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Dark Waters: The Guide (My Story)

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Regulations. *You must be a student at OTHS. *You must be at least a first year. *You can’t be a shape-shifter or werewolf. *You must posses at least one power, or be a vampire or witch. Rules *He/She must only answer questions an Immortal asks. *You must train your Guide—you'l have a class on this. *You can date, and or, befriend your Guide, but it is looked down on. Enjoy your Guide! ---Kestrel, OTHS Priestess
Chapter One I sit down next to one of my friends here, Kenzi Michaels. She’s tall and slender with springy strawberry blonde curls and bright green eyes. She’s very depressed, or, well, she acts like she is. She’s emotionless. She’s like my twin. Although our differences are apparent—I’m short with red-brown hair, dark almond black eyes, and a huge smile—plus, the fact is that I’m just so happy all the time. Well, when you think about, we aren’t twins just the same. Ah, well. My first year at OTHS. I wouldn’t be here if Kenzi wouldn’t have seen me on TV. I’ve killed someone. It was on accident, though. It went sort of like this: I’m sitting at the desk in the living room of my house, on the computer trying to complete this detention homework I got two days ago. Seriously. My school’s shit. Dad and Mom are gone somewhere out on the sea in a cruise. My aunt ‘spose to be staying with me, her high, crack addict self. But, she got high and forgot me. Too bad. I know how to cook, clean, and do everything. So I smile and grin and get over it. Someone knocks on the door. “Come in,” I call, thinking it’s my aunt. Instead, this guy walks in. He’s pale white with balding black hair and skinny as hell. He’s ugly as hell, too. He grins. “Where’s your parents, little girl?” His grin and voice is sinister. “In their room. Mom!” I call. “Can I help you?” He waits for Mom to call back. She doesn’t. She won’t. She’s not here. He grins. “Let me show you what I do to liars.” My heart races wildly. My voice is beyond calm, though. “Let me show you what I do to rapist,” I ay cheerfully. What do I do to them? I gently finger the butcher knife in my pocket. I’m definitely not a killer. I’m too sweet for it. Too nice. I’m too calm. But, survival of the fittest. The man crosses the room in two strides. He smiles at me. Again, sinister. I stay calmly down. Don’t have a gun. Don’t have a gun. Never bring a knife to a gun fight. I wheel backwards and go upstairs. I hear something cock. I turn around slowly to see a gun pointing my way. Pistol. Crap. “Little girl, I suggest you come back down here. If not, I won’t hesitate to shoot you now,” he says grinning. “And, you’ll do whatever I say. Now first, where’s the nearest bedroom?” Dead-on about rapist. Well, maybe he’ll do his thing and leave me alone. Doubt it. I shiver and walk back downstairs slowly, leading him in the direction of the guest room. “In here.” He smiles and grabs me. I stiffen. Then, anger rushes through me. Not regular anger like you’re mad and whatnot. No, I’m pissed. Seriously pissed. I wanted to hurt him. Kill him. The anger was white-hot, blinding, and burning. I clutch his arms. He mistakes my anger for pleasure and start to pull off at my shirt. I growl at him. Fierce. Again, he thinks it’s pleasure. I dig my nails into his arms, pulling up skin. Stupid, stupid, stupid, asshole! “Get your f’in filthy hands off of me!” I scream. He laughs, but the sound stops to a choked-up gurgle. I He drops the gun and clutches at his stomach. I pick the gun up, staring distastefully at it. I hate weapons. The butcher knife was simply for protection. He starts to cough. He stands up. “Pretty girl, you want to give me that gun back don’t you,” he says sweetly. “Whaddya think I am? Ten? No, I’m fourteen! Get a life you perverted bastard!” I scream. Please hear me neighbors. He laughs. “Give it here.” He touches my arm again. The gun trembles in my hand. I don’t know how to use this. I clench my teeth and focus on the gun. Please work. Please work. Instead of actually shooting, the gun bends. I stare at in shock, then look back up at the guy who’s staring at me oddly. My eyes open wide. He touches my arm, but I try to bend his hands. Instead, he drops to the floor screaming. The smell of burnt hair is oddly present. I grab the phone and punch in 9-1-1. Yeah, it was pretty bad at the time. This was the after party, you could say. *Evil grin*. The police ask me questions. I’m not really there. I killed someone. I don’t even know how I did it. “Salem? Are you okay?” the woman asks gently. “Honey, I know you’re scared, but what’s your parent’s number?” I mumble the number quietly. I’m shivering though it’s about seventy in this room. My parents don’t care. They won’t. They’re about two hours away for the whole weekend. If they do come, they’re going to play this whole ‘I’m a worried and caring parent’ role. Please. “Salem, is there anything else you remember? Like why the gun was bended?” she asks. “Uh, because, uh, I don’t know, okay?” I shout in panic. I work at lowering my voice. “Am I going to jail?” She stares at me in shock. “Why would you go to jail?” “I killed him, right?” She smiles. “No, sweetie, you didn’t. He must’ve touched an electrical outlet or something because his insides were fried.” That doesn’t comfort me, but I smile anyway. “Thank you.” I killed him. I had to. There’s just no way. Something nudges my ankles. My dog, Gray. He barks. I smile and pick him up. Who brought him? “Salem? I heard what happened? I tried to come as soon as I knew,” a voice says. My aunt. She looks guilty. I glare at her. “Why? Why’d you come now? I could’ve been killed!” I whisper. She mumbles something. “Look, this isn’t easy for me, but I’m gone be there now.” “Too late. I can survive that, I can survive anything.” I walk out and into the chilly October air. October third. What next. Reporters surround me. I don’t have to answer the questions, but I do. I just mumble words until they leave me alone. Something pale white caches my eye. A vampire. That doesn’t bother me either. Every town has them. They only come out at night. People down here say if you see one, you have bad luck. I wave to it. He stops, grins, and keeps going. I smile to myself. I’m not sure where I’m going. Not back home. My feet take me on the familiar path of my best friend. I walk to his door. He’s just leaving. I turn around, suddenly. He’s carrying bags. “Where are you goin’, Sal?” I whisper. He smiles wickedly. “OTHS.” He