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8 December 2010, 10:26 PM   #1
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Simply a place for the freaks to mingle with the normal people.

16 December 2010, 10:00 PM   #2
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 Brin's converse shoes tapped amongst the concrete of the sidewalks, following along in a
rhythmic pattern. His posture was thoroughly well to near-perfect and his dark eyes
scanning out before him at the open town. Fixating his pink, fingerless gloves, he began
to wander close to the walls of the brick buildings, upper-arm vaguely making contact with
 He glared at those who passed by. 
 Every look he got made him upset - worried - aggravated. Their mere facades alone
were enough for him to want to burn them down to nothing but useless ashes. But mainly at
his peering of these strangers, he was looking for 'offenders', 'undesirables', the
 I mustn't fail the Fuhrer yet, He chimed in his head, not truly realizing the
words that slipped through his conscious, He may be dead, but possibilities are still
endless... and avenge is clearly acceptable. Brin realized then what he was thinking
winced, shaking his head.
 Finally, he'd managed to advert his eyes and continue along his way without giving so
much of a passing glance to anyone; that was, unless they struck him as 'peculiar'. This
was mainly everyone and anyone.

16 December 2010, 10:12 PM   #3
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   James had been sitting at the bus stop, reading his Poe. His inky locks fell
into his eyes, constantly making him blow them back. Of course they simply fell straight
back into his eyes. The air around him, filled with scents, sounds, sights. He shivered.
The sights and scents and sounds all reminded him of other sights, scents and sounds. S,
s, s. He leaned his head back, eyes closing and started humming a tune. 
   A pixie danced around his ears, and he swatted her away, with a soft sigh. He decided
to look up suddenly, something shifting in the air. There was a curious-looking boy
walking, and he desperately wanted to touch those gloves. Feel the fabric. He was so, so
tempted, but he knew it would come to no good if he did. It never would. Gritting his
teeth, he stared nervously, biting his pale lip. Not long before he realised blood was
trickling down his chin from biting so hard. "Hi!" he blurted out, right as the boy was
walking by. His voice cracked, and he blushed. Stupid! Stupid boy! Never talk to
people! It's a bad idea!  His inner voice screamed, making him wince.

16 December 2010, 10:26 PM   #4
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It'd been a rather exasperating walk. Each step was as if he was walking further into
torture. He was finding great detest for this.
He'd viewed some pass-byers, and they'd fit close to perfect description of 'Derr Fuhrer's
thought of these unnecessary beings. This made him upset. He wanted the authority he
deserved; the authority to halt them without reason, strip them of valuables and send them
- no, he wanted to pick them out. As he went along, he'd already begin to think.
 Right or left
 He was literally peeling out those who came across him and deciding whether or not they'd
live longer or die right away. After all, wasn't that his 'job'? As he'd continued
forth with this, he was abruptly brought to a standstill by the sound of a voice
specifically directed to him. 
 The boy looked over and up at the slightly taller male before him, one whom dared to stop
him as he'd been picking out. That was undoubtfully annoying. Something new was building
up inside of him - what does he want? - and within a second it came to his mind
that this kid was going to exploit him somehow. Tell the entire Reich something!
But Brin quirked an eyebrow, noticing the blood dripping down. Illness... mental
illness..., a sudden churn of excitement bubbled up at the pit of his stomach, but the
black haired boy didn't bear any type of smile, not even a smirk. The bustling streets
dimmed slightly in sound before he'd speak up in that dastardly calm voice, "What?" Brin
etched out easily. 
 This stranger now looked like he'd regretted coming up, as if it was just a sudden spur
of the moment that compelled him to create that outburst in the first place; this was
actually rather smart. If only he'd realized that before the word, however. It wasn't like
Brin could do anything about it though.
 This let his emotions dip into slight anger. How unfair - how nice it would be to have
Derr Fuhrer back at power...

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16 December 2010, 10:38 PM   #6
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He looked at the boy, his heart slamming itself so hard against his fragile ribs, he
thought he might just break. The air around him tasted vile, and he was vaguely aware of
raw sewage. Raw sewage? Where was there raw sewage? There were no pipes nearby, no open
sewers, or broken lines. He shuddered, biting his lip harder. "I-i. Um- ah..I ju- I-" he
stopped, breath coming in ragged little pants that seared his throat. Seared it. 
Close your eyes. Close them. His eyes close, fingers clutching the bench, shaking.
Count to ten. Count. God help me, he thought. What god? A small, insane bit of
laughter bubbled out of his throat, before he clamped down on his tongue and concentrated.
Ten. Count to ten. Okay.  One. Two. Threefourfivesixseve-ohmygodohmygod. He
stopped, eyes snapping open. He let go of the bench, revealing ten little crescents of
indented wood where his nails used to be. He ran a badly shaking hand through his hair.
James was dying, he just knew it. 
Desperately trying to control his breathing, the taller boy simply stopped for thirty
seconds straight, fully aware that the other was burning two holes into his head with the
very intensity of his glare. Finally, evenly, he took a breath, and looked up. 
Two mismatched eyes, one blue, on green, stared at the stranger, so innocent and frazzled,
helpless. "I just- I want to touch your gloves," he whispered, rather demurely. It would
be surprising if the stranger could hear him above the dins and rumbles all around them.
Two, rather attractive boys, motionless in the ever-moving city. One sitting, near a
coronary, the other seemingly very irritated and on edge. A strange pair, but if James
were anywhere else but in that position, he might've laughed. "They look soft."

