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The Morass

14 December 2010, 01:35 AM   #1
Karston Cicero || Redcap || Nineteen
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Outside the village are the marshlands. It is close enough to be seen from the outskirts of the village, but far enough so that any noise from the village doesn’t disturb the creatures that dwell there. The freshwater is murky and obscure; thankfully, it isn’t too deep. Long grass, rushes and reeds, moss and other herbaceous plants border the marsh banks and low-growing shrubs provide a sort of additional wall that hides the actual water surface from view. Tall, willowy trees that are a little different from the forest trees give the morass shade and coolness from the sun. The light is always dim here, but at least you can see where you’re going. Be careful when treading this land – who knows what lurks beneath the waters?

14 December 2010, 02:22 AM   #2
Guest Poster

 Near to the center of this marshland, in which where the gooey flooring of the waters was
much deeper than that close to the long grass in which curved to loom over the water, was
a seeping body in that very darkness. The first ways of dawn drifting through the tree
tops close awoke, or maybe startled, this very creature. But as soon as this bright shade
had swiftly edged across the dark topping of the water and peeked through diminutive holes
of the moss, the action was persuaded. 
 A rather tiny alligator drifted above the water – this signaled a time. Its head poked
above the surface and its eyes out to search for prey. Once a small lizard tried gliding
across the patches of moss, it came at agile precision and attacked. It did not fail and
gobbled it right up. 

Good morning
Lettice floated up to the surface himself, peeking out and above, mimicking how that
alligator had just done – except, he wasn’t looking for a prey. He was just scanning.
His wet, dark green hair plastered a bit to his face, which only served a bit of annoyance
most of the time. The slightly lighter shade of his eyes glanced about before he sunk back
into the water and swam further up to the bank, resting slightly on that muck. 
 That alligator was nearby, resting a bit off way in the water. Lettice smiled towards it.
It seemed to glance over – and though it really had no expression, there was this
strange warm feel when it did so; like a smile in return. It then swam off into that
deeper section. 
 What a glorious day.~
Sitting upon the back, facing out towards the water and only his shoulders and up out of
the water and touching up against the air. A few birds drifted above, cradling their
distinct calls out to the world and speaking to one another in joyful tune and harmony –
a few movements in the thickets about from the awaken of many other creatures, all small
by the sounds of it – a few insects were making their rounds about – water-striders
slipping across the dark colours of the marsh. To Lettice, these were positive things to
hear and see about. This being so very true, his smile stayed sweetly to his façade,
watching out for the many things that were waking up now.
 Slowly, the naiad slight seeped bak into the water, curious to which that alligator had
gone to.
 Officially - he was gonna' name it Nipa. Shouldn't that be shared?
 But, as everything began to wake up even more, things not so pleasant to the morning, it
was best to probably stay closer to the bottom. Then again; it was merely a marsh. Not a
spring, and not a river, not places likely of visiting besides those stray creatures. Even
so, Lettice's green eyes swiftly glanced to what seemed to be nearby - a place he'd eyed
quite a bit - that one town. Often people went there. What was there anyways?
 Best not to think about it.
 He submerged himself back into the water, feeling cozy once again.

14 December 2010, 05:49 AM   #3
Guest Poster
Ellie stumbled against the earth as she made her way closer to the village.
Walking was difficult for her, and she could feel her skin drying out more with each step
she took. Before too much longer it would become difficult for her to breathe. She has
used up the last of the water her father had given her over three hours ago. The thought
of her father made her hang her head down in shame. How could her mother not realize her
skin was drying out? Her father must feel so lonely. Ellie kept taking stumbling steps
toward the town called Haven, her head still parallel with the ground below her. Within
minutes her breathing started becoming raspy, and she started getting worried. If she
didn't find water soon, she'd end up like her mother. Another few steps passed. What was
that smell? It smelled like... Damp earth! She tried to hurry her step towards to smell,
and ended almost falling on her face. After about five minutes of walking she came face to
face with the edge of the water. "Finally..." she mumbled, before fainting. Her limp body
fell into the water and began to sink slowly to the bottom. Any normal person would drown,
but Ellie had spent sixteen years of her life in water. For Ellie, this was just another
bath at home.