says the name like some kind of holy name. Like you say the Holy Ghost. I can from his eyes that I’m nothing anymore. Nothing but a human. I’m not important, he doesn’t want to talk to me. He doesn’t care. “Something weird happened, Sal. I was so angry, the gun bended. I’m serious,” I say. “Then, that man, he touched me. Eww, but he did. He started screaming and his insides were fried. He died. I killed him,” I whisper the last part. “I killed someone.” Sal gives me a look of profound interest. “Really now?” He doesn’t care either. Nobody does. Oh, well. “Bye, Sal.” He doesn’t wave, just gives me this new look. I killed someone. I’m a murderer. Then why do I feel so…good? I’m not sad or scared. I feel good. Like, like, I just got a bunch of money or something. Like there was a raffle and I won the grand prize. I won the race. What did I win? The ability to bend guns and shock people shitless? Sounds good to me. Even more than that, this was what I found out about my parents later that night. I creep silently along the dark halls. I stop at the whispering. It’s coming from my kitchen, the only place I can be without them. Of course, Mom and Dad had played the ‘caring, loving, so-worried’ parent role. My parents are actors. “This is not my problem, Sharon,” Dad says. “She’s not mine. If all goes wrong and the court accuses her, I’m not giving my hard-earned money for your sluttish daughter.” I hold in a gasp and focus on listening. He continues. “I’m a man of God, and what that girl did is sin-like. She’s the devil himself. I won’t let Lucifer destroy this happy family.” What happy family? JJ, Kea, and Roger does not make a happy family. “You either get rid of her or me,” he growls. “But, Dean, no. I love her. She’s mine. Salem is the best got damn this that happened to me,” Mom growls. Well, at least she loves me. “You can’t have children, Sharon, remember? Or don’t you? God didn’t want you to have kids, that’s why you adopted?” “Salem might be adopted, but she’s the most loved child on this planet. You can leave, Dean, because my baby’s staying,” Mom growls. She gets up and pushes the chair back. I start to come out. Dean grabs her from behind and slaps her. She turns around. Knock the shit out of’em, Mom. Beat his ass. But she starts to cry. “She’ll go, she’ll go,” she whimpers against his chest. I growl in disgust. I emerge from the dark. “Don’t touch her,” I growl. “Or that guy won’t be the only person I kill. Dean, I don’t like you. I’ve put up with you and your ratchet-ass, God-heatin’ children enough. You think I’m bad? Go see those little monsters you go. Kea’s sleeping with all of the basketball, football, lacrosse, and golf team! And, we don’t even have a golf team!” I scream at him. He stalks over to me. I stare him down. He slaps. The electricity buzzes out of me. My anger is once again white-hot. So hot, I see nothing but red. He falls to the floor in agony. “Die and burn in hell,” I growl, spitting on him. I’ve always wanted a Guide,” she whispers. I nod nervously. “How do they know which one we want?” She shrugs. “They just told us last week it would be revealed.” I look at the stage that’s surrounded in a hard-to-see-through mist. Four figures appear dressed in robes of different colors. One s Kestrel she’s wearing light pink. “Welcome, My Children. I am Kestrel, your headmaster and Priestess. Today you are getting your Guides. For those of you who don’t know what they are, Prof. Rodney will explain to you.” A man wearing a blinding robe of flashing yellow-orange steps up. I tune him out I know all about the Guides. I focus on looking for the Guides. Where are they? I see a bunch of boys grouped together. Not only boys, but girls too. They all look blank. Except one who looks mad. Another man steps up. His robe is brown. “I am the Stone. The Foundation of OTHS!” he shouts. His brown candle flickers to life. Next comes Prof. Rodney. “I am the Sun. The Light of OTHS!” Next is a man in dark blue and silver. “I am the Moon! I represent the vampires at OTHS!” Then Kestrel in her robe of light pink. “I am the Sound! I am one of the many noted here at OTHS to create our OTHS song!” All candles are on fire. The room lights up in shimmery images of glittering colors. Light pink, orange, brown, and blue. So many colors. So many spirits. I shiver slightly. “I am the Chain! I hold these symbols together!” A black candle flickers to life and I see the outline of someone’s face. “Together, we make the family at OTHS! Every student in this room on three, blow as hard as possible to blow out the candles. WE know who haven’t blown. If you don’t, you break the Chain and will die!” At that note, I puff my cheeks out. One… Two…. THREE…. Blow! The candles flicker out, leaving us in darkness except for the barely seeable candles on the walls. “Now, we shall have all Guides step to this side. All girls will pair up with boy guides and all boys will pair up with girl Guides." Everyone cheers except for Darius, who groans. He's also my friend and gay boy. He's sweet, though. "Girls, choose your element," Prof. Rodney says. I follow the girls into the fog-filled stage. Kenzi grasps my hand tightly in excitement. This is the most emotion she’s shone since I met her. There’s this big round pot filled with souls. “Girls, scream this in your mind. The person that is perfect for you will come out. You can pick air as much as you please, but if you’re a fire person, you’ll get fire.” I guess I’m a water person. Or Earth. “Recite this girls, please listen,” he says because a few girls had started talking in anticipation. Soul of brightness, Soul of rightness, away from you I will not hide, give me my element and perfect Guide!” he shouts. Okay, scary, much? “Now, we will have Ms. Kenzi Michaels go first. After her will be Sharen Teller, and then we will be graced by our new student, Salem Laughs.” He smiles gently and kindly at my name. Kenzi recites it. She looks like she’s in deep concentration. She comes back with a silver glittering thing held in her hand. “Air,” she whispers in shock. Sharen goes next. Hers is bright pink. “Music and love,” she whispers in shock also. I walk to the pot. Soul of brightness, Soul of rightness, away from you I will not hide, give me my element and perfect Guide, I scream in my head. I reach in and grab what seems like air, but instead it’s blue, silver, green, brown, and some odd dark color that wasn’t blue, black, or purple but a mixture of all three. “What is it?” I mouth to Kenzi. She shrugs. “Guess you have a personality problem.”

