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Basics Full name; [First, middle, last.] Nickname/s; [At least one.] Gender; [One girl and one boy please] Age; [Between 15 and 20] General Date of Birth; Place of Birth; Previous place of residing before being sent to the unknown; Religon; [One please.] Sexuality; [Straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian?] Career/Talent The unknown people have a variety of career choices for their people. 1. Tailors A. What kind of clothing do you make; [Can include shoes.] Why did you choose this job; 2. Maids B. Who do you like to work for; [Rich, poor, inbetween.] Why did you choose this job; 3. Butlers C. Who do you like to work for; [Rich, poor, inbetween.] Why did you choose this job; 4. Black smiths D. What is your specialty; [Swords, hammers, tools, ect.] Why did you choose this job; 5. Builders E. What do you build;[Houses, furniture, shelves, etc.] Why did you choose this job; 6. Carpenters F. Who do you like to work for; [Rich, poor, inbetween.] Why did you choose this job; 7. Farmers G. What do you grow; [Fruits, vegetables, etc.] Why did you choose this job; 8. Element Giver H. Note; This will only be given to the ones who ask, and have outstanding applications. Element options; Darkness; The person who wants to give others this element has most likely lived a horrible life and has let the darkness fill their hearts. Light; This person has a pure heart, like that of an angels. They have done nothing but good deeds in their life. Water; This person is often calm, and can clear their mind of worry. Fire; A very competitive person would want this element. They will often pick a fight with anything. Air; This person is often called frial, weak, and delicate. They are light as a feather, but are very quick on their feet. Sight; They have a higher vision rate then that of a perfects. They are often used as spys. Animals; This person is very clever, they can shpeshift to look like other animals, can use their senses, and can be friend almost any animal. They are often loners. Earth; These folk are very quiet, most likely to be found in a grass meadow. They are very peaceful, and can make plants grow at a fast rate. What element do you give to the people; Why did you choose this job; Talent; [Only if you don't want a job.] How do you make a living off of it; How did you find out you had it; Physical Hair description; [Length, color, style.] Eye description; [Color, scars, blind] Height; Weight; Tattos; [If any.] Piercings; [If any.] Typical clothing; [Dresses, pants, skirts, etc.] Anything else; Personal Personality; [At least six lines, please.] Strength; [At least four.] Weaknesses; [At least four.] Iterests/Hobbies; [At least five.] Dislikes; [At least five.] Bad habit; [At least one.] History; [Twelve lines long, please.]
Kiko; 'Blindness only takes those who don't deserve sight. Am I not worthy to see those before

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{Kiko, Female}
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Basics Full name; [First, middle, last.] Kiko Soka Meralin Nickname/s; [At least one.] Kitty-Mea Gender; [One girl and one boy please] Girl Age; [Between 15 and 20] 15 General Date of Birth;April 15 Place of Birth;America Previous place of residing before being sent to the unknown; She was living in a little village in the vallies of Philly. Religon; [One please.] Christianity Sexuality; [Straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian?] Straight Career/Talent Talent; [Only if you don't want a job.] She is a painter. How do you make a living off of it; She sells them on a street corner. How did you find out you had it; She picked up a paint brush when she was little, and she painted the landscape outside her house. Her parents said it was worthy of a royal room. Physical Hair description; [Length, color, style.] She has light auburn hair, that reaches half way down her back. She has bangs that reach her eyebrows; they seem to fold over themselves a lot. Eye description; [Color, scars, blind] She has pale blue eyes, that make her look blind. Truth is though she has been losing it since she fell into the unknown. Height; 5' 1" Weight; 93 lbs Tattoos; [If any.] None. Piercings; [If any.] She has her ears pierced, usually she has silver bulbs in them. Typical clothing; [Dresses, pants, skirts, etc.]A green plaid skirt with a long-sleeved cuffed shirt. The top is a cream color, and she has a purse that reaches her side. She has thigh high white stocking with black, grey, boots. Anything else; Nope. :] Personal Personality; [At least six lines, please.] The unknown world, it changed Kiko. They have had rumors about that kind of thing happening. She is now extremely shy, and she always feels distant. It's like she doesn't really know what's happening. She finds it hard to deal with a lot of things, but no one ever wants to help her. She is hard to make friends with because she is always avoiding conversations. After you get through to her she is quite an interesting character. She will often start talking to herself if she gets to lonely. As your bubbly personality fades away, what do you have left except sadness? Now that she is is the unknown, that seems to be happening a lot. Strength; [At least four.] She finds painting her calming voice. It always soothes her. She feels better if she reads, or writes poetry also. Her favorite thing to do is listen to waves. She thinks it's the best remedy for anything. Weaknesses; [At least four.] People who try to talk to her, loud noises, darkness, and the fear of being blind. Iterests/Hobbies; [At least five.] Wave watching, Poetry, Painting, listening to a violin, and pianos. Dislikes; [At least five.] Conversations, darkness, thunderstorms, living on the street, and the cold. Bad habit; [At least one.] She has a bad habit of talking to herself. History; [Twelve lines long, please.] The bright sun shined down upon Kiko as she walked to the forest. The trees seemed to waves at her as she weaved past them. She knew where she was headed, and she figured they did to. Every week end was the same place. The trees spread apart as she made it closer to the ocean. Her eyes widened in shock. The ocean, always bright blue, was grey and dull. She took a step forward and dropped to her knees. Why was the ocean like that? Was it ever like that before? She slowly got back up, her eyes glued on the dull, lifeless waters. She got to the edge of the shoreline, just before the water splashed up into the sand. As soon as the water hit her feet, the waters seemed to grab her. She fell ack trying to get back up the shore. A wave emerged from the grey depths, and crashed over top of her before she could let out a small yelp. The wave dragged her still body back into the ocean, leaving nothing but an impression of a dragged body behind. Another wave took it away afterwards, and Kiko's body Drifted towards the bottom of the sea. She was not dead, she was just 'asleep' for the moment. Her body settled into the white sand and it started to glow. The sand washed over her and brought her down further. Everything went black after that, and she woke up. Kiko was surronded by the unknowns in the village. The kept asking her all sorts of questions, but after a while of no answers they gave up and agreed to let her to stay there. She bearly makes a living off the paintings she sells, but it's all she has left.
Kiko; 'Blindness only takes those who don't deserve sight. Am I not worthy to see those before