14 December 2010, 06:00 AM   #4
Guest Poster

 There was a sudden hint of light, but not troublesome, disturbance in the water. A slight
wave pulling over, in which meant someone or something had came in. 
 Lettice's pursuit of the alligator he'd name 'Nipa' came to a sudden hault. Curiosity was
edging forward very quickly, making it near to the impossible to stifle it for even a
moment. But a bit of time had passed and it could no longer be avoided by any means
necessary. This at mind, he shifted his body back around and slipped along near the bottom
of the rather shallow marsh, peering around it's dark colours for a hint of any sort to
what this might've been. Edging from the light above, in which was the sun considerably,
allowed him to view now. Some girl - but she was fine. Not drowning by any means or
anything even like that. He could see her blue-tinted skin from her, ignoring the colour
of the water, of course. 
 She must've been rather aquatic.
 For some odd reason, this made the Marsh Naiad rather joyful. Yet he stayed where he was,
watching it from his spot below the water - curious to what she was. It wasn't as if he
could ask, though, anyways.
 Was she alright?
 She looked relieved - relieved to hit water, maybe! 
 Just lie the many others, was she heading towards that place just a bit beyond in which
went by the name of 'Haven'?
 Intrigued, the boy began to think more about this, trying to piece everything together at
one time, which was a difficult task to have to deal with altogether. Lettice twiddled his
thumbs, glancing at a few things. 
 Wait - she was sinking and seemed unconcious!
 Lettice quickly swam over,stopping nearby her, then tapped on her forehead once with his
index figner, very gingerly. 
 Is she fine?

14 December 2010, 06:36 AM   #5
Guest Poster
Ellie's body soaked up the wondrous nutrients from the water, her skin taking on
it moist feel once again. While she was in her unconscious state, she began to dream of
when she was younger. Perhaps at the age of nine, when she would still take baths instead
of showers. It was the day she had tried to go outside. She would have succeeded to if her
mother had not woken up. It was raining outside, and all Ellie wanted to do was go out and
splash around like she had watched so many other children do before. Ellie's mum heard the
door knob creak, and shot up in an instant. Within the next moment, Ellie's mom had her up
in her arms. She kept saying "I can't lose you" over and over again, as if saying that
would keep her from ever being able to go out in the open. Ellie felt a nudge on her
forehead, and she opened her eyes slightly to see a boy in front of her. His green hair in
waves floating around him, and it provided a contrast against his creamy pale skin. Ellie
blinked a few times, and smiled slightly towards the boy. She would have said something,
but she couldn't speak if she was fully submerged in water. It didn't fill her with any
worry, though. She disliked speaking with others because of her shy nature. Curiousity is
the only thing that kept her from swimming away. She wondered if there were more people
like him in these waters. The town of Haven had left her mind completely by that point.
Why did she have to go to a town where no one was like her, when there was a boy in the
water right in front of her here? It filled her with a sort of joy that she couldn't bring
herself to get rid of. The relief of finding someone who lived in the waters like her
washed over her like a tidal wave along a coast. She drifted her gaze to her surrondings,
and was shocked. It was no bathtub, but all of the green and blue hues filled her with
delight. She was so wrapped up in her surrondings that she forgot she was resting on the
bottom of the marsh's floor. She pushed herself up lightly to where she was face to face
with the boy now. The weightlessness of her dress caused it to start riding up, and she
instinctively pushed it back down. She held it there, afraid of what the boy might think.
He didn't seem to mind not wearing any clothing, but Ellie would have gotten scolded for
being seen without clothing on, especially in front of a member of the opposite sex. 

14 December 2010, 06:51 AM   #6
Guest Poster

 Relief began to swell over him as she'd gotten up, noticing and having felt the poke.
 In other words - she wasn't dead or actually truly unconcious, was she?
 She'd sat herself up to float at the water much like he did so they'd be face-to-face
rather than any other minor key of business, which was always a fine thing. Oh, could she
not talk either too? Not, he could sense a light feel of a doubt being spread across to
him over such a silly thing to have thought, and yet it made him feel utterly sad all at
that very same time. In the world, Lettice was not alone, right? But to his concerns, he
was. There was slight envy towards most people from him because of this. It didn't matter
though. His smile was still bright and optimistic about every single matter that would
come across gingerly. 
 Did she seem happy too?
 Water folk weren't seen much to her for a while, wasn't that so? Lettice felt the same
sense in the way. Someone different yet similar was here, which was good enough.
 Through his easy happiness, he took notice to her motion of pulling a fabric down to keep
from rising up - a fabric that wrapped around her body. It looked strange... unfamiliar. 
 Letty swam a bit closer then moved a bit over to her side, grabbing part of the hem of
her dress, curiously, then moving it up a bit, then suddenly down. It made this strange
bubble movement! It caused him to give this ditzy type of joyful and childish smile. But,
questioningly, he looked back to this girl, then pointed at the hem and tilting his head
slightly to the side. His wide green eyes blinked - as if asking her directly - what is
 It wouldn't have mattered to him anyways. Sure, he knew the pyshical differences between
a male and female but it actually didn't matter to him. All his siblings were girls after
all - and they were always naked too. Though, he'd only seen a few of his sisters and only
for a short amount of time. But that was more than enough to say that he wasn't really
'interested in any of that'.
 But it as far as he was concerned, this stranger had some really strange loose skin or
 It was amusing,
 but it also worried him somewhat.