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i think you should write more its awswome!

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Chapter Two

I hit her and watch as each person goes up. I watch the shocked expressions, the angry
expressions, and the dazed expressions.
  After the girls pick, Prof. Rodney speaks again. “Okay, girls, your souls should
manifest in three hours. You may return to your rooms. I advise all your first years to
watch them—ask the older years, it’s really quite a sight to see!” 
  We nod and clear out. I wave to Darius. I hold my little squiggly, rainbow soul. I put
it in the clear circular things we were given. 
  “So, what’s with this one?” I ask, holding him up.
  Kenzi looks at me. “Rainbow is not good. If a soul has more than one power, it’s too
strong. You might not be able to handle it. If you can’t, it’ll rebel and start an
Immortal war. You have to be careful. 
   “Our last war was four hundred years ago with the vamps. They won, but human
civilization was decreased greatly. We had to start all kind of crap to fix it before the
big countries noticed.” She sighs. History is her favorite subject.
  In our room, which is painted many different colors, a couple of six years find us. I
know one, her name’s Chrysalis Myers. “Hi, guys,” she’s so peppy, but nice.
“Okay, Prof. Rodney wants us to talk to you guys and check out your Guides.”
   I lift up my Guide/squiggly rainbow soul. “This is him.”
   She tilts her head to the side. “Wow. Last time I saw one of these guys was in my
first year. He tried to rebel because the owner couldn’t handle him. He killed her.
He’s a professor here now. Only because it’s by force. It was either this or…” she
trails off at my scared countenance.
   Killed? Die? My harmless squiggly?
  Awww, man!
  I wield a cookie. Chrys frowns. “Oh, sorry, Sailem. I mean, you’re strong enough and
I’m not helping is…”
  “Don’t worry, Chrys. I won’t let’em get to me,” I say. “Plus, f anything
happens, throw Kenzi in front of you.”
   Kenzi looks up. “Hannnh?” Trademark Kenzi version of huh?
   I smile. “Nothing.”
   Chrys and the other girl, Miray, go on to explain what our Guides are for.
   “They do your work pretty much. They help in battle and guide you. Any questions?”
Miray asks. She looks mean.
   “One,” I say.
  “Yeah? Shoot?”
  “Why do we have to capitalize the ‘g’ on Guides?”
  Miray laughs, shaking her black hair behind her. “Because you have to. Now, either
watch these guys or sleep.”
   They leave. I go to take a shower, leaving a dazed looking Kenzi on the bed. I put on
my light blue over-sized tee-shirt and black really short shorts and knee-high light blue
   Kenzi looks up. “Dave. His name is definitely gonna be Dave, whether or not his name
isn’t Dave.”
   I roll my eyes at this sudden random outburst. Leave to Kenzi to think of something so
random. “Mine is gonna be a Damien,” I say, sighing.
  “Did I ask you why you named him Dave?”
  “You don’t have to.”
  “True.” I know Kenzi like I know myself. We’re like blood sisters, no, soul
sisters. Blood is thicker than water, but the soul will never cease to be.
  We chatter non-stop for the next few minutes until we both fall asleep.

