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"Finding Emberlynne" Chapter Two

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Hi, Me again!! I hope you liked chapter one!! And please, If you still havent read the
Intro please go back to chapter one and read the link!!!! And please realize that this
story is mostly for teenagers and up. Please do not complain if it is to graphic.

elouai's doll maker 3

 elouai's doll maker 3

Chapter Two

              A roaring sound filled Emberlynnes ears. Her head pounded. She opend her
eyes to darkness. She panicked for a moment thinking the was blind. But she slowly
realized that somthing soft was over her eyes. She sighed with releif, but her mind
reeled. Why were her hands tied together? And what was over her eyes? Suddenly it all came
back. Her mothers warning, the men in black, Kreagor, her parents murder, and their
kidnapping. Marie? Where was Maire?!

                  "Alright, we've got everything into the plain but the extra packages!"
She heard a man yell. Emberlynne shrunk, and tried to figure out where she was. She slowly
unfloded her legs from their spot curled beside her. She kicked, and somthing knocked

                 " What was that?! Did somone check on the important package?!" The same
voice called again. Emberlynne scolded herself. She might have just lost all chances of
escape. She pulled her legs back in as she heard footsteps walk over to her. She tried to
act as if she was asleep. But without warning, she was kicked hard in the ribbs. She cried
out in pain.

               " The I.P. is awake!" Called whatever had kicked her. She felt rough hands
clasp around her arms. She was lifted up, and shoved forward. She stumbled over somthing
blunt, and fell to the floor. 
               " Dam it! Get up!" Yelled the voice. She attempted to try and push herself
to her feet, but failed and fell agin. The hands grabbed her around the waist, and she was
flung over. She screamed in fear. But she landed with a thump. Her head was upside down.
The man had thrown her over his shoulder as if shewas a rag doll. She swayed back and
forth. It was difficult to breath. 

               " I got 'er" Grunted the voice. A hand slapped her butt, and threw her into
somththing soft, and leathery. She could tell it was a seat. Her anger and embarresment
from the rude gesture burned inside her. But she kept her temper for fear of again being
              " We settin' off?" Asked the man. 
              " In  few minets. The boss is gettin' comfortable." Replied the other. They
all had raspy, short accents. Exept for the man called Kreagor. His accent twas clipped
and trimmed. 
            Suddenly she herd an extremely loud roaring. She knew what it was, the engines
of a plane. Thoughts of the abandoned bookback in the tiny closet poped into her head.
Whatever was in it, she would never have. She tried to focus on what her mother would have
put in it while she slowly felt the plane set off. She blocked all thoughts of Little
Marie, and her dead parents from her mind. She tried desperately to not think about
Kreagor's son, and what he meant by "Present". But no matter how hard she tried, they
creeped into her mind, blocking out all other thoughts.

              She felt the rushing feeling of the plane lifting off the ground. She
screamed as her stomach twisted into knotts and seemed to rise up into her throat.
                "Shut it back there!" Yelled a voice off to the side. She than realized
she wasen't alone wherever she was....

         Hours later she awoke to the darkness again. But as she let her eyes adjust, she
realized that the blindfold was off. She could see! She quickly took in her surroundings.
Boxes were piled high. They were stacked in leather plane chairs. The passangers chairs,
she realized. It must be a privet jet or something, she thought. She looked down. She was
sitting in a leather chair, exactally like the rest. But beside her was a traveling dog
carrier. Her face lit up as she realized it was Marie!vBut she dared not wake her, in case
she start crying. The last thing they needed was for Marie to anger the men. Emberlynne
leaned over in her seat to peer inside. She saw little Maire's sleeping face, still in her
nighgown. Her diper was sagging, and one of her booties were missing. The little bow in
her hair was crooked. She sucked her thumb. Emberlynne sighed, and slumped against the
head rest. Poor little Maire. What would they do to her? Whould they really sell her into
prostitution?! She wouldn't let them! She didn't know how, but there was no way her baby
sister would be sold to a life of rape! Emberlynne twisted in her seat. She stood up, but
her hands were tied, so she had to walk funny to keep her balence. She walked around the
boxes, trying to find an a way out. She spied a tiny circular window, and peered out. She
saw dark clouds in the distance. Swearing under her breath, she pressed on. It was night
outside, and Emberlynne was getting anxious. Finally she found a metal door. But when she
turned her back to it so she could pull at the handle, she found it was locked. She
grunted in frustration, and hit the door with her knuckles. It made a loud eckoing noise.
She gasped and ran back to her seat. Foosteps came to the door, and opend it. Emberlynne
quickly shut her eyes. But her attaempy at fooling the man was in vain. She heard him
stomp up to her and slap her. Her eyes flew open.