14 December 2010, 08:39 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Ellie smiled back at the boy. He seemed to enjoy that there was another person who
lived in the waters here. Was he alone? The thought filled Ellie with sadness. She hated
to be all alone, especially in the water. Everythig feels so.. Empty when you're alone. 
Ellie froze when the boy swam closer to her, and felt the hem of her dress. She felt the
current of the water hit her legs as he lifted it up and back down again just as quickly.
Bubbles filled the water around her, and the look on the boys face was pure wonder. She
knew by the way he looked at her that he didn't know what she was wearing, and she smiled
at him. She thought It's a dress. Clothing, rather. It covers my body for when I'm not
in the water. She wished that he could hear her thoughts. That they could share a
conversation right now.
The boy seemed to be deep in thought about something. She didn't want to bother him, so
she began looking at her surroundings again. Everything was so colorful here. Her hands
moved away from the hem of her dress, and she let the dress flow with the water now. She
was too fixated on watching the colors dance in the water as sun beat down on it to worry
about her dress riding up.  

14 December 2010, 06:15 PM   #8
Guest Poster
Christopher took three paces forward with the untidy map clutched in his grasp. He
spotted a swamp not too far away. It looked like it was teaming with life forms.
Curiously, he went to its edge and gazed into its depths. Fish and other creatures were
swimming at the bottom. Then he saw what looked like human figures. Were they drowning?
They seemed to be swimming side by side joyfully as he watched them. It concerned him
slightly that they didn't come up for air. They just seemed as though they didn't have a
care in the world.
Without warning, an alligator swam past and scared Christopher with such a shock, that he
fell into the swamp. This was very bad news, because he was never taught how to swim!

14 December 2010, 10:21 PM   #9
Guest Poster

 She couldn't speak under water at least, could she?
 And yet, he still slightly understood by her expression to what she kind of wanted to
send to him without being able in the words. Still, for Lettice to truly grasp it was
asking too much from the young naiad. 
 His body drifted back a bit and he smiled ever-so brightly, happy as could be to have
someone near-by him in general rather than being alone. He allowed for this new, maybe
friend take in the scenery of his precious marsh that he so very much adored to live at
all the time; even though he longed for land ever now and then. 
 Suddenly - a splash was heard closely and felt as a small undercurrent that brushed up
against his skin once again. Letty's green eyes widened and he quickly swam over feeling
as it wasn't a calm sinkage in the water as compared to what the other girl had - it
kind of worried him of who or what might’ve just came in to his morass.
He glanced back to the girl and gave her a beckon of his hand to motion her to follow him.
Then he quickly went along in the water until he saw the male seeping to the water and
attempting to frantically get back out – oh, could he not swim? Amused by this for only
a mere second, he swam up next to this stranger and grabbed a hold of his shirt and helped
him at the surface of water to breath, then he slowly moved the male’s body back to the
bank, believing that he couldn’t after all. 
Stop flailing, it’s not that bad~
 Letty smiled and helped him back there with ease. 
 What was this guy?
 Looked to be human – but didn’t feel really human.
 That town is where you’re heading too, aren’t you?
He could only think of these questions. He turned back around in the water to see if
she’d followed him like he’d motioned.

14 December 2010, 10:57 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Ellie was emmersed in the beautiful scenary when he heard a disturbance in the
water. Her deep blue eyes quickly flickered over to the boy she had just met. He seemed
concerned. This appeared to be his home, and he probably wanted to know what had fallen,
jumped, or scurried into his home. Within the next moment, the boy was a few feet away
from here, staring in the direction Ellie had heard the disturbance from. So the boy had
heard it, too! Ellie was relieved only for a moment that his senses were keen in the water
as well. The boy looked at her for a moment, and gave her a gesture. He was beckoning her
to follow, and, in the next instant, he was swimming off towards the source of the noise.
Ellie hesitated. What if the disturbance was threatening? She also didn't want to
lose a, what she hoped to become, friend. The boy's figure was almost lost in the water,
when Ellie began swimming towards him. They feel of the water on her skin as she swam
filled her heart with joy. She had never had this much room before, and this excited Ellie
more than anything. This is what she had wanted er whole life, and was never able to
Ellie swam a little faster to get closer to the boy, but far enough away to where she
could just make out his whole figure. Ellie's long hair flowed around her as she slowed
her pace down, her dress floating around her. She smiled brightly, and, before she knew
it, the boy had stopped. It was only for a brief moment, and it gave Ellie the time to
glance quickly over at what he was looking at. The was a boy fantically flailing in the
waters, only a few feet away from the boy she was with. A few seconds of fear rose in
Ellie; she had seen this before. A little boy had fallen into the waters outside her
house. Ellie watched helplessly as he flailed in the water. His motions finally ceased,
and he never moved again. Ellie's mother later told her that people that weren't like us
couldn't breathe in the water. The had to be taught how to swim and had to hold there
breath. This dumbfounded her to no end. Why couldn't all of us breathe underwater? It
would make life so much easier. The boy was helping the flailing man to the top of the
water. Ellie swam up with him, and her head poked out of the top of the water just as
their's had. I can talk now. She smiled softly to herself as she watched her friend
helping the man to the edge of the marsh. "Please stop flailing. Everything's going to be
alright." she said quietly, her voice sounding unknown to her. The British accent rang
across the top of the water, and came back unfamiliar to Ellie. She couldn't remember the
last time she had talked to anyone. Her friend looked back at her, he didn't seem to
notice she was there. She smiled softly to him. The type of smile where she closed her
eyes, and turned her head to the side.

