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This RP takes place in a high tech future. The people dress up, wear over the top makeup, and you can relate it to the style of The Capital from The Hunger Games to help visualize. The setting is taking place mainly in California, USA which is where all characters will start out. You are able to venture wherever you want during the RP. California has turned into star central - literally. The most stars are taken and brought to California because some celebrities have taken to keeping them for energy sources, servants, and to basically do whatever their 'master' says. Once the stars energy has run out, they will become very weak and will die not long after unless released back into the sky to sleep for a couple hundred years or more to gain back their life source. Some people forget to release the stars and therefore the star dies, without ever able to regenerate. Constellations and stars are put on the market for good money and are usually found available only every once in awhile due to the lack of hunters still surviving. •••••• The setting is basically the Galaxy. There is land, unseen from human eyes, but their sky is the deep space. Light is immense and never goes out due to so many stars around giving off a soft light - it is not blinding. Up in the sky the stars have Houses. Houses work like this: A main constellation runs the household (they are more castles or temples with a greek appeal) and the stars that make up that constellation live within woth their 'King', the whole constellation. Example: Orion is the King of his House, and the stars that make up the Orion constellation live with him like his family. 'King' is usually just a title used for being a leader of a House. Constellstions can take in stray run of the mill stars into their houses. They are able to take in as many stars as they want but they cannot leave for another House. The Zodiac constellations have the biggest Houses considering their emmense power. The stars making up the Zodiac constellations are also in their designated House. Zodiacs can only take in a select number of stars because of they didnt their house would be over crowded with lone stars wanting to come in. At most a Zodiac House can take in as many as 10 lone stars, carefully picked by the household themselves. You have to have a will, personality, and enough energy to their liking. Not all Zodiac houses have the same critiria. ••••• If I forgot anything or it isnt clear enough just ask questions below!!! This is the whole idea of things
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