Something’s shaking me. I open my eyes to see a very cute boy standing in front of me.
He looks to be about fifteen, sixteen with dark brown hair and light brown, mocha-colored
skin. He has almond-shape gray eyes with a few freckles dotting his nose. He was really
tall and muscular.
  I groan. “Kenzi, tell this totally hot boy to stop shaking me! I want to see my Guide
change and I need another five minutes to sleep!” I whine, throwing a pillow at the
  Kenzi moans. “Shut up, Sailem, I’m sleepin’ here!” she screams.
  I sit up. “God, Kenzi, don’t be such a bitch!”
  “Like it’s a bad thing!”
  We giggle.
  At the same time, something hits both of us. A flying pillow. I pout and look up at the
totally hot boy who smiles at me. “We changed already,” he says.
   “Wow, this totally hot boy is my Guide?” I ask, shaking Kenzi.
   She laughs. “Yay! Uh, yes? Ya’ll are messin’ with my head!”
   “Damien’s last name is Costello!” I cry.
   “Dave’s last name is David.”
   “Funny,” I say. “Okay, I’m definitely high.”
   I shake my head to clear before I et out the bed. Kenzi’s hair is flat at the back
and her arm is red from where she slept on it. I run my fingers through my hair, which I
have braided, and smile at Damien Costello.
   Damien looks anxious. “We need to go,” he says. 
   “Go where?” I ask.
   Kenzi looks at the clock. “Crap it’s eight! Classes start in five minutes!”
   I stand up. We both rush to put on our cloths. Very quickly I mutter a made-up spell.
   “Oh, crap, we’re late. Detention is something we would hate. So, please help us
dress quickly and be ready in a future date!” 
  Not my best, but, hey, I only have a minute. I feel a slight breeze and I’m dressed.
I’m wearing a black pleated skirt and red tank top with my long black socks and
knee-high black boots. Kenzi’s dressed in blue jeans and a black halter with high-tops.
I take off running towards the door, our Guides behind us. 
  Damien grabs my hand. I look at Kenzi who’s stopped. She grabs onto Dave. Then,
suddenly, I have this odd feeling I’m being separated into a million parts. It makes me
a little woozy, but I’m in class by the time I’ve really thought it through.
  Damien lets go quickly while the others stare in amazement. Ha-ah. Betcha their Guides
can’t do that. Smugly, I sit down in my desk. At the same time, Darius pulls my chair
back and I flop to the floor on my butt. Damien helps me up, sighing like he’s bored. 
   “Thank you, Damien,” I say in a clipped tone, sticking my tongue out at Darius, who
just gives me a sly wink and smile.
   Damien shifts into his animal form, a tiger, and sits by my feet. I swear, he is
purring.  He’s really not that bad. Or mean.
     As my teacher drones on, I really don’t listen. I scratch Damien’s back softly
and subconsciously. He reminds me of Gray, who I had to leave at home.
  After class, I walk down the hall to lunch. I only have one class today. Tuesdays and
Thursdays I have six classes. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I have one. Saturday I have
free time and Sundays is worship day.

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wow!i cannot stop reading!you have to write somemore!no presure to hurry....i just wanna
read more....ok times up make more!

