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I just typed this up. I have been thinking about this idea for a while, but never typed
it up until now. Tell me what you think.

Comment and enjoy!

One Year Ago…

	“Come on Stella we have to go to Portillo’s,” said my mom. After spending a whole
day at the mall shopping my mom was craving Portillo’s. It was the end of summer, only
three days until the first day of school. Every store was having their beginning of the
school year sale. I had gotten a few piece of clothing. I got in the car and my mom drove
around for a little bit.
	My older sister, Ally, was in the backseat. She was dragged along, because she was
supposed to buy some clothes too. She was the biggest tom boy I have ever met. The sad
part is that people clam that she and I look exactly alike. They say that we even look
like twins. I disagree. She had the perfect circle head, brown eyes, dirty blond hair, and
was short. While I had more of an oval shape head, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, and I
was tall. We were exact opposites. We even wore the opposite clothes and trust me that’s
not all of the opposites we share. However, we do have friends that are friends of each
other. It used to bug me, but now I’m used to it. We were only two and half years apart
after all. Anyways, she hated driving, so she sat in the backseat. I was only fifteen, but
I couldn’t wait to drive. My parents won’t let me get my permit until I am in
driver’s ED.
	We finally reached the Portillo’s. My mom parked the car and we jumped out of the car.
We walked the short distance to the door. My mom claims that I always get good parking
whenever I go with her. I guess it was just my luck. We entered the place, and right away
my mom found her friends that she was also meeting there. I was not looking forward to it
for one reason; it was going to be long. My mom didn’t like the stay at places for very
long, it was just that her friends loved to keep talking. You wouldn’t believe how much
they had to talk about. I was exhausted from walking around the mall all day and not to
mention I was hungry.
	“Mom, I’m hungry,” I said. My mom turned to me. We were waiting for the other
people, but my mom sighed. She knew that I hated being hungry. She did too, since she had
Crohn’s, her stomach hurt even more when she was hungry. All I knew was that Crohn’s
was a disease that made your immune system attack the digestive system.
	“Here is some money, go buy yourself something,” said my mom while getting her wallet
out. I hated going up and ordering my food by myself. It was just like a girl asking
another girl to go to the bathroom with her. It was just second nature. 
	“Can you come with me?” I asked. She sighed again, and asked my sister. My sister
didn’t want to go with me. She was always more of the outgoing type, while I was the shy
type. People don’t believe that, but if you put me in a room full of people I don’t
know I would be the last one to talk. My mom got up and I followed her. 
	We waited in line for about three minutes and then it was our turn to order. I ordered
what I always ordered. I never really liked changed, and I am a very picky eater. Why
change when you like something? I ordered a hot dog, just ketchup, and a vanilla shake.
When I was younger I liked the chocolate shakes better, but I come realize that the
vanilla ones are so much better. My mom paid and then we walked down where everybody was
	It was a crowed night. I could tell. Most of the people were teenagers, and families. The
teenagers were probably celebrating there last few days of summer left. I looked around
again, and saw this two cute guys my left. They were like three people away from me. They
both had those skater hats on and one was chewing on a tooth pick. I didn’t have much
time to get a closer look at them, because I realized that my number has been called.
	“Four-four, you’re out the door,” said the lady. I always liked how when they
called your number they always said a little rhyme after it. It was different. I got my
stuff and I saw some people give me dirty looks. Secret number one at fast food
restaurants, if you order something special (like just ketchup) you get your order
quicker. I walked over back to my mom.
	“See I’m easy,” I said. Then we walked back to our table. Once we reached our table
I realized that I forgot a straw. Since I didn’t want to but my mom again, I decided to
go ahead and get my own straw. I got back up from my seat and walked over to the little
table to get my straw. While I was walking over there, I saw one of those cute guys look
over at me. It was the one chewing on the tooth pick. I quickly grabbed my straw and
walked away.
	Once I got back to the table I sat down and started eating. I took a bite of my hot dog
and then a slip of my shake. I looked around me again. I always like to take in my
surroundings. My friends thought I was crazy, but hey that’s just what I do. You never
know who you will see again. I noticed that those cute guys were sitting at a booth across
the room from me. Did they pick it on purposed? I noticed that I was making it completely
obvious that I was starring at their table, so I looked away. Damn, they picked a table
where I really couldn’t noticed them starring at me.
	I took another bite of my food. My mom and sister got up from the table to get their own
food. They were going to split so I was left with an empty table. One of my mom’s
friends told me to watch the table. I was fine with it. I looked around again. This is
what I do when I get bored, and remember I am the shy one.
	I noticed that only one of the guys was at the booth. The guy looked about to be my age,
and he had a black skater hat on and a black t-shirt. He was wearing plain blue jeans with
holes in it. I couldn’t tell what he looked like though, since of the distance. I
finally found the other guy getting something from the small table. He probably forgot
something like me. I noticed that he was still chewing his tooth pick and he was wearing a
red shirt and blue jeans with a lot of holes in it. 
	He was walking back to his table and I knew I should have looked away, but I didn’t. I
have no clue why I didn’t, but maybe it was fate. Anyways, as he was walking back he
looked towards my direction, and I swear to god he looked right at me. The eye contact
last for about two seconds, when all of a sudden he hit a brick wall. There was a wall
between these two booths, and it was kind of in the way of the walkway.
	I laughed, because it was funny. Hey, you only see this kind of stuff in the movies. I
didn’t notice my mom came walking to the table. She gave me a funny look.
	“Why are you laughing?” she asked. I shook my head.
	“Nothing,” I said a little too quickly. She shook her head back at me and grabbed her
wallet. I guess she forgot it when she went up to order her food.
	We stayed there for an hour longer. I never did see those cute guys later that day. I
never once glanced back over there, and nothing else happened. I would probably never see
the guys again, and I was perfectly fine with that. I told all my friends about the story,
and they thought it was the funniest thing ever. Now when ever we see a brick wall we
always shout out brick wall, and laugh. It was an inside joke, and people gave us dirty
looks when we did it. Yet, we were having fun, so I didn’t care.
	Yet, the one day that Vicki had to shout it the loudest was the day that I saw them

