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Title.. Lucid.

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3 March 2012, 11:14 PM   #1
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So I had a fantastic idea for a book while showering the other day lol xD
I was thinking about the idea of a 'lucid dream' And how fascinating it seems.
So my story begins with a house fire. A family (Mother, father and brother of the
protagonist Marcus) all pass away leaving Marcus all alone.. 
A fireman saves him he's put into a hospital, and finds out he has cancer. 
He then goes to an orphanage for like a month and is then brought back to hospital. 
At the orphan home he met a dog, and that dog became his only friend. 

So pretty much a whole lot of bad things have been happening to him so quickly, that he
can barely stand it. 
He hates his reality, his life... he wants a new one
So he dreams up one in his head, a perfect world where everyone he loves is alive and he
is happy. 
Well he gets just that, and more.

While sleeping in the hospital he starts dreaming about this 'perfect world' and wakes up
to find himself in it. 
He's lying in a field of grass, in a magical forest. And the only thought that comes to
his mind is 'where is my dog?' 
So he gets up and starts searching for his 'lost' dog. this is where he meets the ones he
missed the most, his family.. but they are woodland elves.
They become his friend and he enjoys being with them. He loves this place so much that he
constantly refuses to wake up. His mind has become numb to this, and now even if he wanted
to, he doesn't know how to wake up.

This is where the dragon comes along. A powerful and evil dragon has put him and his
friends in danger. 
when Marcus actually comes face to face with the dragon, he sees his dog standing right in
front of the beast. 
This is to represent the end of his journey. The dragon eats the dog, and this put so much
anger into Marcus that he is able to slay the dragon once and for all.
Now the dragon represented his fears...his reality. So as soon as Marcus defeats his
'reality' he disappears from his dream. 
He then wakes up again to find himself in heaven, surrounded by his family who continue to
congratulate him on slaying the dragon.

So when he defeated the dragon in his dream, he then died of cancer in the real world. 
Then finds himself in heaven. Happy again with his family. 

Kind of a sad story, but really powerful. I've already started writing. But have a long
ways to go, what do you think?

3 March 2012, 11:26 PM   #2
Guest Poster
I like the idea very much,but personally,I am not very big on the woodland elves,and
dragons. Maybe make the dream world a little more realistic? How old is this boy? If you
do decide to write on this idea,I'd love to see the work.

3 March 2012, 11:32 PM    #3
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Thanks. I might, but I really enjoy fantasy type stuff myself. 
And the boy is 16. 
& okay thanks :] will for sure be posting it if I do

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