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Castle Miraven (Grp #19)

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5 December 2013, 01:25 AM   #1
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Welcome to Castle Miraven. The castle is placed in the middle of Miraven, separating the kingdom into two sections. The castle is so enormous inside and out that not even the King and Queen themselves have been everywhere within it. Inside the castle is luxurious and all the rooms sport gold and black color themes. Lillian, Princess of Miraven, is kept inside the castle and is forbidden to even step foot outside of it. Talk of Lily is very common throughout the kingdom as she is now 18 and suitors have begun to visit her from other kingdoms.
Lillian "Lily" Lamonia / 18 / Princess of Miraven

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Lily sat at her window seat with her crossed arms laid upon the window pane and her head
rested upon her arms. The window was open and the gentle breeze made her hair sway side to
side, back and forth as it hung out of the window. The breeze was always constant outside
her room for her room was located in one of the higher towers of the castle. She sighed as
she watched the kingdom from below; from where she sat, people and other small things were
not visible but just a glimpse of the kingdoms buildings was enough to make her heart
yearn for liberation.
Lillian "Lily" Lamonia / 18 / Princess of Miraven

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Erik ran a hand through his hair as he walked through the town. It was all so familiar to
him. His eyes laid on the castle that he yearned to visit someday. If he was royalty, he
would be wanted. He would be able to be loved by someone. He walked up the path to the
castle. When he got there, he laid by a tree and started to read his book. He couldn't
stand being around his parents. He wanted to be taken in by a royal family tat would maybe
give a shit about him. His real mom didn't even want him.

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Lily wanted to yell out her window but she couldn't find anything worthy of
shouting. Instead, an idea rose to her and she quickly withdrew from her window. She
walked over to her writing desk and pulled a sheet of paper along with a quill and an ink
bottler out from the drawer before she began to draw. Once finished, Lily observed her
masterpiece which just so happened to be a very fancy and proud looking hawk with large
tail feathers. Before she knew it, the drawing dissolved into the paper and vanished
before reappearing beside her. The drawing had transformed into a real hawk with dark blue
and green feathers. Lily took another sheet of paper and wrote down the words "Greetings
peasant, I am Lillian Lamonia, Princess of Miraven. Might you know what day it is?" in big
letters and gave it to the large hawk before it flew out the window with a loud screech.
As it reached the ground, the hawk landed before the first being it saw, a young man who
was reading under the shade of a tree.
Lillian "Lily" Lamonia / 18 / Princess of Miraven

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Erik sawk the hawk and he looked at it curiously. He read a letter attached to the hawks
talon. He stood up and looked from where it came from. When he saw a shadow of a girl in a
window, his eyes widened. He stroked the Hawk's wing and wrote down "its Tuesday, June
19." He retied the note to the talon and said "bring this back to her." He watched it fly
toward the window. He was watching the girl, curious about her but when he saw some people
coming, he ran off. He was trespassing after all.

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The hawk took off with the paper in his talon and flew upward to the tower. Once
the hawk perched itself on the window pane, Lily took the note from the hawk and read the
reply. She looked up from the paper with a frown on her face and before she could even
think, the Queen slammed open the doors to her room with a cheerful smile on her face.
Lily turned around slowly "Good morning, mother." she greeted her, the word mother was
still very uncomfortable with her and it showed. "Get dressed Lillian, today is your
Coming-of-Age ball. Every suitor from each kingdom across the land will be attending
today. You must look your best!" Her mother told her with a firm voice as she walked over
to Lily's wardrobe before opening it and observing the dresses inside it. Lily huffed at
her mother but she payed no mind to her daughters quiet protest and pulled out several
dresses, laying them on her bed. "You only have a few hours until the ball, make sure your
ready before then." the Queen walked over to the door and slammed it shut. Lily stared at
the dresses, wanting to throw them all out the window. "I'll make my own dress.." She
muttered to herself before pulling out another sheet of paper from her writing desk and
began to draw.
Lillian "Lily" Lamonia / 18 / Princess of Miraven

7 December 2013, 09:21 AM   #7
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Erik got home and heard his parents screaming at each other as usual. He walked into the
living room. He saw his father hit his mother and he got in between the two. "Mom! Dad!
Stop it!" His father hit him to the floor. "Stay out of this Erik!" Erik tried to argue
with his parents but they wouldn't hear it. "You know what! I'm done!" He walked out of
the house. He wandered the town and saw carriages approaching the castle. He ran up the
castle path, staying out of sight. He walked around the back of the castle and saw a back
entrance. He slipped in, trying to stay out of sight from everybody. Every time he heard a
servant, he hid quickly. He saw groups of people walking into a large room. He followed a
group into the ballroom. Once in, he split off from the group and smiled. It was so
beautiful. he wandered around the ballroom, looking at everything with excitement.

