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WRITING: Poetry: A Love Never Lost

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11 March 2009, 08:35 PM    #1
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"A Love Never Lost"

I've been downhearted baby
Ever since the day we met
It's not your touch that haunts me
It's just those eyes I can't forget

That night some time so long ago
Laughing and loving without a care
We were ghosts but didn't know
Or we'd have chose to stay right there

The day they told me that you were lost
I'd of given my whole soul for you
And it would be such a little cost

Now we'll never visit Vienna
And I don't know where to begin
I lost my lover, my brother, my friend
And the sadness wells without an end

I cry and I die, I cut and I bleed
And yet it never resolves this pain inside
I'm tired of hearing about all that I need
All my wants extinguished when you died

And I want to blame you and scream and curse
But I know deep down it wasn't up to you
Leaving me something you'd never do
So I smile and pretend I'm not getting worse

But no one sees the truth inside
The tender lines I've tried to hide
No one hears the popping sound
Of my mortal will grinding down

Cracking in its jagged way
So many times I've meant to pray
But even God I sometimes scorn
A ruptured soul is always torn

If He has no mercy from above
Then I can do without His love
It's not like I haven't faced my hell
My body's been an empty shell

And I'm just wondering whether I have the strength

I know it's what you would want, even demand
For me to soldier on, even love again too
And I'll keep trying Bri, just for you
But one thing that you must understand

Part of me died on that day too
It's gone and went away with you
So where ever you are in time or space
No one will ever take your place

I may learn to love again
I may heal some of this pain
But I will never be the same
As I would have been

With you,
I hope that's okay
For that, 
I can pray.

(for Brian and Stef)

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