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Detention Room

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10 September 2011, 06:56 PM   #1
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This is where the detention will be held. (ooc: I noticed we didnt have a topic for that 
^- ^  lol  )

10 September 2011, 07:05 PM   #2
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Calantha headed from the halls and walked into the room that matched the number indicated on the yellow slip of paper that the scowling red-head had given her. At first, she hesitanted with her enterance. She didn't feel like sitting in this room with a bunch of outcasts and crazy people. Back in England, someone always got into a violent fight whenever she was given dentention. She winced a little in horror as she relived the memories. Then finally, after taking a deep breath, Calantha convinced herself that she had to go in. Afterall, he did say she'd be given more schedules for this dreaded imprisonment if she proved herself absent. Well maybe it won't be as bad here. she thought optomistically. What could possiblely happen that she hadn't already seen before? Calantha stepped through the door and embraced the gloomly and hateful atmosphere of dentention. She had her lips pulled into a small scowl and pinched her eyebrows togather. She seemed to blend right in. Calantha then slowly walked to her desk, making sure to glance over everyone she walked by on the stride there. Afterall, she was used to dentention. Quietly, she sat at her desk and waitted, crossing her legs and arms.

10 September 2011, 07:33 PM   #3
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Lolita walked into the detention room, still looking at the yellow slip. A
few seconds later, she finally looked up to see who she would be in detention with. So
far, there was a busty girl, with long wavy hair. Lolita sighed, and looked at the
ceiling. Well, maybe this girl was nice?
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10 September 2011, 10:01 PM   #4
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Calantha looked around the room with a rather indifferent gaze. She didn't really think about anything and waundered when she'd be able to leave. A small sigh passed her lips and she leaned an elbow on the desk, resting one side of her cheeks in her hand. Just then, she noticed a short girl with white hair starring at her. Her brows furrowed a little over her aqamarine gaze and she forwned at her. dosen't she know it's rude to stare? she thought to herself. It was annoying to her to be stared at for no reason. Then when the other girl shifted her gaze up to the ceiling, Calantha shifted her gaze away as well. The tension in her eyebrows smoothened out and she began to stare thoughtfully at the board ahead, tapping a penceil lightly against her chin. She began to waunder if it was possible to use the overhead projector in the room as an explosive. Aferall, with dentention blown up, there would be no more dententions given to her for being late for class. The idea made her little smug. I think maybe I can rewire it... Her eyes shifted to the desk ahead. She noticed the teacher wasn't there yet. good. She decided it might be a fun class, afterall. It had been a while since she reconfigured something. The problem was reaching it, though. Calantha walked casually from her desk and over to the vacant teachers' desk. She stood on top of it and reached for the overhead projector that hung from the ceiling. Then she put her talent to work and began rewiring things, moving her nimble fingers quickly about the machines' electrical system. She occasionally glanced over her shoulder, gazing back at the door to make sure the teacher didnt come while she was trying to work.

10 September 2011, 10:13 PM   #5
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Lolita watched the girl give her a sort of rude look. She had been right.
"Bitch." Lolita said under her breath, and glared at the girl. She might have thought she
was all that, but she really wasn't. Anyway, Lolita made her way to a desk as far away
from the other girl as she could get. She sat there for a few minutes, but then noticed
the other girl get up, and go stand on the teacher's desk. Lolita watched as she pulled
the overhead projector down, and began to rewire it. So she's a technology person.
she thought to herself.
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10 September 2011, 10:14 PM   #6
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Sienna tossed her slip into the trash as she came in, growling under her breath. "Geez."
She looked around the room, and, noticing the girl on the desk, said casually, "Trying to
blow us up, are you? Good show, old girl." She clapped lightly. "When's fatman getting
here? I want to leave." She casually carved her name into her desk with her knife. It cut
through the wood like a hot knife through butter. Sienna smiled crazily.

10 September 2011, 10:31 PM   #7
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Calantha rolled her eyes a little at Siennas' comment about trying to blow them all up. That's what she wanted to do, but she wasn't going to do it with them all in there. Who did they think she was? Definately not suicidal. Anyways, Calantha huffed a bit and gazed intently at the cut wires of the machine and then wipped her forehead with the back of her hand. stupid system won't make much of an impact even if I did get it to explode. I need something a stick of dinomite or gun powder or something. She thought to herself as she paused from her work and held her hand around her chin. She glanced down under her and began to scan the teachers' desk for something she could use.... Nothing. She didn't see anything aside from papers, photos, and other stuff unimportant to her plans. She jumped off the desk and opened the door. Then she walked into the hallways for a while until she came across a janitors' closet. She silentally opened it and her eyes glint with joy at what she found. Quickly, Calantha carried a small box of gun powder and fireworks back towards the dention room. She walked inside and smirked a bit as she pulled out her new resources. Then Calantha continued where she left off. Then finally, she had everything just where she wanted it. All she had to do was connect two more wires and the whole thing would explode. The problem was; how would she do that? Calantha decided to get creative and began using random objects to build a machine that could move the wires once it was connected to it. "hmmhmm..." she hummed a little as she walked back and forth around the classroom with different things in her hands. It was funny how alot of people just ignored what she was doing.

10 September 2011, 10:39 PM   #8
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"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Lolita asked in a very shocked
tone. She had seen her carry in gun powder, and a box of fireworks. Lolita of course,
being a vampire, would come out unscathed, but the other girl...she wasn't so sure about.
Her being a human, or whatever she was. She had fox ears. But honestly, was this girl
really about to blow up the school?
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10 September 2011, 10:42 PM   #9
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Sienna gasped over dramatically. "Ooh, now we get a pretty firework show too? I love
pretty colours!" She snorted. "What exactly are you trying to accomplish here? Aside from
kablooie, I mean."

