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18 April 2012, 10:20 AM   #1
The Founder~Snow
Joined: 1 Feb 2012
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To bring things back to life.... here ya go. :DDDDDD


Gareth~Former Prince, assassin, and current soldier of the royal guard

19 April 2012, 03:23 PM   #2
Guest Poster
Algana shivers it's so cold.

19 April 2012, 03:24 PM   #3
Guest Poster
Aglana shivers "It's so cold"

19 April 2012, 06:12 PM   #4
The Founder~Snow
Joined: 1 Feb 2012
Posts: 2733
Dimitri walks through this village wearing his mysterious black cloak. He was given a job
to kill a werewolf. He hadn't fought one in forever so he happily took the job. He
accidentally bumped into Aglana and quickly apologized "sorry, miss." He seemed in a rush
since he quickly walked past her.


Gareth~Former Prince, assassin, and current soldier of the royal guard

19 April 2012, 06:44 PM   #5
Guest Poster
Daiki walked swiftly but still calmly down the sidewalks, eyes straight ahead, hands in
the pockets of his school uniform. He was thinking, as usual. He reached a street corner
and stopped to rest, moving out of the way of the other pedestrians as they swarmed by. He
let his eyes wander a bit, taking in the array of people, cars, and buildings. He knew
this city like the back of his hand, but nevertheless it was constantly changing, growing.
The streets were never exactly the same.

19 April 2012, 07:22 PM   #6
The Founder~Snow
Joined: 1 Feb 2012
Posts: 2733
He found a man who he immediately sensed was a werewolf. He fought the werewolf for a bit
and then finally killed him.


Gareth~Former Prince, assassin, and current soldier of the royal guard

20 April 2012, 10:00 AM   #7
Guest Poster
Aglana went to a near by coffee shop. She saw Dimitri kill the werewolf.
After she got the coffee she went to the corner where Dimitri walked into her.
"If he came from this way he should be walking back this way," She thought.

20 April 2012, 11:03 AM   #8
Guest Poster
A strong smell of blood hit Daiki suddenly and he wrinkled his nose in disgust, looking
for the source. He saw a man in a black cloak standing over a pile of... Something. He
started on his way again, heading towards the man but only because he had to pass him to
get home. The rock he felt in the pit of his stomach seemed to grow heavier with every

20 April 2012, 02:28 PM   #9
Guest Poster
Aglana formed an invisable shield around her for protection. She could feel the
anticapation of something.

20 April 2012, 09:29 PM   #10
Guest Poster
OOS: Sorry it's so long. I love these kind of things and kinda get carried away.
Daemen was sitting across Flex with Flex drinking water and Daemen drinking Vodka. Flex
looked dissaproving at Daemen. Daemen laughed at his expression and took a big swig of his
drink which just made Flex roll his eyes at him. After slamming down his glass he looked
up at Flex, his oldest friend. 
"Come on Flex, live a little. Just because you're an arch angel doesn't mean you can't
drink. It's not like you'll get drunk." 
"It doesn't matter. I personally don't find it appetizing is all." Daemen just groaned. 
"You are 412 years old and yet you have done just as much with your life as a 13 year
Flex gave out a small hollow laugh and looked down at his hands. 
"I've done much more, my friend, I assure you." 
The moment grew too intense for Daemen so he just nodded and looked around the bar. It was
a human bar this time and was quite empty which struck him as unusual. Usually it's
plentiful of sweating and hollering humans ready to jump in bed with the first person they
saw. Two girls sauntered in wearing barely anything and spotted him and Flex. Daemen
nudged Flex's foot and silently nodded his head towards them. We have company.  
"Any of you two looking for a good time tonight?" One of the girls drawled. Daemen was
about to answer when he heard Flex suddenly stand up and walk out the front door. The
girls looked after him in bewilderment and looked back to Daemen. 
"We say something wrong?" 
Daemen smiled at the two women sympatheticly. "Oh no. He just broke up with his girlfriend
and is very touchy is all. I'll go after him." It was so easy to lie Daemen thought to
himself. After waving goodbye to the two women, he walked out the front door out to the
cold and dark sidewalk. Something was up with Flex and that worried Daemen. Flex never
acted that rushed and rude unless something was going on. Too lazy to walk around
aimlessly and look for him, Daemen closed his eyes and concentrated. He concentrated and
his friend's scent, trying to locate him. After a few seconds of waiting, Daemen caught a
direction and started to follow it. It was only until walking a few feet that he smelled
it. Werewolf blood. Daemen wrinkled his nose. The scent was purely disgusting.
Werewolves were Daemen least favorite creature. Personally, he wasn't a fan of dogs.
Turning the corner he found Flex standing at the mouth of an alley way staring at
something. Daemen quickly went over and was almost knocked over by the wretched scent.
After recovering, he looked back and saw the corpse of a dead werewolf with a man standing
over him. 
"What in the world?" Daemen cried out.