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Lunch is buzzing. People are showing off their new Guides. Damien is, by far, the
hottest. I bring him closer to me. “Mine,” I say like a three year-old.
   A girl, Karrie Simmons, smiles at me. “I know. He’s so cute,” she coos in
agreement to my ‘mine’ comment.
  Damien grins, flashing two rows of bright white, even teeth. I nudge him. “Ya
  He frowns, trying very hard not to laugh. It results in him looking like a confused
fool. I giggle and grab some food, leading him to our table.
  Darius smiles. “He’s hot,” he says, “but I like Kara, my  Guide.”
  “Again with the capitalization!” I cry dramatically. “I like my g’s lowercase.
Oh, what now?”
  Damien bites into his burger, staring at Darius. I sigh. “Oh, God, are you gay? Please
don’t be.”
  He smiles softly at me. “No,” he says, “I’m not gay.”
  “That’s a shame,” Darius says.
  “Not on your team,” me and Kenzi say.
  Darius sighs. Damien puts his burger down. He looks a bit disgusted.
 “Are you homophobe?”
  He nods.
  I wrinkle my nose. “Darius won’t flirt. Promise.”
  Darius nods. “Yes I will.”
  “Can I go?” Damien pleads.
  Everyone at the table stops, testing my reaction. I’m not gonna punish Damien. Heck,
if someone was doing that to me, I would want to leave, too. “Sure, Damien. Go back to
the room I’ll see ya in a few.”
   He gets up. I turn back to the shocked faces. Darius looks wistful. He turns to Kara.
“Wasn’t he hot?”
  Kara nods, pushing her glasses further up her nose. She looks mean and angry. Tall,
slim, and lethal. Her eyes are sad, though. Sad and green.
 “Come here,” Kenzi says to me. “You ‘spose to rule him. Don’t let’em talk out
like that. See, watch. Dave, say hi.”
  “Hi,” Dave says.
  “Don’t talk!” she barks.
  “Kenzi, are you high? You just told him to say hi and then told him not to bark. You
must be out yo mind.”
  “Well, I’m in control here. You should be, too.”
  I narrow my eyes. “Kenzi, you idiot! I’m not treatin’ anybody like a slave!” I
  “Well, you won’t see me sleepin’ with my Guide!” she hollers.
  Seriously. Sleeping with my Guide? 
  “Kenzi, whatever! You might as well, saying you sleep with everyone else!” I scream.
See, that’s a low blow. Kenzi was a slut.
  Her eyes turn glassy before she starts to attack me. I channel my anger into killing
her. Something blows up. I did that. Go me. Go me. 
  She scratches my arm. I throw her into the wall.
  Damien pulls me off of Kenzi. He carries me out, kicking and screaming.

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wow.that was awsome!with all the drama in it about them fighting, super cool!the funny
part was when they where talking about if Demein was gay.that was super awsome!I cant stop

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Chapter Two

Damien grabs me by my shoulders, setting me just outside of my room. "Chill," he says in a
soft voice. "Please? I won't like any other girl. Neither Darius, okay?" In a low voice he
thinks I can't hear, he adds, "I barely like you."
  I growl. "Can I kill her?" I say sarcastically, pushing against him, trying to back in
the direction of the lunchroom. "Let us fight. Dave didn't touch her!"
  "Well, Dave's stupid. Plus, sweetheart, you aren't strong enough, sorry to say. Kenzi's
been in this longer. I worry about you and you only. Kenzi can go shrivel up and die for
as much as I care."
  "Yes, Dave is stupid. Sweetheart? Don't call me that. I am too strong enough! So what if
she has? I can take her. Don't worry about me! and, yes, she can!" I say, finally calming
down enough to answer everything he just said.
  "Do you alwyas do that?"
  "Do what?"
  "Answer everything someone says in a sentence in order?"
  I nod and open the door to my room. Chill. Relax. Calm. Peace. 
  He sits on the sofa. I go into my room to strip off the cloths I'm wearing. I pull on
some baggy black sweatpants and a loose navy blue shirt. I pull my hair into a ponytail
and settle beside Damein. He gently strokes my hair, pushing it back. I sigh contentedly.
Sleeping with my Guide? Please. 
  Damien stares at me. I find myself looking back into his eyes. His eyes radiate a
burning gray color. My mind blanks for a moment. Such. Pretty. Eyes. He smiles. Such a
blinding smile. He leans in to whisper in my ear. "Hey, beautiful, you're under my command
now baby," he says.
 He tilts my chin up and kisses me. I kiss him back, locking my hands around his neck.
Right now sleeping with my Guide is probably an option. I barely remember this is my first
kiss and should be cherished.
  I barely remember my name.
  He pulls away. Just like that, the spell breaks. I come back to reality with a gasp.
"Wow. Under your command? Yeah, right, Romeo. The world would go to hell and back if it
was under your command," I  say, throwing of my pleasure, surprise, and blankess off as
 "Shit," he mutters. "Didn't work."
 "No," I say sarcastically. "Wanna know why?"
 "Because I love someone else." I do? "Yep, I do." Answering myself. "And, he's hotter
than you!"
  Damein turns a red color. He gets up and walks away. After the door slams, I faint.

