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READING: Contest: Summer Reading Challenge

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15 June 2009, 09:42 PM   #1
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Last edited by Oroborus21, 7 September 2009
this will be a little mini-contest, prize is 100 kps from me for 1st place, 50 kps for
2nd, 25 kps for 3rd.

it's pretty simple.

From June until September 1 list here as a comment all of the BOOKS you read and their
page lengths, or the pages of any books youve already started. 

The one who reads the most number of pages wins. 

This is on the Honor System but if it seems suspicious I may have to grill you for book

I will keep a list of ALL of the participants up here at the top. Have fun this summer,
get some sunshine and fresh air, take a book with you and read!

SUMMER READING LEADERS 1st LuV_LoTz - 8659 (100 kps - but she generously passes so) 2nd yellow_lover88 - 5472 (100 kps) 3rd Sammy_1997 - 4643 (50 kps) left kupika? 4th your_average_emo_girl - 4436 (50 kps) 5th coolcatkitty7 - 4332 (25 kps) 6th CarliDi - 1874 (10 kps) left kupika? 7th Manderlinaa - 1378 (10 kps) 8th Oroborus21 - 371 .. yeah for yall Down Under and what not it's the Winter Reading Challenge Tallies Oroborus21 Towing Jehovah, James Morrow, 371 pgs I probably read about 600 more pages but it was all partials mostly all of Baudelino by Umberto Eco and Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin total pages: 371 coolcatkitty7 Vienna Prelude, The Thoenes, 496 pgs The resurrection files, Craig Parshall, 392 pgs Must love black, Author: Don`t remember :D, 147 pg Cirque du freak Book 3 tunnels of blood, Darren shan, 167 pgs Harry potter and the DEATHLY HOLLOWS, J.K Rowling, 759 pgs, Revenge of the shadow King, Derek Benz and JS lewis, 384 pgs A skeleton in god`s Closet, 499 pgs Hary potter and the half- blood prince, J.K Rowling, 652 The looking Glass wars., Frank Beddor, 358 Name: the knife of never letting go author: Patrick Ness pages:479 total pages: 4332 yellow_lover88 How to Be Popular, Meg Cabot, 288 pgs Miss American Pie, Margaret Sartor, 272 pgs The Secret of Sarah Revere, Ann Rinaldi, 320 pgs A Journey to the New World, Kathryn Lasky, 173 pgs Brooklyn Rose, Ann Rinaldi, 225 pgs Or Give Me Death, Ann Rinaldi, 226 pgs The Diary of Mattie Spenser, Sandra Dallas, 229 pgs Green Angel, Alice Hoffman, 118 pgs Wait for Me, An Na, 170 pgs The Fifth of March, Ann Rinaldi, 335 pgs Look to the Hills, Patricia C. McKissack, 189 pgs Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Barry Denenberg, 142 All the Stars in the Sky, Megan McDonald, 190 One Eye Laughing, the Other Weeping, Barry Denenberg, 254 Land of the Buffalo Bones, Marion Dane Bauer, 222 A Line in the Sand, Sherry Garland, 205 Dork Diaries, Rachel Renee Russell, 282 West to a Land of Plenty Author: Jim Murphy Pages: 205 Where Have all the Flowers Gone? Author: Ellen Emerson White Pages: 189 The Winter of Red Snow Author: Kristiana Gregory Pages: 173 Hear My Sorrow Pages: 189 A Journey to the New World Author: Kathryn Lasky Pages: 174 A Coal Miner's Bride Author: Susan Campbell Bartoletti Pages: 222 Little Women ,Author: Louisa May Alcott Pages: 480 pages total pages: 5472 LuV_LoTz Glass Houses - The Morganville Vampires Book One, Rachel Caine, 348 pgs City Of Bones - The Mortal Instruments: Book One, Cassandra Clare, 442 pgs Of mice and men, John Steinbeck, 102 pgs The Dead Girls' Dance - The Morganville Vampires Book Two, Rachel Caine 331 pgs Season Of Secret, Sally Nicholls, 254 pgs Miss Understanding Book One, Author: -No Name-, 314 pgs Sarah Singleton The Amethyst Child, (publisher) Simon and Schuster, 230 pgs Book of Shadow and The Coven, Cate Tiernan, 185 pgs Prom Nights From Hell, Meg Cabot, Stephenie Meyer, Kim Harrison, Michele Jaffe, Lauren Myracle, 304 pgs Marked - A House Of Night Novel, P.C. and Kristin Cast, 348 pgs Betrayed- A House Of Night Novel, P.C. and Kristin Cast, 375 pgs Chosen - House Of Night Novel, P.C. and Kristin Cast, 322 pgs Untamed - House Of Night Novel, P.C. and Kristin Cast, 411 pgs Hunted - House Of Night Novel, P.C. and Kristin Cast, 439 