7 December 2013, 09:59 PM   #8
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Lily finished drawing up the dress she planned to wear to and the image dissolved
into the paper and then reappeared on her bed. She observed it, making sure it was to her
liking before getting undressed and putting the dress on. The dress was an pale peachy
strapless ballgown with a corset like top that had a sweetheart neckline and it hugged her
body to elegantly flaunt her curves. The lower half of the dress had a few ruffles here
and there but nothing too much. The black sash divided the top and bottom portions of the
dress and there was a neat little bow in the back; the dress fit perfectly, she did make
it after all. Lily sat at her vanity and began to do fix her hair into an updo when a maid
popped her into the room. "Almost ready, Princess?" The maid asked Lily, observing the
girl fixing up her hair. Lily didn't reply. "There are lots of handsome gentlemen out
there. I'm sure all of them would make a suitable husband and king." The kept talking
until Lily turned her head and shot the maid a glare. The maid, taking the hint, quickly
left. Lily groaned and continued to work on her hair.
Lillian "Lily" Lamonia / 18 / Princess of Miraven

7 December 2013, 10:06 PM   #9
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Erik's eyes met with the Queen and he said "oh crap!" He realized that she knew he didn't
belong. He ran out of the ballroom and up some stairs. He knew he shouldn't have came here
but he couldn't help it. He couldn't stand being home anymore. He didn't care if they
killed him for trespassing. As long as he could spend one night around all this royalty.

7 December 2013, 11:22 PM   #10
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After finishing her hair, Emily stood up and examined herself in the vanity's
mirror before turning to the hawk that was still perched upon her window pane. "How do I
look?" she asked the bird and it squawked loudly in reply. 
The pitter-patter of tiny feet filled the hallway as Daisy
skipped down the hallway. As she skipped she passed an unfamiliar face, she slowed down
just a bit to get a good look at him. Daisy stopped as she reached the boy and the small
doll looked up at him "You're not a servant, are you? You most definitely don't look like
a servant." She said with a sly smile.
Lillian "Lily" Lamonia / 18 / Princess of Miraven

8 December 2013, 08:01 AM   #11
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"I'm not?" He looked at the doll curiously and smirked. "I sneaked in..." He grinned and
touched the top of the dolls head to make sure its real. He seemed to look around. "I ran
away from home and came here."

8 December 2013, 03:31 PM   #12
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 Daisy giggled. "You're gonna get in a lot of trouble if anyone finds out!" The
doll spoke like a small child. She paid no attention to the boy's hand on her head for she
was used to people touching her to make sure they weren't going mad.
Lillian "Lily" Lamonia / 18 / Princess of Miraven

8 December 2013, 06:49 PM   #13
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Ooc: Sorry the last one was so short. xD I typed it in the morning at 7 because we were
having an early christmas party with my whole family so my creative juices weren't
flowing. Plus, it was on my phone.

"Are you going to keep it a secret?" He winked at her. He let out a light laugh. He
flipped his hair out of his eyes and heard some servants coming by. "I'm sorry but I must
hide. Don't tell anyone a commoner like me is here. Alright?" He ran down the hall and
panicked when he heard them coming closer. He went into the nearest room. He sighed in
relief. He turned to see a strange girl with long blond hair and blue eyes, only slightly
older than him. His eyes widened by her beauty but he quickly grabbed her and covered her
mouth in case she screamed. He whispered in her ear "no one can find out I'm in here." He
paused for a few moments before asking "are you Princess Lillian, the one that sent the
note to me?"

8 December 2013, 07:10 PM   #14
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ooc: its no problem 

"No promises..." The doll replied with the sliest evil grins as the boy ran away.

Lillian released herself from the boy's grasp. She hated surprises and it made her rather
angry. "Who are you and just what do you think your doing here? What gave you the right to
touch me?" She spoke with a raised voice, obviously too angry to reply to what the boy had
said. Daisy came running after she heard Lily. "Daisy, do you know this boy?" Lily asked
Daisy as the doll stopped beside her friend and maker. "He's a commoner, Lily! He's not
supposed to be here! He's trying to hide!" the doll replied. "A commoner, huh? The
punishment will be quite severe if they've found out you sneaked in the castle and an even
more severe punishment if they find out you've spoken with me. It would be best if you
just left." The princess turned around and began to walk down the hallway and headed for
the ballroom, Daisy following her. As much as she didn't want to attend the ball, she had
to for her parents threatened to her with banishment.
Lillian "Lily" Lamonia / 18 / Princess of Miraven

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"They can kill me. No one will give a shit. Especially not my parents." He sat on the
window sill and stared out the window. The view from the window was beautiful. He ran out
the room and yelled "wait princess!" He grabbed her wrist and was about to say something
when a servant screamed. His eyes fell on the servant and she yelled "commoner!" His anger
flooded through him and he hit the servant to the floor. "Silence," he hissed at her. He
spoke like royalty but was definitely a commoner considering what he was wearing. A few
servants came running over to her and they said "go notify the queen that we have a
trespasser." Erik's eyes were cold and he said "what are you going to do? Call my parents?
They would tell you to kill me. I'm not their legitimate child anyways. Torture me? Kill
me? I'm not scared of death. I welcome it. Now go tell your Queen all about how I touched
your precious princess but you can't kill me if you can't catch me." He ran off.

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