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Basics Full name; Alexandra Felic Clementine. Nickname/s; Alex, Felix. Gender; Female. Age; 17 General Date of Birth; 6th August 1992 Place of Birth; A small room in her house. Previous place of residing before being sent to the unknown; A little cottage near a river. Religon; She has no religion. She thinks its a load of crap. Sexuality; Straight Career/Talent Elemental Giver. What element do you give to the people; Animal. Why did you choose this job; Alex, loves Animals as much as she loves life itself. She is proud to be one of them now. Physical Hair description; Waist Length curly brown with a few red highlights. Eye description; Her eyes are two diffrent colours. Her right eye is an icy blue that seems to look right through you.Her left eye on the other hand, is quite a dull green. Height; 5'6 Weight; 13 Stone. Tattos; A rose winds from her wrist to the top of her thumb. Piercings; Ears are pierced all the way up and she has one in her eyebrow. Typical clothing; Casual Camo Cargo pants with a strappy brown T-shirt. A pair of red trainers tie it together. Somtimes a Tartan Jacket is involved. Anything else; A pocket knife and an Ipod with fairly large headphones. Personal Personality; Alex, has a fiery personality and a temper to match. She somtimes speaks before thinking mostly getting her in trouble quite a bit. She isn't one for company but, does enjoy it although she doesn't show it. Her undoubted knowledge for quite a few things makes her a good ally for many things. Don't Piss her off though, she'll sink her claws into you. Strength; Belive it or not, Alex is quite good a maths. She doesn't like it but is natrually gifted at it. Reading is somthing she has loved since she could learn to. Riddles also tempt her quite often as she is mostly seen with a puzzle book of Crossword book. Weaknesses; Bugs. The one group of animals she hates to death. They are icky. She also hates cheese and she has quite a serious allergy towards the yellow stuff. Pitch black darkness scares her as well as fire. Iterests/Hobbies; Reading, Flower arranging,Riddles and hide N seek. Dislikes; Bugs, Darkness, Fire, Rain,oranges. Bad habit; She picks her ears with her nails. Its gross but true. History; Alexandra Felic Clementine, was walking along a small woodland path, a birtch woven basket laid on her arm, flowers protruding from it. The squeaks and squaks of many animals around her. Most people would find these noises omnious and quite frightening. Not to Alex. She has grew up with these sounds, learning the speech patterns of them, warning yelps and such. Animals were Alexandra's best friends and nothing, could take them away from her. Nothing at all. A small trickle of water caught her ears and she knew that home was only a few 2 miles away. The waterfall was the best marker in the world, it symbolised life for those dying of thrist, showers for passing travellers and a guide to cities. Alex sighed. How beauty was spolied by the cruel hand of man. Wait.No. She must not think like that.If her father knew what she though of the otside world, it would be another harsh scolding and 8 more pages from the holy bible not to mention no suppers. "Oh why are my parents so Harsh?" She said, misrabley."Why are my parents so diffrent? Why must I go to church? Why?" She asked expecting no reply but the soft wind echoing through the trees. It was turning dark fast and Alex ran. She was late, very late. A small rock stood in her way, making the girl trip and stumble into the trees and through a hole in the ground. Alexandra opend her eyes. Wait, this was not her home. Where was she? What was this new place?