21 April 2012, 12:14 AM   #11
Guest Poster
Daiki saw another man approach the prone figure and cry out. He furrowed his brow, but
kept his head down and continued. No use calling attention to himself, especially if these
men were as dangerous as he felt they were. There was something odd about this whole
situation, especially the fact that no one else around him seemed to pick up on it. At
least, they were hiding their reactions like he was. Daiki doubted this though. People
weren't that smart.

21 April 2012, 08:19 AM   #12
Guest Poster
Flex intently stared at the fallen werewolf. Anger boiled up inside him. He looked over
at the man who was now just staring at him. This was a job. Clenching his teeth he slowly
stepped over to the werewolf and knelt down. He heard Daemen step up behind him and place
a hand on his shoulder. Flex looked up at Daemen to find him looking at the werewolf with
"Rodrick Santion. 31. No family or friends. Wanted by many for repeat accounts of murder,
thievery, and rape. He won't be missed." 
His voice was soft and melancholy. Daemen was trying to tell Flex that this one would be
okay and it won't matter but he's wrong. Every death matters to Flex. Either it's anger or
nonchalance it always matters. Closing the eyes of the man out of respect he stood up and
stepped away. Now, it was Daemen's turn. This is the kind of thing he does. That an Angel
of Death does anyway. Daemen bent down and placed his hand on the chest of the werewolf.
He was trying to find the soul. The job of an Angel of Death is basically how it sounds.
They are in charge of collecting the souls of the fallen and sending them on their way. He
is also the guardian of the otherworld; a world full of lost souls unable to move on.
Suddenly, Daemen stood up and backed away. His face contorted with anger. 
"Who do you work for, creature?" His voice thick with malice and anger. Flex came up
beside him, curious as to what angered him. Before he could speak, Daemen spat on the
ground and clenched his hands into fists.
"He is missing something. And you're scent is the only one I smell on him."
Flex grew confused. What did he mean something was missing, Flex thought. Daemen's
job recquires only one thing and-. It clicked in Flex's mind.
"The werewolf doesn't have a soul."

21 April 2012, 03:43 PM   #13
Guest Poster
Aglana stood in amazement. The werewolf smelled horrible. She saw everything from Flex
and Daemen to Daiki, who was the fathrest away from where she stood.

21 April 2012, 06:09 PM   #14
Guest Poster
Daiki couldn't make sense of most of what was going on, butthat thing on the ground... It
was a man, and he was dead. Why weren't there police rushing to the scene, or even people
freaking out? This was insane! He tried to remain calm, eyes darting between the others
involved, but all were ignoring him completely except a girl, who had noticed him for a
moment. Daiki stopped walking, deciding he probably should find out what was going on
before leaving because his curiosity would only bother him for ever if he didn't

21 April 2012, 06:13 PM    #15
Guest Poster
Last edited by ‹Maïa›, 21 April 2012
annabelle walk down the streets of the city trying to something new to write about. She
had visited most of the city now but nothing had interested her, nothing was new.
Annabelle saw a female figure standing in the distance and doing nothing, she look a bit
like a statue and in front stood even more statue looking like figures. It was strange to
see people standing still in the city. Annabelle walked up next to Aglana and stared at
what the girl was looking at. "Wow.." she said in amazement and took out her book right
away to write what she was seeing, it was the first time she had seen a werewolf. She had
notice it was a different creature than a human because all she had been studying here
were humans and that creature was more than just human.

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