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Guest Poster
This is amazing. Seriously! It's better than anything I'm writing right now. Mostly
because the plots I come up with don't interest me long enough....

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oh.my.freeking.gosh.that was awsome!!I so wanna know wat Damein does after!and it is
super amazing!

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(Damien's P.O.V)

I'm pissed. Seriously? Another guy? Who could resist me in the first place?
 Some idiot girl I can't stand. I have to admit, though, she is a good kisser. Why didn't
it work? The whole seducing thing for Edward Cullen worked! Why won't it work?
 I punch the wall. It vibrates, sending children out of their room. Kenzi looks at me with
hatred in her eyes. I smirk. Stupid girl. If she would only stop pretending to belong
here, pretending to have powers, and go shoot herself in the foot, everyone would be
happy. Except that gay dude. He scares me. Shudder.
 I keep walking until something silver and sharp catches my eyes. Gay dude has a sword to
try and...kill me? Ha, ha. What an idiot. Doesn't he know Guides like me can't die? We're
indestructible. We're all that and some.
 I'm on Salem's side with the whole capital 'g' thing. Seriously. What the hell? What's
wrong with a lower case g? Dudes, what the hell?
 I punch the wall again. At this rate, I'll bring the school down.
 One can only hope.
 Someone comes running at me with full speed. The little figure is a blur of black and
navy blue. Salem? No doubt. Who knew she could run that fast? "Damien!" she shrieks.
 "That' my name," I say. Okay, bad Damien. Seduce a girl, get angry with her, try to tear
down a school, want to kill Kenzi, and about 6000 other sins I can think about. Sue me.
Better yet, send me to hell. Ha-ha. Whatever. 
 She starts to giggle like an idiot. That's when I realize her hands on my chest. She
buries her face in me pecks and laughs. I smile arrogantly. The other boy Guides flex
their non-existent stringy muscles. Stupid capital g! It's acutally required to have some
muscles, but this year's pack was terrible. We have been breeding with humans, the
 The boy guides--I refuse to capitalize the g--glare at me. They shouldn't hate because
I'm three men in one. 
 "Damien!" she says in a fit of laughter, "I'm high."
 "That's normal," I say.
 She hits me. "You think you're so"--giggle--"all that! But you're not! You're--stop
havin' muscles!"
 I give her an odd look. "O.....kay?"
 "Get rid of them!" she commands, pulling herself away with a wistful look.
 "Give'em to me," she says.
 "You seriously are high, Salem. What did you take?"
 "These," she says, holding a bottle of something up. "I think they're asprin. I took
two." She holds up four fingers.
 "These, my darling, are drugs."
 "Really? What kind?"
 "Some kind of pills. You're high than a kite now sweetheart. Four?"
 "Yeah, four." She holds up two fingers.
 "You're confusing me, Salem! How many did you take?" I'm a little worried. What good is a
guide if their owner-person is dead?
 "Four....I think. Or was it two? No, I normally take two asprin, but...A kitty!" she
starts to run down the hall. 
 I grab her and shake her. "Come on, Salem, tell me. How many?"
 "Okay, okay, okay," she says, giggling. "But let me go! Or, we can continue this
conversation in your room!"
 "AS appealing as that is, Salem, I'm going to have to turn you down. I prefer my women
aware when they do these things. To get back on subject, how many did you take?"
 "Okay, normally I take two pills, right?" Her brown furrows in concentration. "But this
time my headache was terrible since you kissed me! By the way, you're a great kisser!"
 "Fine, fine, fine! Okay, but it was hurting really bad, so I took this and something
else. I don't know what it is, but I took it. It was red and...another kitty! Small," she
finishes before taking off down the hall. "Kitty!" she shrieks.
 "God, if she didn't take any medicine, I'd say this was normal for her," I mutter to
myself before going after my owner-person.