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Your character looks good so far. :] If I like the rest, then yes she may be an element giver.
Kiko; 'Blindness only takes those who don't deserve sight. Am I not worthy to see those before

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Basics Full name; [First, middle, last.] Fey Lillith Boot Nickname/s; [At least one.] Lilly, Fey Gender; [One girl and one boy please] Girl Age; [Between 15 and 20] 16 General Date of Birth; October 16 1993 Place of Birth; A rural area near Calgary, Alberta, Canada Previous place of residing before being sent to the unknown; New York City, New York Religon; [One please.] Christian Sexuality; [Straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian?] Straight Career/Talent Talent; Singing How do you make a living off of it; Fey sings in the streets for spare change. How did you find out you had it; Back in New York, she started taking singing lessons, and she was a natural. Physical Hair description; [Length, color, style.] Fey's hair is naturally golden blonde. It's as dry as straw, and as straight as a ruler. It goes down her back, and ends at her bottom. Her bangs are long and shaggy, but not enough to cover her eyes. She pushes more then half of the bangs into a left (her left) side bang, while she lets the rest of it droop. Eye description; [Color, scars, blind] Her eyes are bright lime green, and she doesn't have any visible pupils. Height;She is 5' 3'' , and was always short for her age. Weight; 110 lbs Tattos; [If any.] none Piercings; [If any.] none Typical clothing; [Dresses, pants, skirts, etc.] She usually wears brown Capri-styled pants, a white undershirt, and a blue jacket that goes down to her knees. Her shoes are black, worn and falling apart. Anything else; Personal Personality; [At least six lines, please.] The Unknown World hasn't had much of an effect on Fey. She's often shy around people she doesn't know, for people have always made fun of her while she was growing up. If you accept her for who she is, and get talking with her, she opens up quite a bit, always smiling and looking on the bright side of things. She likes to poke fun, but knows when to stop and when to be serious. When she gets to know somebody really well, she's happily put her life on the line to keep them safe. Strength; [At least four.] Fey feels good about helping those she cares about Weaknesses; [At least four.] Fey absolutely loathes spiders, she hates being sick, she doesn't enjoy doing math work, and she often tries to avoid bad weather. Iterests/Hobbies; [At least five.] She likes Singing, art, traveling, dancing, and playing the violin Dislikes; [At least five.] She tries to avoid fighting, she doesn't like higher-classed people, she is against gay marriage, she doesn't like people jumping at her saying different things, and doesn't like crowds. Bad habit; [At least one.] Fey often jumps to conclusions, which often makes people stare at her, and make her even more shy. History; [Twelve lines long, please.] Fey was walking along the inter-winding streets of Manhattan, on her way to her favorite place to sing. Things had been tough lately, for she didn't even have enough to feed herself, and it was easily starting to show. Her ribs showed through her skin, which has faded to a nearly chalk white. About halfway there, she saw there was an area on the street blocked up, which wasn't uncommon for New York, but she decided to see what was happening. As she walked up to the area, she noticed the street ambiance has faded, and less and less people were there. It must've been her lack of nutrition lately, doing things to her head. But when she looked around, the people were gone from the sidewalks, and even the street was bare. Huh? There was a pile-up of cars here. What happened? Curious, she walked past the barricades and towards an open manhole. She got down on her knees, looking into it. She was expecting to hear water, for that was what she usually heard, but all she heard was an eerie drone. She couldn't see the bottom either. She squinted, trying to see deeper into the hole, but she saw nothing. Cautiously, she climbed down the ladder underneath the once bustling city. It seemed to go a lot longer then she expected to get to the bottom. When she did, she could barely see anything. She stuck her hand in front of her face. She couldn't see it. As her hand fell down to her side, she felt something grab it. Before she could react, she felt something else wrap around her. She could tell it was wet, for her body was drenched with sewer water where she was grabbed. She was suddenly jolted deep into the sewers. She soon couldn't see anything; she could only scream with fright. The light from the surface whizzed out of her sight, and she was struggling blindly. The things that grabbed her felt like tentacles, but she couldn't confirm it. The thing suddenly jolted from going left to straight downward, and it was then she realized they were above water. She was dragged down, and she struggled to get out of the thing's grasp. For some reason, she suddenly stopped, and didn't care anymore. She saw the water around her start to glow,She lost conscience of the things around her, and soon, everything went black. The next thing she knew, she was in a strange village, surrounded by the Unknowns. The asked her questions without relent, and Fey tried to scramble away, frightened. After she did so, they then agreed she could stay in the village. She now stands on the side of the road, singing for money, for that's all she really knew.

