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[ Novel . ] Unamed right now.

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So I just started this and the frist chaoter isnt done but I wanted to see how it people
like it so far.

I know I have things wrong in here. Do not tell me.
I ran through the gates of the institute, wind blowing on my hair, making it fly back than hitting the back of my neck. All I could hear in the background was people yelling my name to come back. “AbbyGail.” Than another “AbbyGail.” five seconds later. Once the yelling was a distance away I stopped running, taking deep breaths to catch my breath. I didn’t know where I was but I was in the middle of nowhere, I knew that much. I walked straight from the spot witch I was standing. It was now drizzling, than some hail than some pouring rain. By the time I saw some houses I was already drenched. I walked a couple miles to reach the houses but I finally reached them after a couple of hours. I walked into a hotel they had and just frowned, people in dresses were all there. It must have been a fancy party. I marched right up to the counter to get rooms and said “One room, for how many nights is unknown.” The person giving the room key’s just laughed “With what money lad?” I dug my hands into my pockets and took out some change; apparently it gave me 6 nights, cheap hotel for 6 pennies for 6 nights. I took my room key and headed to my hotel room. I opened the door and it was really too much for 6 cents. But I just shrugged and shut the door heading to my bed. I fell asleep with no problem and awoke during the night hours. The digital clock had said 12:38 when I awoke, but I laid there in silence until it reached 1:10. I stood up and walked out of the room grabbing the key on the way out. Shoving the key into my pocket I bumped into someone and glanced up, it was a well dressed man with a grin on his face. He had short brown hair, and looked quite muscular. Than me on the other hand my long blonde hair ratted in tangles, still wet from the rain and in rags. Looking like a slave in front of this wealthy man. He took one look at me and shook his head. I knew I was a mess but did he have to show it? “Well, madam you seem like you had rough night. Do you need some clothes? Maybe give you’re a hair brush as well. I can take you shopping tomorrow and make you looking in top shape by the noon.” He said walking past me motioning for me to follow him. “Ah, well Okay...” was all I said as he walked away. He struggled with his key, looking at the door number and sighed. “Wrong room, again.” He said under his breath. Maybe hoping I didn’t hear it. He walked with the clack of his black shoes to a room next to the one he had been at first. As he unlocked the door he pushed me from my back to go into the room. I was scared but I went in anyways. His room was fancier than mine. He must’ve paid 6 gold coins for this room. He walked in after me walking to a mirror he said “Come dear girl. I must do your hair.” I did as I was told and he took my knotted curls and started brushing. It hurt but I didn’t say anything, once he was finished I looked in the mirror and I didn’t look like myself anymore. I didn’t know how to explain how my hair was but it was how the fancy people wear it the most. It was in an up do, which was all I knew. The man than walked to me witch was just a couple feet. “In a couple hours at 10:00 o’clock is when we will go shopping.” It had token about like 4 hours to do my hair. But he than grabbed a bag. It was full of makeup I looked confused at the bag and just shrugged. “They have these in each room that is 6 gold coins.” He explained to me as he put it on me. My face now was clear of any pimples I had in sight. My eyes were a bright blue cause the eye shadow brightened my eyes. I also had a light layer of eye liner on the bottom of my eye. My eye lashes were very full and luscious. It now had just struck ten as the man said “We will start with shops in walking distance than move on to driving distances.” As we walked people all looked at me weird, I had a face and hair like a queen but my clothes all looked like dish rags. We arrived at a store called “Beauty Queen” the man said “This is wear all the best dresses are at.” I followed him into the store, the dresses were amazing. I laid my eyes on a blue one that seemed it was going to be a tight fitting dress that you laced up in the back. I tried it on and it looked amazing. This man had done wonders for me. I couldn’t have done the whole thing by myself. I walked to the man after he brought the dress and I had put it on. “Sir, what might your name be?” the man stopped and looked at me. “My name is Jason Chance.” He said rubbing a wrinkle out of his brown suite. He than looked down at me “And you name might be?” My eyes find his and I smiled “My name is AbbyGail Fisher sir.” He nodded his head as he eyed the dress on me. He seemed as he approved but it I didn’t care if he did or not. He gave me 10 gold coins and set me off after we reached the hotel. “We will see each other again wont we AbbyGail?” he asked with a slight grin on his face. I nodded my head and walked to my room. That man had given me 10 gold coins and my looks were prefect. Nothing could ruin this moment until I heard a knock on the door. I looked through the peep hole and it was the people from the institute. My heart stopped beating as I closed my eyes and heard a key in the key hole. I hid under the bed with ought breathing. After they thought I wasn’t here they left with a huff and puff. I knew they would find me one day and bring me back to the institute, but today wasn’t the day. I met Jason and I started to like him. He was a fine fellow and I like fine fellows. He was a once in a life time man. I deiced to walk to his hotel room as I knocked He opened the door very slowly. “Who is it?” he said in a soft voice. “It’s me AbbyGail.” I saw his eyes peep through the small crack of the door. As he opened the door I thought I saw a smile on his face but it was a frown. He pushed me to the mirror and my hair fallen all on my face. “I can fix that and we can go to dinner.” I nodded my head and smiled. He just asked me to dinner, oh told me I was going with him. But it didn’t matter to me; I was getting my date that I wanted for the whole day. “It’s a date” he said as he finished fixing my hair. I smiled at him and he kissed my check. He seemed to be moving fast for just meeting me but I was okay with that little kiss. With that a hour later we were on the road driving to Red lobster. It wasn’t the fanciest place in the world but we both liked it a lot. As we got our table I noticed that there wasn’t many staff working so I knew this would be a slow date. But I was fine with that of course. I mean I wanted this date to last as long as it could.

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