I finally corner her in a tree with the cat. It hisses at me. 
 Salem smiles. "Don't worry, Frankie, he's a good guy. He's my Guide with a capital g."
Her eyes are glassy and red.
 I grab her. "Come on, Salem." I throw her easily over my shoulder.
 Her hands smack my butt. I sigh and look Heaveward. Seriously, God, if You, the Almighty
One, is listening, please help me. Salem giggles. "You have a nice ass," she remarks.
"It's so touchable."
 "Yap. And, I don't have another guy ilove. It's most deifinitely you, okay? Don't worry.
You're first in my heart."
 I nod. "That's nice to know."
 "Are we goin' back to your room?"
 She laughs.
 "Get your mind out the gutter, Salem."
 She's quiet for the rest of the walk to her room. Once in there, she turns music on. I
try to stop her, but it's too late. She grabs my hand and whimpers. "Damien, it's by me."
 "Baby doll, what is?"
 "The music. It's notes," she whimpers, burying her face into my chest.
  Can I hit her and knock her out?
 God, you're no fun.
Salem rolls over and wrinkles her brow. "Damien?"
 I groan and open my eyes to see sunlight streaming in. "Yeah?" She kept me up all last
 "Why am I only in a shirt and underwear playin' bingo?"
 I laugh. "We played bingo. I have no idea how you got in only a shirt."
 "Yes you do. You took my pants off."
 I hold my hand up. "I do solemly swear...as I much as I'd have liked that, I didn't,
sweetie. Don't worry."
 She covers herself up. I roll over and close my eyes again.
 "Damien, why are you naked? And sleeping with me?"
 My eyes fly open in shock. I look down. Why am I in just my boxers? 
 "I swear, Salem, I don't remember this." I didn't. Did I? No. I didn't.
 I moan again. "Oh, God. I swear, Salem, we didn't do anything."
 "That you know of."
 She gives me a sly wink and dances into the bathroom.
 Did we?

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awsome!you are such a good writer!!!!  super good!

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"Do I look sexy, Damien?" Salem asks.
  I sigh. "Yep."
  She giggles. "You didn't look up!"
  "Did you take anymore of those pills, Say?"
  I turn my head.
  "My God, Salem."
  She smiles. "Love it?" she asks, climbing into my lap.
  She's wearing a ver, very short mini-skirt with a tight tee-shirt that fits too tight
across her chest. She leans forward and kisses me. My mind hits a total blank. "Do you
love me, Damien?" she asks, rolling me over on the other side of the bed.
 I nod. "I definitely love you," I say, trying desperately to kiss her again.
 She giggles. "I love you, too, Damien."
 Words. Nothing but words. They don't mean anything in the long run. She kisses my
jugular. I moan. She giggles again. Her breath tickles my neck. I reach up to unbutton her
skirt. She pushes me away. "Bad boy," she mock-scolds.
  "Please, Salem?" 
 She shakes her head with another one those giggles. She kisses me again and pulls my
shirt off. "I like your muscles."
 "Less talking."
 I pull of my pants for her. She puts something to my lips. "Will you drink this for me?"
 I nod and sip it obediently. Then, everything goes black.


I sit at the table. They say revenge is best served as a cold dish. I am so thinking this
when I hear Damien yell, "Salem Rogers!"
  He comes running outside, dressed in just shorts. I laugh. "Yeah?"
 "He kissed me!"
 "I'm assuming you mean Darius?"
 "Then that's a personal problem, sweetheart. What you need to do it straighten that out
with Darius. You knew he likes you."
 He glares at me. "Yeah, but you got me nacked, drugged me, and left the door wide open
for people to view me!"
 "Well, you shouldn't have been so eager to take your cloths off, Damien."
 He growls at me. "Salem, you're a bitch."
 "And that's a bad thing?" Kenzi asks from behind me. "Hey, Say-say."
 "Ken-ken!" Damien says, holding his hands out towards her.
 "Yeah, Damien, hi baby," Kenzi says, hugging him.
 I pretend to gag. Damien might as well be wagging his head. Dave growls. "Leave Ken-ken
 "Good going, Kenzi, what'd you do?"
 "Oh, I, um, made a love spell to take allt he boys that used to like you, like me."
 "Wow. Damien really liked me and just didn't want to sleep with me..." I say. "Awesome!"
 "C'mon, Dave. Damien, stay with Kenzi."
  He pouts. I pull him towards me and kiss him. "C'mon, big boy, you need a shirt on
before someone faints."
  I like kissing Damien. What I don't like, is the funny feeling of being high. Hyper I
can do. High is waaaaaaaay uncomfortable. I wrinkle my nose at the idea. Damien grabs my
waist and puts me on his shoulders. I shriek. Good thing I changed to shorts before I let
him on display. "Are you mad at me?" 
 "Forgive and forget?" 
 "Don't you mean, 'until you do me wrong and then I can hurt you again and it'll keep
going on until we stop'?"
 I laugh. "Yep. Don't like Kenzi, okay? She gets on my nerves."
 "I can't help when she's around. It messes my brain up like that spell you used when you
almost seduced me."
 "What spell?" I ask.
 "You didn't use a spell?"
 "No," I say. What spell?

