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The dark hallways of Schulethis:the night of the suspious meeting

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24 September 2009, 07:32 PM   #1
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I was in my room just waiting...but i didn't really know wat i was waiting for.  I looked
up and saw my ceiling fan just spin with it's zzzzrr noise.  I couldn't sleep for some
reason.  When i was just looking up in the ceiling trying to follow the ceiling fans
trancing motion.  While i was done trying i  sat up in my bed.The darkness made me a
little blind.  I walk out my bed and wander around the hallways of Schulethis.  I really
missed home, but i am miles away from my home.  I waddled near the dining hall like a
penguin in the North Pole.  I felt cold since im just wearing shorts with a shirt.  I
walked and walked until i made a big sudden stop.  I saw a light.  I thought that i was
going to the gates of Heaven, but i walked more near the light and saw the staff members
make arguments and yell, but they get hushed by the quiet staff and warned them that the
pupils are sleeping.  I put my ear more to the light and conference.  I hear them talking,
but end up yelling with anger.
         "But we need to know which pupil to take!"Yelled a staff.
         "Shhh..."hushed a staff.
         "Yes we do need a pupil to take, but you have to know that if we do the parents
might sue our association,"The staff leader said calmly.
         "How could you be calm!"said a demanded staff.
         "Shhh..."hushed a staff.
         They ended their little meeting.  I wondered wat were they trying to do to a
pupil.  I was worried that they might do something really bad to the pupils they were
trying to choose.  I walk to my room seeing my roommate still sleeping like a baby.  I go
back to my bed still wondering why the staff were planning something on the pupils.  I
sleep for a couple hours...
          I woke up on the crack of dawn.  I still remember wat i saw and heard in the
meeting.  I stay awake until i could see my roommate waking up.  She looks up and sees
that i was awake too.My roommate looked around and dressed in my school uniform.  I got
out my bed and found my robe on the ground.  I go to my little closet and reach in for my
uniform.  Still in my underwear i put my skirt on.  I feel my skirt and admire my
uniform's neatness.  I put my shirt on and walked out with my brown simple shoes.  I go to
half of my classes until i go to lunch.  I feel a cold shiver in my spine as a think of
bizarre things the staff would do.  My roommate walked to my table and slammed her tray on
the table that i felt a shake. 
           "Did you hear?!"She half yelled.
           "Wat?"I said quietly.
           "2 students has disappeared!And they were never found those students anywhere
not even near campus!"She said.
           "Really?"I said.
           Then i realized it might of been the staff.  With their suspicion i remembered
i knew it might be them.
To be continued some day...
Hi every1 hope u like it...I saw medium for a couple while and got this idea in my
head...not that i copy it...i just wanted to make it weird story like...

26 September 2009, 03:57 PM    #2
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...i dont think ppl like my story lol!

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