10 September 2011, 11:07 PM   #10
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Last edited by ‹ღJєѕѕιє яαωяѕღ›, 10 September 2011
Calantha heard Lolita but she didn't feel the need to anwser that question. It was pretty much self-explanatory. What else could someone possiblely be doing with a box of gun-powder, fireworks, and a smoking machine that was now rippling and sparking with unstable surges electricity? If they where smart, they would be running the hell out of there. Calanthas' expression was serious and focused as she began finishing up the final stages of her new invention. She couldn't wait to test it out. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small box of matches. It was just something she accquired in England during her time of friendship with the popular people that liked the smoke all the time. Calantha didn't like smoking but she always thought matches came in handy. With a flick of her thumb, a small hot flame came into exisitance. She tilted the flame to the flamable string part of one of the large fireworks that was now built into the smoking overhead projector. Calantha then ran to the back of the classroom and ducked her head as she head under a desk. It was going to blow up as soon as the firework exploded. She already cacculated everything and was sure she was at a safe distance, though most of the front of the class was going to be blown up. Slowly, a small spark began its' way up to the firework she lit. 5...4....3...2....

10 September 2011, 11:22 PM   #11
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Sienna frowned. "Should I be leaving? I'm not so strong anymore, it being just past the
full moon and all." She blew the wood shavings off her desk and admired her handiwork. A
beautiful name: 'Sienna Grim' She loved her name. Sienna glanced up sleepily and
saw that the fuse had nearly gone down all the way. She casually walked back to where
Calantha was and whispered in her ear, "What do you mean to achieve by doing this? Just
symbol of rebellion, or an attempt against someones life?" She pondered more answers.
"Just felt like it?" She mused.

11 September 2011, 01:41 PM   #12
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Calantha waitted as the last two seconds ticked by. Then she turned with a small startle as a crazy-looking girl with long pig-tails walked over and began whispering questions in her ear. Did she not know the place was about to blow up in a mere second? Calantha welcomed the palm of her own hand to her face and sighed a bit. Then she dropped her hand and looked at the girl with her lips pulled in a purse. She didn't like talking much. It seems that everyone at this school failed to notice her partial mute-ness. She opened her mouth and said. " I don't like this class..." she replied in a very low accented tone. For a moment, there was a brief flash of saddness in her sea-like eyes. No one in this place understood anything about her! It was no different from England. Sure, they call her names like a 'bitch' 'a brat' 'snoobby' or even 'crazy' but in reality, none of that was actually true. No one really bothered to actually get to know her. Therefore she disliked it. This class and this so called 'academy'. Everyone was so quick to judge people different from them, but wasn't it their difference that was supposed to be thier reason for being here in the first place? As time passed, Calantha noticed the explosion didn't happen. She glanced over the desk and realised she did something wrong. What the-....? With a sigh of agitation, she stood and strode back over to her creation. She folded her arms and decided it wasn't even worth causing chaos anymore. She then decided she'd just sit through the stupid class and tolorate the handsome angery red-heads' scowling. 'Blast!' the sudden noise caught her off guard. Suddenly she was thrown through the window with a 'Crash' and everything when fuzzy. Calantha she fell unconcious, unaware that the fireworks' delayed set off had been unexpected. It had to be bad karma or something.

11 September 2011, 02:27 PM   #13
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 Sienna's brilliant green eyes widened. "Whoa." She strolled over to the window to
look out, see if Calantha was allright. Or dead. Sienna chuckled to herself. That's what
you get for approaching a bomb that has a delayed blow up. She supposed she should take
Calantha to the medical wing, but she wasn't sure how. She was weak right now, all her
strength drank up by the night before. She turned to Lolita hopefully. "Uhm.. We should
probably get her to the medical wing. Help me?" She then jumped out the window, landing
lightly beside Calantha. Hmm. Unconscious. Sienna hauled Calantha onto her shoulder,
nearly collapsing under the weight, but she could do it. She started the trek around the
front of the school, because there was no way she was going to get her back through that
window, even with Lolita's help. If she decided to help. Sienna looked up towards the
window, hoping for a face to appear. No such luck. She began to stumble along the path,
grumbling to herself.

11 September 2011, 06:31 PM   #14
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After a moment, Calanatha lifted her eyelids a little and gave way to the bright aquamarine orbs. Huh...where am I going...who is carrying me...? she thought weakly as her blurry vision slowly cleared up. She went into a small coughing fit. Some of the black smoke that had gotten into her lungs during the explosion. Her face had dark smudges all over it and she had a deep burn on her arm and side that melted through her ashened shirt to her skin. "Ergh...I can...take care of- myself!" She weakly pushed herself off from Sienna's hold, in an attempt to break free. Calantha then fell from her back and landed onto the floor. She laid there a moment and groaned a bit, swaring under her breath. Then finally she found the strength to lift herself. damn it... I shouldn't have walked so close to the fireworks... she thought as she sat up and held her burned arm. She silentally caught her breath, feeling exaugsted. There was no way she was going to let her take her to the medical wing.

11 September 2011, 06:38 PM    #15
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Sienna let her go, glad to be out of a load. "I can help you if you want." She put
Calantha's arm around her shoulder, and helped her along to the medical wing.

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