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Everyone finds there way to the Unknown. It's only a matter of time. Welcome Fey.
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Full name; Annabeth Marissa Claire
Nickname/s; Ann
Gender; female
Age; 16

Date of Birth; June 31 1993
Place of Birth; Sparks
Previous place of residing before being sent to the unknown; Yonwood
( unless place needs to be real)
Religon; Christion
Sexuality; straight

The unknown people have a variety of career choices for their people.
1. Tailors
     What kind of clothing do you make; dresses
     Why did you choose this job; Ann enjoys sewing her own clothes and thought she could
make a living out of it

or if I could

8. Element Giver
     What element do you give to the people; Earth 
     Why did you choose this job; Ann is shy and would rather be around plants then

Hair description; fine fiery red hair hangs down to the waist but usually kept up in a
side braid. 
Eye description; large and emerald green
Height; 5'4”
Weight;122 lbs
Tattos; none
Piercings;small diamond n left ear in cartilage
Typical clothing; long flowing skirts in earthy tones
Anything else; freckles across the bridge of her nose
very fair pale skin

Personality; Annabeth is a very kind person when she actually talks to people. She usually
keeps to herself afraid of what people may say back. Even though this is true she would
help anyone in need and rarely dislikes anyone but only because she doesn't talk much. She
is quiet most of the time except when she is alone. She usually finds herself singing and
talking to plants and animals when she's alone.  If you can get her talking you will see
her sparkling personality.
Strength; Annabeth is very good with her hands. Anything that usually gets her hands
moving she's good at. This includes sewing and caring for plants. She also has a very
soothing singing voice but rarely sings in front of others so they don't know.Her reading
is also quite well and not just English. She can read Greek but never found it useful.
Weaknesses; running, speaking loudly, dancing, darkness, her weak body
Iterests/Hobbies; Alchemy, designing dresses, ancient magic, reading, researching old
Dislikes; dancing, darkness, large groups, expectations,rude people
Bad habit; moving invisible hair from her face, playing with her braid when she's nervous

History; Annabeth had always been alone. Even as a child. her mother disowned her when she
saw Annabeth had more interest in plants then her own mother. Annabeth didn't mind though.
She was glad she didn't need to talk to anyone. She was perfictly happy with her plants
and animals. Soon after she was disowned She began to read. At first not so much but soon
she found things that looked really interested to her and started to learn by herself. She
couldn't learn by herself though. She needed help. She started to talk a bit to learn how
but right after she was taught she went back into her mute self. After she read most of
the books in her village she decided it was time to move on. She took all that she could
carry and began her journey. Annabeth traveled around a lot staying in one place for no
longer then a week. Then she came to Yonwood. She began to live here at the age of 14.
They had many books that interested her. They also introduced her to alchemy. It really
interested. By the time she was 16 she had learned everything she wanted from Yonwood.
Plus she wanted to get away from the boys. She disliked many of them. Always teasing her
about being so quiet and talking to plants. They pulled on her hair and she had enough of
it. She took all of her things again and got ready to leave. She noticed a trail behind
her house and decided to follow it instead of taking the normal path because of all the
trees. Day turned into night and night turned back into day. Annabeth was completely lost.
Just when she thought she'd die surrounded by what she loved most she started hearing
voices. People were there. Talking. They spotted her quickly and took her back to the
unknown. She had no idea where she was but it seemed interesting enough. She decided this
was her next spot to stay.

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You sort of based everything on your plant element job, when I didn't give you the go ahead. It's good though, welcome to the Unknown World, Annabeth. Yes, she may be an Earth Element giver.
Kiko; 'Blindness only takes those who don't deserve sight. Am I not worthy to see those before

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Guest Poster
thank you.. sorry... I made a second application if I didn't get it though.. I just
didn't want to type it all out if I did

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Guest Poster

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Aceepted dearie!! You can roleplay now! :]
Kiko; 'Blindness only takes those who don't deserve sight. Am I not worthy to see those before

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