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wow that was like dramatic/suspence/awsome/cool/totally cool!lolz that was amazing!

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"Hey, kid," Damien says, peeking through my door.
 "What?" I ask, looking up irritably from my book.
 "Whatcha doin', Kid?" he asks.
 "Reading, Damien. Something you would do if you had a brain."
 "Are you PMSing?"
 "What the heck do you want?"
 "Can I give you a hug?"
  I go back to my book. Eventually, he sighs and walks out.
I’m running. He’s running behind me. The hottest guy in the history of hottest
guys. He’s tall and slim with white-blonde hair that sweeps over into one of his
blue/green eyes. He’s wearing a navy blue shirt, collar up and blue jean shorts. He’s
so pale. Why is he chasing me? How did he find me in the middle of the night?
  I turn my head around and barely miss hitting a tree. A limb hits me from behind. I
whimper but move forward. No stops. He’s only teasing me anyway. I’ve seen him run. He
could catch me in the blink of an eye. Why is he humoring me? Am I just a toy he wants to
play with until he can get what he wants?
  I turn to see another boy. He’s taller than the first, but darker, too. He’s
russet-colored. He has long black hair and his features are blurred. Why is that? He’s
way more muscled and shirtless. Normally, I would stop to ogle, but I can’t. The first
guy, the blonde one, stops in alarm. But the russet one pursues after me. 
  “Get her,” he growls to the blonde.
  The blonde grins an evil smile. He shows me to pointed fangs. He licks his teeth and
comes after me again. The other boy changes to a wolf. I scream and keep going. I’m
dead. I stop right at the edge of the forest. The trees are too tight for me to go
anywhere. The only way out is back through them. 
  I collapse onto the ground. “What? What do you want? I don’t have anything!” I
sob. “Let me go.”
  The blonde tilts my chin up. He speaks to me. His voice is mesmerizing, but I don’t
hear the words because of an angry snarling behind me.
  That’s when the wolf jumps over his head, fangs bared, right at me.

 I'm about to go to chapter three when my door opens again. Damien smiles. "I missed
 I glare at him. "Damien! What do you want? I'm busy!"
 "Come play with me," he says, pouting.
 "Fine. What do you want to play?"
 "Uh..." He smiles. "Depends. Where do you want to play? It can't be at school. My house
or yours?"
 "Both," I respond tightly. "You go to your house. I go to mine, get a shotgun, and come
back to yours!"
 He frowns. "Testy, you are."
 "Shut up, Damien!" I scream. "Why are you so aggravating?"
 He crosses the room and pulls me into a hug. "I love you, that's why," he mumbles against
my neck.
 "I'm so sure," I say, pushing him away.
 Doesn't help he's like four-hundred times stronger than me. He grabs me tightly. "No!
Listen, this is true love."
 "Yeah, whatever Damien. That's why you're screwin' Kenzi, huh?"
 "Is that what this is about?" he asks in rage. "Kenzi is nothing to me! She's nothing to
me, Salem. Kenzi is nothing, she will always be nothing. Ever since the day I got you, it
was like love."
  "Sure, you seemed to hate me."
  He ignores me. "No, but it wouldn't help my case if I fell in love with you and you
didn't love me either. Kenzi just messes with my head when she's around due to that spell.
But, you Salem, you mess with my head without the spell. And you don't even have to be
around me!"
  "Why wouldn't it help your case?"
  "Never rush into the things too early. You were innocent--at that moment. I had to wait.
Kenzi rushed you, but I was going to wait. I can't help but love you," he whispers. "That
day, it got to me. I didn't mean to."
  I push away the tear in my eyes. Do i love him? I don't know. I bury my face in his
chest. "Okay."
  "Okay what?"
 "Okay, I love you, too."
  He smiles. "I know."
I walk around the corner looking for my new undercover boyfriend. I see him. He's kissing
someone else. Kenzi.
 "Did you talk to her?" Kenzi asks.
 He smiles. "Yeah. Can't wait till I break her heart tomorrow at the dance." He grins
evilly. "'I love you too'," he mocks. I narrow my eyes and listen.
 "She's so gullible," Kenzi says. 
 "I know. You're not even using the spell anymore," he says.
  I turn and run back to my room. They don't know. They don't. Keep fucking with me, and
tomorrow won't come for them. I sit on my bed in silence. 
  I know what I have to do.

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duuude!thats awsome!write more quick!i wanna see what happens!!!!!! 

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