pgs Midnight Alley- The Morganville Vampires Book Three, Rachel Caine, 365 pgs Feast of Fools - The Morganville Vampires Book Four, Rachel Caine, 367 pgs The Summoning, Kelley Armstrong, 390 pgs V.B Rose -Book 3-, Banri Hidaka, 180 pgs V.B Rose -Book 2-, Banri Hidaka, 180 pgs V.B Rose - Manga Book 1 -, Banri Hidaka, 184 Lord of Misrule -The Morganville Vampires Book Five-, Rachel Caine, 348 Blood Witch and Dark Magick Author: Cate Tiernan Pages: 388 Awakening and Spellbound, Author: Cate Tiernan, Pages: 378 V.B. Rose -Volume 4- Author: Banri Hidaka Pages: 180+ pages V.B. Rose -Volume 5- Author: Banri Hidaka Pages: 180+ pages The Awakening Author: Kelley Armstrong Pages: 357 City of Ashes -The Mortal Instruments Book Two- Author: Cassandra Clare Pages: 410 Night World -Dark Angel, The Chosen, Soulmate- 3 in 1, Book 2 Author: L.J. Smith Pages: 535 total pages: 8659 Manderlinaa 1984, George Orwell, 268 pgs Merrick, Anne Rice, 400 pgs Pandora, Anne Rice, 406 pgs A Novel of the Darkyn, Lynn Viehl, 304 pgs total pages: 1378 Sammy_1997 Tiger!, Geofferey Malone, 290 pgs Girls In Love, Jacqueline Wilson, 156 pages Girls Under Pressure, Jacqueline Wilson, 197 pages Girls Out Late, Jacqueline Wilson, 183 pages Wolf!, Geofferey Malone, 197 pages Chestnut Hill - The New Class, Lauren Brooke, 208 pages Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, J.K Rowling, 607 pages Title: Little men No. of Pages: 368 Author: Louisa May Alcott Title: Accidental Friends No. of Pages: 219 Author: Helena Pielichaty Title: Jo's Boys No. of Pages: 350 Author: Louisa May Alcott The Twins At St. Clare's No. of Pages: 158 Author: Enid Blyton My Sister Jodie No. of Pages: 400 Author: Jacqueline Wilson Lola Rose No. of Pages: 288 Author: Jacqueline Wilson Kiss No. of Pages: 314 Author: Jacqueline Wilson Jacky Daydream No. of Pages: 344 Author: Jacqueline Wilson Love Lessons No. of Pages: 364 Author: Jacqueline Wilson total pgs: 4643 CarlieDi ILARIO,Mary Gentle,663 A Sundial in a Grave Mary Gentle 594 pgs the Host Stephenie meyer 617 total pgs 1874 your_average_emo_girl Title: Twilight No. of Pages: 235 Author: Stephenie Mayer How Long I read it: 5 Days Did I like it?: *shrug* Not really.. Title: New Moon No. of Pages: 366 Author: Stephenie Mayer How Long I read it: 4 days Did I like it?: Oooh.. Edward left her.. Title: Breaking Dawn No. of Pages: 836 Author: Stephenie Mayer How Long I read it: 4 days Did I like it?: Yes.. I WAS GLAD IT WAS FINALLY OVER.. Title: Green Mile 1 - The Two Dead Girls No. of Pages: 92 Author: Stephen King How Long I read it: 2 hours Did I like it?: It was mundane John Coffey was a 'sissy'. . Title: A Series Of Unfortunate Events No. of Pages: 162 Author: Lemony Snicket How Long I read it: An hour Did I like it?: Overall it was my favorite.. Title: Little Town On the Prairie No. of Pages: 307 Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder How Long I read it: 5 days Did I like it?: Sure.. But it was pretty typical.. Title: Silent Witness No. of Pages:501 Author: Richard North Patterson How Long I read it: 4 days Did I like it?: Sure.. So many sexy parts LOL Title: Sweet Valley Twins - Boys Against Girls No. of Pages: 104 Author: Francine Pascal How Long I read it: 2 hours Did I like it?: Loved it.. Shows sexist kind of people Title: 'Lasher' No. of Pages: around 600 Author: Anne Rice How Long I read it: 3 days Did I like it?: Eh.. Very erotic. Title: Confessions Of A Shopaholic No. of Pages: 450 Author: Sophie Kinsella How Long I read it: 6 days Did I like it?: Pretty Nice.. She's like waste waste Lie Lie Hallo!! Title: Sweet Valley Twins - Jumping to Conclusion No. of Pages: 103 Author: How Long I read it: 1 hour Did I like it?: As usual Ms. Jessica Wakefield Is Overreacting Title:Sweet Valley Twins - Three's A crowd No. of Pages:105 Author: Francine Pascal How Long I read it: 1 hour Did I like it?: Sure.. Pretty Sweet ending Title: The Third Twin No. of Pages: 153 Author: Ken Follet How Long I read it: 2 days Did I like it?: It was exciting.. I was upset she didn't get raped.. JK :D Eclipse Author:Stephenie Mayer No of pages:422 pages total: 4436 (post yours so you can be added)

