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The Founder - Train (and Temari), Hanako (and Neru-Chan)
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Before you start, there ARE rules
The Rules Are

1/You must use anime pictures
2/No innapropriate content. This is an E for Everyone roleplay!
3/You can't go out of the Island as a human. If you have a powerful escort its fine. You
can make topics about outside findings.
4/Get your character accepted before roleplaying
5/Any species/powers is/are fine, just don't put in something like 'god', or 'control over
6/No excessive OOCin roleplay. 
7/No OOC fights - settle in PM
8/Have Fun!
9/You CAN make topics.

I reserve the right to add more later.

The characters and members are currently:
SinfulKagemusha - Hanako Citen, Train, 
Shaman_King - 
AngelHart -
Mendelevium - Acanthus Kunze
His_passion - Annabella Marie, Jason Lee
Hanako~Angel~Looks12~♥s Jay: Train~Neko~19~ ♥s Anna: Chira (Chi or Chirai)~Werewolf~18~Single (left) Chiro (Chi or Chiroi)~Vampire~18~Single (right) Alex~elemental MASTA~19~Single (right now)

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