                       "Stay in your seat bitch! We don't need any trouble from you!" He
spat at her. She decided that these people could hurt her, and she needed to be able to
try and escape with Maire. She knodded.
                      " Yes sir." Her voice quivered. The man smiled at that. But it was a
dangeorus smile. Emberlynne decided that showing weekness was a very bad thing to do. The
man leaned down close to her face. She leaned as far back as she could.
                      " You have no idea whats gonna happen to 'ya, girlie.... do 'ya?"
His breath smelled of bear, and ciggares. Emberlynne shrunk in her chair. The man chuckled
and grabbed her face. He turned her head from side to side, getting a good look at her. He
smiled. One of his teeth had a ugly brown hole in it. 
                     " You won't be sold like the little one over here. Yur' goin' to the
big mans son." He laughed. His other hand reached down and felt her leg. She shudderd, and
leaned to the side away from his face. He gave her a cold, hard stair.
                     " You better learn to expect alot more 'a this girlie, beacuase
that's all 'ur gonna be usefull for!" He threw back his head and laughed. When he looked
at her, his hand slid up her thigh, and she cried out. What did he mean "All 'ur gonna be
usefull for!"? 
       The man looked her up and down. He leaned in twards her face. He opend his mouth
and stuck out his tounge. Emberlynne screamed, and tried to wiggle out of the way, but he
was incredibly strong, and held her back. She turned her face, and he licked her cheak.
She let out a sobb. 
                  " I hope you learn to epect alot more than this girlie, 'cause this aint
nothin!" He whispered in her ear. She screamed louder, and recived a hard smack in the
    "Hey, Ernie! Get back in here! She's Ryan's now, and if he's angrey with you, we're
both dead!" A deep growly voice called. The man called Ernie backed up with a dissapointed
                  " Well, that Ryan is sure gonna be glad we got you. You're the best so
far!" He laughed at her, and walked away. 
      Emberlynne sat frozen in the seat. Tears of relief and fear fell from her eyes. Was
this what they all had planned for her?! She let soft sobbs escape now that she was alone.
She pulled her legs up to her cheast, and held herself. She was only 15 years old. How old
would Marie be if she got sold? How old before she had to deal with these things?! 

           The plane jolted as it toutched the ground. Emberlynnes ears popped, and her
head ached once again. She held tightly to her seat. Two men came out from the door, and
hurriedly walked tward her. She shrunk away from them, but they yanked her up and tied
another cloth around her eyes. She herd duck tape. A dry fabric was shoved into her mouth.
It soaked up her saliva, and expanded. She coughedand gagged. But the tapr was placed over
her lips to keep it in. She felt Her hands being retied, and then her arms tied to her
waist. Her hopes were draining away as they secured her. One grabbed her waist, and threw
her over his shoulder. She screamed, but it came out as a muffled grunt. 

         After about 30 minets of hanging upside down, and almost throwing up, she was
finally placed on her feet, where she immidiatly fell to the floor. Her head spun, but she
was yanked up again, and made to walk. She was led through rooms that made their footsteps
ecko. Her bare feet slapped against cold tile. Or marble.....

          Finally she was made to stop. The air was chilly, but she knew they were in a
room. She heard voices.

                      "Ah, splendid! There she is! Now... RYAN!!! YOUR FATHER IS HOME, AND
IS HERE WITH A PRESENT!!!" Kreagor called. His voice echoed everywhere. Emberlynnes heart
pounded in her cheast. She didn't want to meet this boy! 
              But soon to her horrer, she felt a hand placed at her back.
                     " Well, time to meet Ryan my dear, I'm sure you've been waiting all
this time to see who you will belong to now..." Kreagors voice tickled her ear, and a
shiver ran up her back. Footsteps fell on the marble floor somwhere in the front of the
room twards the top. Where their stairs...? They cam closer and closer. Soon they were so
close she could feel the presence of a person in front of her, and Kreagor. 
                      " Good morning Ryan! How was your weekend? So sorry I had to miss
it, I had buisness to dealwith. Emberlynnes fists clenched in anger. 

                     " Good morning father. I understand your going. And yes my weekend
was fine." His voice was charming. It had a deepness to it that felt like silk in
Emberlynnes ears. 
                    " Well, I know you have been waiting for a prestent. And here it is!
The best one I belive I have collected so far!" Kreagor's voice was filled with pride. A
hand came over and yanked off the duct tape, and pulled out the sock. She breathed in
deeply, and wet her stinging lips. The footsteps came closer. So close in fact, she could
feel the boys breath on her  nose. He was taller than her. She felt arms go around her as
she was pulled into him. She shuddered as he slowly untied the rope that bound her arms to
her sides. When he had it off he backed up. 
                   "Thank you Father." The boy said. And with that. She heard him turn and
walk away.                    
       " Splendid! I knew you would please him! Now, what is your name my dear?!" Kreagor
asked. Emberlynne pressed her lips together. She didn't want to tell him, but he wouldn
probubly find out anyways. So she decided to speak the truth.
                    "My name... my name is Ember- Emberlynne..." She managed to croak out.