21 June 2011, 04:16 PM   #2
Guest Poster
I like the idea you should keep going ^^

21 June 2011, 11:16 PM   #3
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I was bored, so I typed up some more. I have no idea where I am going with this story.
Yet, I am planning on planning it out tonight. This is chapter one and it ended. Also, I
probably won't update often. I am trying to finish writing Juliet Searching For Her Romeo.

Edit: Something that you should realize is that this is rated PG-13. Thanks!

Comment and enjoy!

Chapter One

	It was just two weeks after school ended. I was the happiest teen. I didn’t have to
deal with teachers yelling at me to work my ass off. I was now sixteen, I had my
driver’s licenses, and I had a car. Even though it was a used car, I loved it. I was the
only one to have a car out of my friends. I felt like I accomplished something, and if my
friends wanted a ride I always made them pay gas money. Hey, I had to get money some way
or another.
	Yet, getting a car didn’t please me enough. I also wanted to learn how to skateboard. I
had always wanted to learn, but never gotten around to it. Probably, because I never knew
anyone who could actually skateboard really well. I finally did meet someone; the only
problem was that I had to pay him. It was really easy though, since he wanted money to buy
pot. Hey, I wanted so badly to learn.
	The text message was from my friend, Vicki, who was going with me. I didn’t want to go
alone with a drug addict so she agreed to come along. Besides she also knew how to
skateboard. She didn’t own one, since her dad ran over the one she used to have when she
was thirteen. She never did get a new one.
	The text message said that she was ready to be picked up, so I grabbed my purse off my
dresser and walked down the stairs. My parents were both working, and they really didn’t
care where I went over the summer. I got into my car and drove over to my friend’s
house. Luckily she only lived two blocks away. I pulled into her driveway and she got up
where she was sitting. She opened the car down and sat down. I didn’t pull out; instead
I held out my hand and moved my fingers back and forth.
	“Hand over the gas money,” I said. Vicki sighed. She was the person who used me the
most. Her parents promised Vicki to get her a car when she turned sixteen, but they said
they didn’t have enough money. Vicki was pissed at them, so she used me and my car to
take her all over the place. She opened her purse, and gave me five dollars. “Thank you.
Now was that so hard?” I always did this to my friends. They always got so pissed at me
for that. She huffed. I backed out of the driveway, and I was actually slightly excited to
learn how to skateboard. Not that Vicki was excited to watch me, but I knew that she was
going to secretly enjoy me falling on my ass.
♥						♥					        ♥
	I noticed right away that this was a pretty popular place for people to skateboard. It
had a huge hole in the ground, but it also had the other skate park on ground level. I got
out of the car and Vicki followed me. I noticed my instructor was already there, like he
said he would be. I also told him that he couldn’t be high or else I walked away with
the money. Surprisingly he wasn’t high, so I knew I had to stay.
	“Hey,” he said. I nodded back.
	“I’m just going to sit on that bench over there,” said Vicki while pointing to the
nearest bench. 
	“Hold on,” I said. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket. “Here, hold this for
me. I don’t want to crack my phone screen again.” Vicki grabbed my phone and walked
back to the bench. I cracked my phone, because I left it on the car. I had to help with my
mom to blow something up. I left it on the car that never leaves the house. Of course I
forgot about it for two hours, and the car had to leave that day. So the phone fell off
the car while it was backing up. Thank god it was still on the driveway. I had just gotten
it fixed, because my parents made me pay for it.
	“Do you even have good balance?” asked Alexis. That was his name. He was Mexican in
case you were wondering.
	“Yeah,” I said. 
	“Good, because you need balance,” said Alexis. I nodded. He put his skateboard on the
ground and motioned for me to get on. I was using his skateboard, because I totally
completely forgot about getting one. I got on the skateboard easily. So far it wasn’t so
