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Going to camp

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I got out of the car and took my bags up to the reception. "Hello, how can i help you"
alady said at the counter. "Im Brianna Swiff. Im here to stay for a couple of weeks" i
said. "Ah. Your here finally. There are lots more people coming. Your room is number 37.
You will be sharing with a girl named Abbey. Just go down the corrider to the lift and
press level 3." The lady said. "Thankyou" i said taking my bags down the corridor and up
the lift. I walked into the room seeing a blonde haired girl. "Hey. You must be my
roomate. Im Abbey. It was so lonely here before you came" she said. " hi im brianna but
you can call me brii" i said. I dumped my bags beside the empty bed then walked over to
the window. "Woah, theres a pool?! And hot guys!" I said. " i no. How good is that!" Abbey
said. I turned around and smiled at her. " i think were gonna be great friends" i said

16 May 2011, 08:13 PM   #2
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yana and yano were at the counter fighting with the clerk. "I DEMAND U LET ME STAY IN THE
SAME CABIN AS My BROTHER!!!!!" yana yelled furiously. "im sorry but we have different
cabins for different genders..." the clerk said, calmly. yano stood against the wall,
sucking on his lollipop as he listened to his sister argue.  Everyone stared at him. he
looked up, "what." he said in more of a demand than a question. "SAME ROOM!!!!!!!" yana
yelled. "miss, i will need u to leave, u are holding up the line." the clerk said . "I
DONT GiVE A FuCk!!!!!" she screamed. she grabbed a knife from her pocket and stabbed it
into the table. the clerk cowered and gave her one room key. Yana pulled the knife out and
left out the door. "come on yano." she said. yano nodded and followed. "scene freaks..." a
kid said in the distance. yano threw his lollipop at the kid so it stick in his hair, then
followed out the door, "happy go lucky bitch..." he murmured.

ooc: mind if i cuss? :]

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occ: nopee

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ooc:mkay kewl....ur turn to reply!

19 May 2011, 06:18 AM   #5
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i walked out the door and saw a boy and a girl coming down the corridor with their bags.
"hey, im jade" i said "i just got here too".

19 May 2011, 10:06 AM   #6
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Yana just walked by and went straight to the elevator,ignoring the girl. "hey im yano."
the boy said and smirked. 
"come on yano!" yana yelled as she pressed the elevator button more furiously, being
impatient. yano chuckled and waved a goodbye. he took 2 lollipops out of his pocket and
gav jade one,and put the other one in his mouth.then he walked over to yana. "that isnt
gonna make it come here faster." 
"i know that!!!" yana yelled in defense.

6 June 2011, 09:19 PM    #7
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ooc: HELLO! *echoes*

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