16 December 2010, 10:47 PM   #8
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It just- It just did.
I had copied it, and it was pure amazing, but it DELETED.
I died a little.
But here's another.
Not the same. Not the pure bliss that the other was, but still okay.
Just okay.
Not good.

16 December 2010, 11:01 PM   #9
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It's fine, I understand. That stuff happens a lot. ; w ; it's still good, I swear,


Actions were being shoved form the other males' form, strange ones at that. He looked as
though at any given moment he would, in fact, explode before the eyes of everyone. A
simple 'what' sent him in a frenzy of thoughts and involuntary actions it would seem. Brin
had recently engulfed himself with the pleasuring thoughts of working with twins and
experimenting on them with all sorts and many other people with abnormalities of those
kinds of sorts. Phenomenons would actually be the way he'd find positive reaction to call
them as a whole.
Could this boy in front of him merely be included with such others? Mayhap he could.
Curiosity would strike Brin as he pondered it for a while longer, during the awkward and
deafening pause found between the two, the other looking for words or trying to regain his
suddenly lost composure.
 Brin gave him another look - not a glare, but a strong stare, picking out different
features to note about. By the way he was already acting he had to be chock-full of
certain disorders. His eyes too; this kid had heterchromia, being of blue and green.
Brin's black bangs slipped a bit in front of his eyes as his fingers started to jitter a
bit in their warm gloves. Oh, the thoughts of all this... he wondered what he would find
in this stranger's brain if he were to take it out. Could one part be purely tainted? It
made him oh-so-deathly curious to know about it all at this point, but he'd stifle it back
for the sake of the publics' sanity.
 For Fuhrer,
The boy then gave another long look to him, unamused and confused a bit. He'd finally
spoken up but it wasn't from anything he'd expected to hear. Gloves? Brin peered down at
his hands where the pink-stripped, fingerless gloves were. A soft sigh edged out and he
held out his hands, hesitantly at first but gradually did so. 
 If it kept the peculiar lad in his moment of consciousness of words, then so be it. "Go
ahead," He told him rather bluntly, giving a few glances at others who would pass-by.
 This seemed strange, didn't it?

16 December 2010, 11:17 PM   #10
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<3 thanks, lovey.

James, utterly shocked, could do nothing other than simply reach out and touch the
material. He was immediately comforted, for whatever reason. An involuntary shiver ran up
his spine, and he smiled slightly, to himself. The sewage was gone, replaced by an earthy,
wood-like scent, that reminded him of fireplaces. "Than-Thanks, I mean, Thank y-you."he
stammered once more, staring at the boy's hands, and then up at his face, which was
slightly effeminate, but certainly not in a bad way. He was attractive, he decided, in
that strange way you could call people like this as such.
His finger fluttered awkwardly at his lap, like two little birds unable to decide where to
go, what to do. "Um, I-" he paused, biting his lip once more and tasting the dried coppery
taste of blood on his lip. He touched the spot, a slight of pain electrocuting his spine
and making the air rush from his lungs in a whoosh. 
-What are you doing? He's looking at you! Say something, you twit!
-What do I say? I just wanted to see the gloves!
James panicked, fingers clutching his jeans, nails now digging into flesh, shoving the
splinters deeper under his nails, not that he cared. "I- I'm James. He awkwardly shoved
out his hand, looking down at his lap and letting his hair fall into his face, once more,
obscuring it from view.

