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Vice Presidential Debate

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3 October 2008, 05:55 PM   #1
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Did anyone watch it?
What did you think.

Eh, someone should teach Palin to say nuclear.
She also kept avoiding the questions.

Biden didn't do much better either.

3 October 2008, 06:29 PM   #2
The Director
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i thought Biden did a great job but missed the opportunity to really be a bit more
attacking and push Palin off guard...

in the beginning she seemed shaky and nervous and during the debate she paused a little
too long before answering...

she did avoid answering the question asked and would return to her comfort zone and where
she had prepared responses rehearsed..

i understand how the majority of average and below average intelligent people in america
would think that Palin "spoke their language" and appreciated her plain talking manner and
all the homey soccer-mom analogies and such...

but as someone of above-average intelligence i found that grating and unsubstantial on
dealing with the issues or giving any specifics about what her intentions were..

i found it very appalling that she embraces Cheney's ridiculous assertion that the Vice
Presidency is not part of the Executive branch of government and seemed to suggest that
she would seek ways to expand her role as Vice President and that there was Constitutional
grounds for doing so..

overall for me it just reenforced that it would be a bad circumstance if the McCain-Palin
ticket won because at age 71 John McCain has, according to actuarial tables, a 25% chance
that he could die in the next 4 years, and Palin is unfit to be president in my opinion.

8 October 2008, 08:59 PM   #3
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I like palin we need a strong women for a helper

9 October 2008, 03:17 PM   #4
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ONE comment here.


1 November 2008, 09:26 PM    #5
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speaking about Palin's mediocre and simply pathetic debate, I have this amazing insight
to Palins brains. You guys should really see it.

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