                    "My, my! Emberlynne..." He said it in such a way that seemed as he was
feeling how it sounded. 
                     " A very decent name if I do say so myself! Now, one of you two! Go
get the nursemaid!" She herd shuffling, and then the click of Kreagors shoes walking away.
A hand pushed her forward. 
                She came into a room that didn't ecko so much. It felt warmer, and
smaller. The hand left, and she herd a door click behind her.
                   "Well, helo dear!" Came a womans voice. Emberlynne flinched. She had
not herd a female voice in a while. 
                   " Oh, look at you! Now lets take that blasted thing off!" Came the
voice. She realized that the woman spoke with a brittish accent. When the blindfold was
removed, she saw an old woman standing before her. Her gray hair was fluffy, on the top of
her hair. Her old, rinkled skin was pink. And she was very plump. Her uniform consisted of
a white dress, and apron. Emberlynne felt as if she belonged in the 19 hundereds. 
                  " Oh, my goodness! It's just like the master to keep you in your
nighties! And look! Bare feet!" She cried. 
                   " Now come here! Lets start the bath for you! We must get you ready for
master Ryan! You may call me Miss May, understand dear?" Miss May rambled on about things.
She untied Emberlynne, and started to pull of her clothes. 
                   "Stop it! What are you doing?!" Emberlynne cried. Miss May looked at
her in surpirse.
                  " Well, getting you ready for the bath of course!" She cried.
                   " No! I can take off my own clothes!" She yelled. Miss May shook her
head, and left the bathroom.

         Later, when Emberlynne was finished, she walked over to the clothing she was to
put on. It was a silky white dress with a low V-neck. It stopped at the wrists. The cuffs
were also shaped like Vs. Emberlynne stared at it in facination. Why would they put her in
somthing as beautiful as this? This was a style wemon wore long ago. Why was everyone
acting as If it were the 19 hunderesds?!

                She slipped the thin gown on, and stared at herself. Dark wavy brown-black
hair up in a towel. And pale skin, covered with a silky white dress. Her blue eyes shone
in delight. She looked so pretty! 
               Walking out of the bathroom she was practicaly tackled by the nurse who
looked upset. She grabbed Emberlynne by the shoulders and examined her. She smiled and
pulled the towel off her hair, sending her hair tumbling down to her waist. She had meant
to cut her long hair long ago. But her mother had never got around to taking her to the

                  "Come along then, lets do your hair."

         About an hour later, Emberlynne was standing in the same room she was when she
met up with Kreagor, or "the master" as Miss May alls him. Her hair was slightly curled,
and flowed down her back. She had mascara, and blush. Along with red lip stick. At least
they had makup here. Her feet were covered with soft slippers that were in the form of
flats. They were white with a tiny pale pink bow on them. But as she stood there, her mind
was on other things. Where was Maire?!

               " Excuse me Miss, but where is my sister?" She asked Miss May.
               " Oh! The little dearie! She'ssleeping soundly in the baby room!" 
              "You mean she's here?!" She cried. Marie?! HERE?!
               "Of course! That is, until the master finds her a new owner..." She sighed.
Emberlynnes heart sank.
               "Look, look dear, here comes master Ryan!" Miss May whispered loudly in her
ear. Her heart froze. She slowly turned to face the big marble stairs. A tall boy, maybe
17, walked slowly down the stairs. She wasent as pale as his father, but he wasn't tan....
he was... perfect. As he got closer, she could make out his fetures. First, his silky
black hair, than his perfect body. When he was close enough, she could look into his deep
green eyes. She stood there, astonished at the beauty of this boy. When he spoke, she
gazed at his full mouth.

             "Hello, Emberlynne." She shuddered as he spoke her name. He said it with a
kind of lust that made her head spin. He walked closer to her, and toutched the small of
her back. He turned and leg her up the stairs. Emberlynne shivered at his toutch. But her
regular selg forced its way through. Questions formed in her mind. Where was he taking
her? What did he plan to do? Her muscles stiffend, and she stood up taller. 

       They walked silentaly through the large hallways. Her vision started to blur as she
looked at the white marble floors. On they walked, until they came to teo large dark wood
doors. Ryan grasped one handle and pulled it open. Inside was the grandest bedroom she had
ever seen. A fireplace crackled in th side. A four poster bed stood towering int the
middle. Beautiful paintings decorated the walls, and lush red curtains friamed the
gigantic windows. 
    Her lips parted as she stared in awe at the room. She was led into the room. She gazed
at the paintings of medows, waterfalls, and hills. Their were also disfigured people, and
crying wemon. It was like a large gallery. She was oblivious to everything but the sight
as she was led to the bed. She sat on the soft plush matress and sighed. Compared to the
hard leather seats, and concrete floor thatshe had layed on for two days, this was
wonderful. But she was jolted out of her trance by Ryan's beautiful voice,

                "Do you like it?" He asked. His eyes bore into hers. She had to look
                "Yeah,umm it's.... beautiful..." She replied. He smiled and sat down
beside her.
                " I'm glad, becuase you'll be spending lots of time in here." He spoke
causally as he layed down. Emberlynns breath caught. 
                " What... what are you talking about?" She asked. Her voice wavered. He
looked up at her with a smile on his lips. He slid closer to her, and placed his fingers
on her back.
                " This is your room of course." He answerd. A tone was in his voice, and
she did not like it. She quickly jumped up and ran to the doors. She tired to yank it
open, but it was locked. When had he done that?!

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