16 December 2010, 07:35 PM   #11
Guest Poster
As he gasped for breath, Christopher sat up and looked at the two people. He realized
they must of been the bodies he saw before he fell into the water. 
'T-thanks.' He stuttered.
His clothes we're soaked through which made him uncomfortable. Although both the creatures
in the water we're not minding it in the slightest.
Then he remembered the map which was in his pocket when he fell in. He miserably took out
what was left of it because it was now falling apart. Christopher groaned. How was he
going to find Haven now? He then looked at the aquatic creatures in the swamp and had an
'Does one of you know how to get to a village named Haven?' He asked.

16 December 2010, 11:28 PM   #12
Guest Poster

 She did follow!
 There was a jolt of pure happiness that slithered around at the pit of Lettice's stomach,
almost wanting him to engulf in the actions of a mere ditz, yet he'd held himself back and
smiled forth to the other stranger. The girl had spoken, comforting with a peculiar chime
to her voice that were interesting to the Naiad, but to ignore this was what he'd have to
do - how was he supposed to ask? Nonetheless without sounding rude? 
 To let this slip by was what he did. 
 The male was now before them, whatever being over his body now looking rather taut and
uncomfortable. The girl was wearing such a thing too. Letty didn't get this. He'd eyed at
the male's clothing for a moment, scrutinizing it before his attention was drifted off and
whisked away with a slight breeze that swiveled some pieces of moss to slide by, the
alligator thought of as 'Nipa' rather far away but close enough to watch over the
strangers in his pond; all aside from Lettice of course.
 The small marsh naiad sunk in the water a bit, his nose going underneath and only showing
half of the bridge of his nose and the above part of his face, pretty green eyes giving
the male a curious stare.
 It would soften a bit when the piece of paper was taken out from his pocket, falling to a
few pieces presumably because of the water. 
 He worried.
 Lettice didn't know what it was. It could be many things - and of great importance too! 
 He jolted up a bit when he heard the question, a big of the murky water splashing up with
him as he did so, collar bone up coming into view from the water. Lettice looked as though
he'd speak, but instead he looked over and pointed out to a small town that edged nearby
his home - the Haven, he'd heard it been called numerous times. 
 The boys eyes came back and he gave a endearing smile and nodded as if saying that was
the place. And it was. He then gave a questioning look to his aquatic-friend, though
trying to make sure he'd been correct with his directions - a Marsh Naiad didn't typically
tell the truth about ways.

16 December 2010, 11:51 PM    #13
Guest Poster
Ellie became silent once more when she had finished what she had to say. No words
needed to be spoken any longer. Her friend had given the boy the direction for Haven.
Haven. Why did that sound so familiar? She pondered the thought for a few moments. Wasn't
she supposed to go there? She couldn't possibly leave this marsh now, not after meeting a
friend. She shrugged lightly to herself, and swam over to her friend. She felt safer next
to him, rather then being farther away. 
"I'm Ellie." she whispered soft enough for just her new-found friend to hear.
The boy seemed perfect fine in this marsh to be without clothing, so why shouldn't she? It
would be just like at home, only she wouldn't be taking a bath or shower. She pulled the
strap of her dress down, and pulled it off. She payed it neatly o the edge of the marsh,
careful not to touch the boy. She pulled away from the edge, and swam back over to the
boy. Surprisingly, she felt more comfortable. Her hair was long enough cover her breasts,
so she wasn't too worried about it. The dress was becoming annoying anyhow. Every time
Ellie would take her hand away, the light fabric just floated upward. Her blue skin
glittered softly in the water, and Ellie smiled to herself. She twirled in the water, not
worrying if she would be noticed by anyone. She was actually happy now, a feeling she
hadn't felt in a long time.

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