hard, but hell I wasn’t even moving. “Now take your right foot off and set it on the
ground and push off.” Probably the hardest part of skateboarding is to start. That’s
how it was on a bike. I took a deep breath to calm myself down and I was just about to
push off, but Vicki yelled at me. She was sitting on the other side of the park.	
	“Remember be careful of any brick walls!” yelled Vicki. I wanted to scream at her
shut up, but I refrained myself.
	“What the hell is she talking about? There are no brick walls around here,” said
Alexis. I couldn’t help it but I laughed. 
	He didn’t get the inside joke. While I laughed I lost my balance, and I tried to catch
myself while flapping my arms around. In the end it didn’t work out and I fell off of
the skateboard and landed on my butt hard. I also did the number one thing that you
aren’t supposed to do when you fall on your hands; I put my hands behind me. Not only
did I hurt my tail bone, but I might have just broken my wrists. Alexis just shook his
head. Why the hell isn’t he helping me up? Vicki saw my fall and started to walk over. I
moved both of my wrists and decided that they weren’t broken and got up. Vicki reached
me by then.
	“Why the hell didn’t you catch her?” asked Vicki. Alexis shrugged. Vicki was a
tough girl, and I knew she would always have my back, but I didn’t need this right now.
	“Why the hell did you distract her? Besides she told me she has good balance! Good
balance means no falling on your ass,” said Alexis. Oh, god. Here we go. 
	“Guys, shut up. Vicki go back to your bench. I am completely fine,” I said. They
broke their glaze at each other and looked at me. Vicki turned around and walked back to
her bench. I even heard something from Alexis, but I didn’t quiet catch it.
	I got back on the skateboard without him even telling me to do so. I noticed that Vicki
now had company and was talking to two guys. There now she had something to do, but I
couldn’t help but slightly recognized those guys. I probably just had seen them around
school. I removed my right foot off the skateboard and put it on the ground. I still kept
my balance, so I pushed off. I moved. I actually moved. I was so proud of myself! Then I
tried to do it while I was moving and I lost my balance again. I fell again, but not that
	“Hey, I didn’t tell you to move your foot,” said Alexis. I sighed.
	“Look I know I asked you to help teach me, but come on chill out,” I said. I moved my
foot, because I thought I was ready. I didn’t need some guy to tell me I wasn’t
	“I am tired of hearing you and Vicki’s shit,” said Alexis. I was confused, until he
walked over towards me. He stepped on his skateboard to make it come off the ground. He
grabbed it, and then he held out his hand. If he was asking for his money, he didn’t
deserve any. “Hand it over.”	
	“Hell no,” I said. “You didn’t help me at all.” 
	Alexis pushed me and I almost fell, this time but I didn’t. He smirked at me. I knew,
deep down, that I shouldn’t have asked Alexis at all. I mean clearly he was angry
because he was not getting money to buy those stupid drugs that he was addicted to.
	“Don’t touch me,” I spat out through clinched teeth. Of course when you say that
the guy will always touch you after that. To prove my point he tried to punch me, but I
ducked, and he missed. He gave me his death glare.
	“Slut,” he muttered and walked off, with his skateboard. I noticed that by now Vicki
was walking towards me. I noticed that those two guys weren’t following Vicki. Good,
they didn’t want to start a fight and neither did I. I already started one before, and I
was never going to do that again.
	“I told you to stay away from him,” said Vicki.
	“Damn, potheads,” I said. Vicki smiled. Then I remembered. “Too bad you fall for
them.” Vicki looked surprised that I remembered that. Back when she was fourteen she
fell so hard for a pothead. I told her that he was useless and not the right guy for her.
She didn’t listen to me and she even went as far as to give him a blow job. After that
he disappeared, well moved to some far away place.
	“Shut up,” she said. I smiled. I knew I won the battle.
	“Come on I know a place around here that we should go get a bite to eat,” I said,
while walking towards my car. She followed me.
	“Good, because I am starving,” Vicki said.

