his well earned coffee, the faintest hints of a blush staining his

It's time for the final step. The last test before the theory is proven flawless.


"Kiss me on the lips now."

Dylan stares at Mike, expression carefully blank. Mike wonders if he's gone too far now,
if this is the limit for his crush.

Suddenly Dylan crashes his lips against his, clutching the front of his jacket to keep his

Mike is shocked; the coffee falls from his hands, unnoticed by the small Goth. After a
while, his eyes drift close and he deepens the kiss. Instead of moving away, Dylan
responds by tightening his grip.

When the two finally part, Dylan blushes, looking at his feet. No words need to be said.

Mike smiles and pecks his new lover's cheek. "I love you too, Dyl. Now would you like a
new coffee?"

Dylan nods. Mike chuckles and turns back to the lady at the counter, his thoughts

The theory is solid. The best way to a Goth's heart is through his love of coffee.

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Chapter 4

      The next day we arrived at Alan and Shauns' house. It was a HUGE house, it was like
a mansion! But Alan and Shaun just call it a house. It was all painted mostly white, with
blue window shingles and a peachy door. Even the lawn looked so perfect, that you didn't
want to step on it or you'll mess it up. There was a beautiful, brightly colored flower
garden over to the left with a fountain shaped like a dolphin. Man was it unique, but the
inside was nothing compared to it!
   The floors was all caramel colored wood, and shun like it was just freshly waxed. There
was lots of doors when you look up the curving steps of the white shining stairs. The
living room was all lite up because of the many windows that surrounded the place. As I
was admiring the beautiful home, i felt a sudden brush on my leg. I quickly looked down to
see a ginormous dog sitting on my feet.
 "Oh, yea sorry. That's Sparks. He's our dog." said Shaun coming to pet the huge dog that
looked to be on stairoids.
 "Can dogs be vampires to?" I asked thoughtfully.
 "Yea of course. All animals are capible of becoming vampires." he answered. Wow is that
 Then walking out of a room that looked to be a kitchen, came two pretty young looking
couples. That must be Alan and Shaun's parents. The lady had pale white skin with warm
brown eyes. She had a long flowing black dress with a ruby necklace. Her hair was
brunette, swaying down her back like silk. 
 The man had the same pale skin but with green eyes. He also had black hair down a bit
below his ears, with a somewhat of purple streaks on his hair. Wait...why purple streaks.
I looked over at Alan and discovered he had some faint purple streaks also. Shaun also had
them. He must have known what i was thinking because he explained that each vampire family
had there own colors. For the Frost family, it was purple. Well, I thought, at least it's
my favorite color and not pink...bleghh...I hate pink.

Sorry I stopped short so randomly I have to go and do some homework but i will be writing
more very soon!

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