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We're not very strict, but please follow all rules. You get one warning, and if that is not followed, immediate banning.* Rules 1. Please use a real picture for your character, no anime. Famous people (ie. Depp, Radcliffe, Robertson, etc.) 2. Pleas be able to write at least a paragraph. Around five sentences is adequate. If you cannot follow that, this is not your club. 3. More is always better! 4. Swearing is allowed, but not excessively. Excessive cursing will lead to a warning. 5. No god-modding. (Do not control others characters.) 6. No Mary-Sue/Stu-ing. Your character may be insane, but no one gets to be incredibly special. 7. Please don't roleplay until I accept you. 8. Only two characters at a time. 9. Gay, bi, and lesbian relationships are allowed. 10. If your character dies, they cannot come back to life. You must make a new one. 11. Please don't take over all the topics. Let everyone post. 12. No more than three to a topic, it gets crowded otherwise. 13. If you do come into a conversation, read everything beforehand! Don't just walk in. 14. Sex is allowed, but no cybering. 15. If you have a complaint, post it in the complaint/comment/suggestion/question Topic, and I'll get to it A.S.A.P. 16. Please use the < small > format for your writing. 17. Please be literate! Punctuation, grammar, spelling. nun of dis kinda stuf. 18. No powers! Happy roleplaying! *I will decide depending on the level of offense.

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