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I know I haven't updated in a while. I wrote this a long time ago. I kind of don't like
it, but hey whatever. I can always change it later. This is only PART OF CHAPTER TWO. 

Comment and enjoy!

	I headed towards Portillo’s already smelling the food. Vicki was right on my side
and kept with my steps. I was a good three inches taller than Vicki and she always
complained how fast I walked, but yet she somehow kept up with me.
	“Women slow down!” said Vicki. I hadn’t realized how fast I was walking. Mostly I
walked really fast when I was nervous. I had no idea why I was nervous.
	“Sorry, girl,” I said and slowed down. Vicki knew that I only walked when I was
nervous, so she gave me a look. “I have no clue.” She nodded and with that we walked
through the turn about door. 
	We finally entered the place, and it smelled even greater than what outside smelled like.
We walked up to the counter together. Vicki always ordered something different, and
whenever she ordered she didn’t make it special. So when I told her my secret, she
demanded me to always let her order with my order. I was fine with it since we altered
when one had to pay. This time it was my turn to pay.
	“Hello, welcome to Portillo’s,” said the lady behind the counter. “What would you
like for today?” She smiled at us. I could not being a cashier. I don’t know how they
act all fake.
	“Hello,” said Vicki. “I would like a medium coke and a burger.” The lady smiled
and put wrote it down on the bag.
	“I would like a hot dog, just ketchup, and a medium vanilla shake,” I said. The lady
added up the total. I handed her my money, and she handed me the reseat. I took it and
noticed that our number was twenty-two. I couldn’t wait until I found out their rhyme
this time. We walked down until we reached the area to wait for our number to be called.
	“It’s really crowed today,” said Vicki. I looked around and noticed that she was
right. Basically every single seat was filled up with people. Great, no seats were left,
and that only meant two things. Either eat outside on the ground or in your car or squeeze
in with some people at a booth or table. I sighed.
	“Shit, maybe I should have gone to the other one,” I said. Vicki rolled her eyes. She
knew that the other Portillo’s was miles away from here.
	“We’ll find a seat,” said Vicki. I looked down at her and smiled. I could only hope
so. After all I didn’t want to squeeze in with some weirdo’s.
	“Twenty-two you are stuck to glue,” said a guy. That was our number and I walked up
and grabbed my bag. I smiled at the little rhyme the guy said. I stopped at the little
table to grab a straw for me and Vicki. We took a glance around us. This was going to be
harder than I thought. Vicki walked down the wall with a ton of booths. Every single one
was filled with people. However, I noticed one booth with only two guys. 

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