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Room 324: Kouta Nakamoto

19 July 2011, 11:08 PM   #1
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Welcome to his room, Have a ball

19 July 2011, 11:29 PM    #2
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Kouta adjusted the dark tie wrapped around his pale neck quietly. Quiet groans escaped his lips as he stood on the chair of his (non-working) Computer. He browsed through the books boredly. Where was a good book when he needed it? Just about everybook there was already read by him. He looked at the windowless wall with distate. "Unpleasent" he said getting down and walking to the bare wall. He traced his hando over a window should've been. It could've complimented the room quite nicely. "Oh well" he sat down on his bed and laid back. It hadn't even been a month since he'd been there and he still wasn't used to being here. Perhaps he was homesick? No..he didn't even know where home was anymore. He couldn't eat here, maybe that why he had become so skinny. But He didn't mind. Kouta sat up with frustration. Perhaps he needed some company? No that wouldn't do...Kouta was a lone wolf, seperated from the pack. Ever since his birth parents tried to get rid of him. He was suddenly filled with hatred, for this school, for his parents, he had 3 sets of parents..Birth, adoptive, and kidnappers. If he wasn't adopted this all wouldn't of happened. He would be at home..with his parents. Probably with a better attitude and a little puppy. Ugh he needed a smoke. "Lets see.." he stood up on his bed and got a little white box down from a shelf. "There we go" he opened the box and pulled out a small pack of cigarettes. "Perfect" he grabbed his lighter and lit the cigarette before he put the lid over it and set it back on the shelf.

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