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Ω Desert

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16 June 2011, 12:54 AM   #1
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The middle of nowhere, and dry as hell! Almost nobody resides here.

24 June 2011, 08:05 PM   #2
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Mostly uninhabited was putting it mildly....desolate waste land would have been much better by his point of view, but as it was he was use to the endless golden dunes of hot dry sand, the hard packed dirt that did not waver under his hooves and the occasional pile of dull brown rock that appeared to have been staked by a careless giant. He belonged here and outcast in this solitary world of little food and scare water..enough to just sustain him. Belial stood there under the shade of one of such rock formations it was hot with the sun full in the sky bathing the land scape in unrelenting heat and caused him to see the glimmerings of fake water in the distance. He lent against the rock his dull coat dusty and stretched taunt across his pronounced ribs and bony protruding hip bones. He knew what he looked like, a skeleton decorated with dirt and dust. He shook his head to rid himself of a buzzing fly and his long tangles tail swatted at his hindquarters. How can flies possibly be out and about in this heat he thought to himself in a resigned fashion as sweat formed on his neck even though he was not moving. His eyes closed as he tired of the glare and he bent his neck casting his head even lower, he had no reason to keep his head up at the moment...it was to hot for that.

28 June 2011, 03:36 AM   #3
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Oh how that baby ran for her life. She was moving quick and trying so hard
not to cry. Her eyes had been closed, thrashing legs out in an angry form at her parents.
She held no life yet, being at the age of two and just leaving the herd in a fearful pace.
Her legs stretched over the rocks, jumping. She was flying across the river, almost in
slow motion. Tail was high, neck out to prepare for the land. 
Legs hit, stretching out perfectly to take impact and bounce back at full speed. What was
wrong? Mother was dead. Mother. Was. Dead. Eyes gleamed, flinting with the firery heat
that it took to bust out of there. She had no clue where to go, but it was going to be
some where far, far away.

I trotted across the dry deserts, taking in a wuff in the heated air. The desert was a
home for me for years after I left the hell hole. Father had revengingly killed my mother
and I was furious. I learned to live on my own and take back what had been done. My rage
had forced me to do a lot of things out of revenge but I never would take them back.
Taking them back would make me nice, a goody horse.. I shook my head, walking down towards
the scents I had picked up earlier. They had been here for quite a while but I had tended
to other things in my life before noticing. Lingering on a small thought, I threw out a
call, letting him know the beast was coming. 

I slipped down the hill, throwing rocks and sand around me as I went. Neck and head
launched up, rumbling to my self as I moved towards him, counting the paces between us.
Head bobbed with each step, mane flying, white face twisting a bit before speaking.
What are you doing out here? Ears flipped backwards, snorting.

14 July 2011, 07:02 PM    #4
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The call of another, piercing the dry arid desert air like the call of a bird of prey: striking fear into his heart and making him sick with a long agony that he had sense sought refuge from. He started at the call his eyes opening as a momentary flash of panic coursed though his fragile body, charging him with the hot electric taste of terror and adrenaline. More, more now, flee from this place...... his instincts urged him even as the more rational part of his brain fought to make itself heard over the frenzied den. Sadly, before he could make of his mind, the decision was forced apon him as the smell of another sweat and hide reached his nose. He took in a breath of the scent and almost choked on the pungent smell that had his eyes closing and his nostrils flaring with distaste and aggravation. He snorted once trying to rid himself of the gagging cloying smell, but it would not leave him be as the source came, closer pinning him in against the rock. Finally when he knew he was out of time, the slippery thing had evaded him once more he used his muscles to raise his head and turned to watch one of his kind approach him. Desolate eyes filled with a sense of ambivalence and well concealing indifference watched as a female pranced down a hill spraying rocks and sand about her form as if the desert was a ring, and she the finest performer of the all. He watched, and knew in turn he was being watched, but to him it seemed the other, was more intent on counting the space between them than studying the only other living being in sight. He waited each second being counted out by the dripping of sweat that feel from his body to be instantly evaporated by the heat. Finally, just when he thought he would explode from the tension she stopped. He watched as she tossed her head looking intimidation, as a dancer could. Before she spoke, he thought of possible things, but by the words that left her maw, he was decidedly disappointed and almost filled with a sense of scorn "Nothing of consequence" he said simply before looking away anyone who wasted precious breath asking idiotic questions was not worth his notice.

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