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Mutiny on the Blackfyre

5 September 2016, 08:44 PM   #1
The Founder
Joined: 2 Sep 2016
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I am Captain Jimison Ataroy, most people call me Jim and I should say former captain of
Blackfyre since my crew has mutinied.  You would think after 5 years of being together
that loyalty would mean something, but I guess the limit to loyalty is....5 years.  It
started a year or so ago, a few of them wanted out of the military and when it came down
from HQ that our service had been extended another 2 years without shore leave, I knew
there would be problems.  Although the crew respected me and liked me being their captain,
they knew I wouldn't go with their plan to disobey HQ.  So instead of killing me, they
stranded me and four other officers on Mars.  How nice....  The good new is they left us
with enough oxygen to last us a few days, bad news is the nearest settlement is 5 days. 
Oh well, at least I wasn't shot in the back.  So now, us three men and two ladies make our
way to the nearest settlement, should be a fantastic sightseeing trip.

22 September 2016, 05:28 PM    #2
The Founder
Joined: 2 Sep 2016
Posts: 11
It has been 3 days now, we are getting closer to the nearby settlement, but we are still
over a day away with only enough oxygen to last us half a day.  The good news is one of
men has at least kept our spirits us with jokes.  The funniest joke being, "You know what
the difference is between a woman from Mars, Earth, or a space station is?  None, they all
suck the same."  Not the best joke, but when facing death even the dumbest jokes can
lighten the mood....or maybe it's just facing death that makes things more funny.  I
haven't decide yet.....

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