15 June 2009, 09:54 PM   #2
Joined: 11 Mar 2009
Posts: 212
Post for fun:

TITLE, Author, page length, and for fun how long it took you to read, and also whether you
enjoyed it or a brief summary or your thoughts about the book

15 June 2009, 09:55 PM   #3
Guest Poster
what?? you mean the books i read in june..
and their pages???
i have loads....

15 June 2009, 10:24 PM   #4
Guest Poster
HAHA sounds fun. I haven't really read any new books but I re-read the entire Twilight
series except for the first book, because Christy still has it (AND HAS HAD IT SINCE
NOVEMBER >:c), Secrets of my Hollywood Life books 1 - 4, Begging for Change, and Narnia:
The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.


17 June 2009, 02:53 PM   #5
Guest Poster
Heh I"d like to join. I need to read the 6th Harry Potter book before the movie comes out
lmao. It's quite a challenge for a slow reader like me.

17 June 2009, 03:12 PM   #6
Guest Poster
TITLE, Vienna Prelude
 Author:The Thoenes (pronounced Tay-nee)
 page length: 496 pages
how long it took you to read: a week
 I enjoyed this book very much and it gave me a whole new prespective of the third reich.

Title: The resurrection files
Author: Craig Parshall
page length: 392
how long? Three days
I enjoyed it very much.

17 June 2009, 08:04 PM   #7
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹♥Purple Elephant♥›, 17 June 2009
Title: How to Be Popular
Author: Meg Cabot
Page Length: 288
How Long it took you to read: a week
I liked this book very much because it told how a girl wanted to be popular but soon
stayed true to herself.

21 June 2009, 05:01 PM   #8
Guest Poster
Title: Glass Houses - The Morganville Vampires Book One -
Author: Rachel Caine
Page Length: 348
How long it took me to read: 2 Night (20.06 = 3 hours, 21.06 = 3 hours )
Love It.
About a girl who moved to Morganville to found out 50% of them are vampires.
She got on the wrong side of the meanest girl who apparent is in great status.

Title: City Of Bones - The Mortal Instruments: Book One -
Author: Cassandra Clare
Page Length: 442
How long it took me to read: 3 Night (17.06-19.06)
Can't wait for the next book.
About a girl named Clary. She met a shadowhunters. Noone except Clary can see them. She
found out she was between ancient demonic forces ( Demons, Vampires, Werewolves) and

Still more to come.
Need to look for the other books.

21 June 2009, 09:37 PM   #9
Joined: 22 Jun 2009
Posts: 32
Last edited by Manderlinaa, 23 June 2009
Title: 1984 Author: George Orwell Page Length: 268 How Long it took you to read: Three days . ( THERE WERE INTERVALS ALRIGHT ?! XD ) It was an alright book with an interesting view on a dystopian ( opposite of Utopian ) society . It bore me at some parts but it was interesting to read . :D
oh so insane . ♥

22 June 2009, 03:48 PM   #10
Guest Poster
Title: Of mice and men
Author: John Steinbeck
Page: 102
How long it took US to read: 3 hours -english class-
BORING!. We need to read it for our English Lit.
About 2 guys called Lennie and George who works on ranches. 
Stuff happening.
Didn't really pay attentioned to it. 
Sleeping in lesson.

22 June 2009, 07:57 PM   #11
Guest Poster
Title: The Dead Girls' Dance - The Morganville Vampires Book Two
Author: Rachel Caine
Pages: 331
How long it took me to read: 2 Night (21.06-22.06)
Loving each word.
Claire and her friends have managed to survive getting on the wrong side of the
Morganville VIPs. Now she need to take care of her crazy lunatic boyfriend's dad from
getting them all killed.

22 June 2009, 08:29 PM   #12
Guest Poster
Name: Must love black
Author: Don`t remember :D
Pages: 147?
Length: 2hours
Did I like it?: Yes yes I did.

22 June 2009, 08:51 PM   #13
Guest Poster
o.o i read soo many though and i do a book trade weekly with my friends so i dont have 
the pagey numbers but i never lie so wat do i do i and guestamet but thats not all that
accurate these days? can i still participate for the fun of it

22 June 2009, 09:04 PM   #14
Joined: 11 Mar 2009
Posts: 212
yall are so awesome! i will update the tally list soonish...k

22 June 2009, 09:14 PM    #15
Guest Poster
OPSH GEt ready cause I have at least two moar

name: Cirque du freak Book 3 tunnels of blood
Author: Darren shan
Pages: umm 167?
length: 1hr and 45min.
This book is AWWWWWESOME

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