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"Finding Emberlynne" Chapter Three

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Hi, me again!!!!!!! Well I hope you are enjoying these! I try my best to keep them
entertaining!!! And I know my spelling can be very sloppy at times.... lolz So if there is
anyone out there whom I can trust that can proof read, and edit my storys, please send me
a message!!! And don't worrie, the editor will get credit! I'll put his or her Nick Name
in the intro to the chapter (What your reading right now  ) and tell everyone they're
the editor (liike I did with Shells) But anyways thank you! And enjoy!!!

                                 Love {Taylor}

{No Doll for this one because I couldn't find a doll with a matching nightdress :p )

Chapter Three

             The baby room was white, and pale pink. Everything was plush, and soft. The
bay window in the front of the room was large with crystal glass. A transparent white
drape covered it. The strands of light that shone through, warmed the light wood floor. 
             Emberlynne tip toed over to the sleeping Marie's crib. She was sleeping
soundly with her little thumb in her mouth. She wore a white laced nightgown. New light
yellow booties hugged her tiny feet. The little bow was gone, and replaced by a silver
ribbon on the right side of her head. Her thin strands of golden hair were curly, and
beautiful. Emberlynne found it impossible to imagine this little toddler as a furure
             She reached down, and stroked the babies hair. She leaned in and kissed its
forhead. The inoccent child had no idea what this future held for her. But no....
Emberlynne wouldn't let this happen to her sister! She would find a way to save her! As
she stood, watching Marie sleep, she made a silent vow to keep her safe, and make a better
future for her. She vowed to escape before it was too late....

                 "Miss May, can I ask you somthing?" Emberlynne stood in her white
nightdress. The dark hallway was dark exept for the lamp shining in the old maids room. It
had been eight days since she and Marie had came to this place. And Emberlynne was growing
desperate. She had to escape, and soon! And the only way she can think of escaping, is by
the help of Miss May. She was the only person besides Marie in this house that she
                " Yes, dear? Do you need somthing?" Miss May asked. She smoothed out her
long thick robe, and slid her callosed feet into her slippers. Bemberlynne squeezed her
fingers behind her back. How would she ask?

                "Umm... could you.... help me?" Her voice wavered. Miss May frowned, and
came pulled Emberlynne into the room.
                " Help with.... what dear?" She said, turning and quietly closing the
               " What's this about?" Emberlynne walked over to a small arm chair and sat
               " The master is planning to sell Marie into prostitution. And I am to stay
here until Master Ryan has...... used me up.... I want a better life than this! For me,
and Marie!" Emberlynne cired. She put her hands over her face, and leaned over. She felt
Miss May rush over to her.
               " Plese, you have to help us! I can't live like this, and I won't let Marie
grow up into it too!" She cried. Tears slid down her cheaks.
               " Oh! Don't cry child! I understand.... but the masters word is the word!
What can an old woman like me do?" Emberlynne looked up into the womans wrinkled eyes.
They were full of pain, and regret. Her heart beat fast in her chest.
               " I know what you can do..... I have... a plan. Please, If you could just
think about it!" She buried her face in the womans robe.
               " Please! I'm begging you!" The maid held her face and lifted it up so
Emberlynne was looking at her.
               " Alright dear. I'll.... I'll try." She made a small smile. Emberlynnes
face lit up, and she hugged her. The woman hugged her back. Relief filled her body. She
would be free! She would save Marie!
               " Thank you so much!" She cried into Miss May's robe. 

               " You're very welcome. Now, we can do nothing tonight. Go to sleep. And
we'll talk about this tomorrow when the masters are out." She helped her up, and led her
out the door. Once The maid had shut the door, Emberlynns face crumpled. Another night
with Ryan.... she couldn't bare to think about it. 