18 December 2010, 11:50 PM   #11
Guest Poster

Brin looked over towards him, arched an eyebrow and made a slight shrug. With a slight
turn of his head his neck cracked and he smiled pleasantly, though peering off somewhere
else into the distance until the voice darted into his conscious. It was as if he'd
completely forgotten the existent of the other male when he looked back over with slight
astonishment, but still over all calm and rather unamused at most. "Mhm," Brin simply came
back to him as his eyes narrowed a bit and he took in the different hue of the downtown
area. A few people had passed by behind him - and each had glanced over to catch sight of
two boys, one on the bench and other standing. The one on the bench was as nervous as a
mouse in the presence of fourty-somethin' cats. 
 It was actually quite sad.
 The colours of looming buildings nearby were painted dark for the view as they casted
their shadows and the sun hung behind them. He forgot whether it was A.M. or P.M. - it was
either sunrise or sunset. Who cared really? His whole schedule was a scrawled mess.
Having to stay in bed for three days was always a tough thing to deal with; so
forgetting was completely understandable, right?
 The attention was caught once again and his dark eyes came back to him, blinking at the
other's appearance now. He still looked so shakened - nervous disorder? Who really knows
or really minds; even if he had the most harmless of the harmless, this mentally ill boy
was not going to fool him or find ways to exploit him. That slight shiver came back
- yes, he was working against him, wasn't he? He stopped him for just that, hadn't he?
Amused by the fact he hadn't seen it but now, Brin did manage an unclear smile.
 Though, the male did stare at the others' hand for a bit before reacting - no, he didn't
shake it. Afraid that it would somehow help in this alleged 'Jame''s plan, he put his
hands behind his back and recruited a calm and indifferent facade; no longer that hazy
grin. "Down," He seemed to seep quickly, expecting the other to immediately listen to him
and put his arm down - he wouldn't dare disrespect the authority of Joseph, now would he?
None should. "Hn, but to be only fair - I go by Brin." Just for now, until
everyone else realizes who I really am. A smirk almost appeared on his face but he
stifled it quickly.

19 December 2010, 12:03 AM   #12
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James' hand immediately fell to his side, and he looked up at Brin, tears making
his vision rather shimmery. "Sorry," he whispered, voice cracking. "Brin." He folded his
hands n his lap, feeling so stupid for even doing this in the first place. What was wrong
with him, anyways? Why did he always fuck things up? The tears that threatened to spill
over in his eyes burned, and he hated himself for being so weak and insolent. No, no.
He didn't hate himself. She did. The angry lioness that stalked the boy's mind.
-You're such an insolent boy. You deserve how he treats you, every cruel word. I hope
he hits you. But you, you sick little fuck. You'd probably like that, wouldn't you? You
disgust me. 
He simply nodded, eyes closed, shivering despite the mild weather outside, he felt cold
and prickly. Embarrassment and shame flooded him, and he just wanted to curl up and
-I never meant to do anything wrong. I didn't think that-
-No. You didn't think. Now you've got to not seem so stupid. Even if you are. Ugly
little rat.

19 December 2010, 12:12 AM   #13
Guest Poster

What was this?
The boy apologized for something he shouldn't or didn't need to apologize for --- slowly,
a slight smile was coming forth to the male's facade as he wandered upon this matter for a
bit. Hey, if this slightly taller boy didn't reek of betrayl [just like everyone else,
mind you] this would've been perfect. However, there was always that small chance that
Brin would be willing to accept him as a test-subject; a test-subject for his mentality
and its illness in which would perhaps save the other's life if Brin felt... particularly
sympathetic towards him at one point in time - when Derr Fuhrer would rise to power
once again. 
 Actually, Brin rather much fancied this new idea.
 "Stop," He suddenly said firmly, looking over and noticing the tears in the other's eyes
that were near their limits. "Is this rather much the norm for you, James?" Brin
asked, voice rather sharp by all means.

19 December 2010, 12:18 AM   #14
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James sat up, as if by some unknown force. He felt as if he had to obey this boy,
and didn't really mind. He deserved it anyway. He wiped his eyes and looked at Brin. "I- I
don't know. I g-guess so." he swallowed harshly, furrowing his brows. His knees were
rather visibly shaking, bumping into each other. And his hands clenched the bench once
more, as if he might float away. 
With a soft sigh, he leaned back slightly, still looking up at Brin like a dazed puppy.

so short, sorry.

19 December 2010, 12:32 AM    #15
Guest Poster

 This guy was so strange and just - no, his favorite word must be used to describe this;
bizarre. He kept doing things that were amusing before Brin. Trembling and acting
like a frightened little puppy with his tail tucked between his legs as though he'd be
struck at any moment at any time, whether or not he'd deserve it. 
 This was probably the most droll thing of it all about this young boy that had claimed
himself as James. What particularly Brin liked. To top it all off - he was obediant just
like a pup as well, wasn't he? He'd ask a question, it was answered, he told him to do
something, and he'd already do it. It didn't seem to matter at all that Brin was, in fact,
a complete strange to this male, now did it? Something seemed exciting about this -
something particular to his alternative that liked it, behind his complex paranoia.
 Softly, Brin popped his second knuckles, looking down on this boy because he was sitting
down, of course. He reached down and tapped the male on the chest about two times,
roughly, "Straighten up, speak without stutter -- Got it? Keep still while you're at it
too. Fft," Pause, he folded his arms but then brought a hand up to look at his pale and
slender fingers, giving a sideways glance to James. "Has no one ever told you to not talk
to strangers? Seems to be universal."

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