               Lying in the soft bed would of been comfortible to Emberlynne. That is if
it wasen't shared with somone she dispised. She pulled the covers up to her chest, and
stiffend. She herd Ryan coming through the bathroom door. He sighed and layed down on the
bed. She scooted as far away as she could from him. He gazed at her back and laughed.
                 " Don't tell me we're going to deal with this tonight. You had no problem
with the last, why have you gotten onrey again?" He clicked his tounge as if she was a
small child, caught in a troublesome act. She fliched, and squeezed herself to the edge. 
                 " Come on now, just relax and do what I tell you." He reached over and
toutched her shoulder. She shrunk away from him, and stood up from the bed. She herd him
laugh, and she walked over to the window. She focused on the city lights below. He made a
rustle as he slid off the bed.
                 " This is getting annoying. Now just get over here, and do what you're
suppose to!" He quickly walked over to her and spun her around to face him. His hands
gripped her arms. She backed away from him. 
                 " No! I'm not doing this, you can't make me!" She screamed as she yanked
her arms away from his and stomped over to the fire place. She heard him sigh, and follow
her. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. His head nuzzled her
neck. She clentched her teeth in discust. Soon she wouldn't have to deal with him any
longer. She smacked his hand away. He made a frustrated grunt, and yanked her arm behind
her, pulling her back into his chest. She gasped un pain.
                " Knock it off! You have no choice!" He yelled, wrestling her to the
floor. She cried and struggled to get away. But he was much bigger and stronger. He pinned
her to the floor. His legs held hers down, and one hand held both her wrists. She was on
her side. She wouldn't do this again! No! 
      With his free hand he slipped off her night gown, leaving her bare. He turned her on
her stomach so he could get his robe off. Soon he was dragging her to the bed. She kicked
and yelled. At one point she caught him in the leg, and he cried out in pain. She took the
moment for advantage and rolled under the bed. She scooted to the middle. She didn't know
what keeping out of reach would acheve, but hopefully he would give up for the night, and
just go to bed. She hugged her bare legs to herself. 

              " What do you think your doing?!" He yelled under the bed. She watched his
dangeourly angrey face from a distance. He shook his head, and stood up, pacing the room.

              " I don't know why you have to be this difficult! What do you want?!" He
cried in exasperation. Emberlynne shivered.
              " If you don't start listening I'll...... I'll..... I'll ask my father to
kill the baby!" Emberlynns jaw jropped. Her body went numb. Had she just heard right?!
              "What?!" She cried. She heard him pause. Than walk over to the bed.
               " I'll order my father to have her thrown in the river. Is that what you
want Emberlynne?" He asked. She herd a smugness in his voice. It made her whole body
shudder. He would do that to an innioccent child? He was.... so cruel. She slowly dragged
herself out from under the bed. Once she was out, she stood up, and wrapped her arms
around her chest. Ryan turned to her and smiled his lustful smile, and walked over to her.
He rubbed her up and down, and pushed her to the bed. She crawled numbly to the middle,
and layed down on her back. She closed her eyes, and turned her head the other way as she
felt him crawl beside her. She felt his hands push apart her legs. She felt the pressure,
and dull pain. 
                 When he was done, he layed down beside  her, and toutched her. She
squeezed her eyes shut, and tensed her body. She ordered herself to fall asleep. But even
after he turned over and fell into a deep sleep, she couldn't rest. Soon she got up, and
pulled her crumpled nightgown on. She grabbed a shawl, and wrapped it around her
shoulders. She quietly opend the thick heavy door, and stepped into the hallway. She
quickly ran to Marie's room. Inside, she layed in the white armchair beside the Bay
           " Pisst! Miss May! Are you there?" Emberlynne whispered into the door. She herd
a rustle, and the click of the lock. She stepped back as the door  opend. 
           " Come on, hurry Miss!" Miss May hurried her into the small room. They both sat
on the small cott.

             " I want to leave today Miss May. Ryan threatened to have Marie killed!" She
stared intentally into Miss May's eyes. The old woman sighed.
             " I know dear. I heard one of the servants gossiping in the kitchen this
morning. They said that Master Ryan was going to keep the little one in his room from now
on. We feered he was.... threatening you..." She let her words trail off. Emberlynne
pulled on her long hair. She had to leave! Now!

            " We need to leave, now! Now listen carfully, I have a plan..."


         Ack... I promise these scenes wont last long lolz but It's certainly not the
In the next chapter: What is Emberlynnes plan? Will they escape?!!!!

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