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I Hate You...Don't I?~01~

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9 July 2011, 02:23 PM    #1
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This for a challenge on quizilla.But quizilla is being an a$$ hat right now and deleting
my sh!t >:/

Alistair Luff.This has lots of bad words so ye' be warned!Also this is a video game
challenge!This is the prologue/chapter 1.Check my journal for info.

A/N:This happens before the showdown in DA:O.Your sister Mira is hard of hearing.You have
always been her translator and you are always together.You can't imagine life without
her.You have a pretty good life.Pretty.When your mom gets angry though it makes you re
think everything.Your mother has a temper.She yells and slaps you at least once a week.You
are only 18 and your sister is 23..Your mother keeps trying to find you a man yet you
always defy.When some mysterious grey Warden appears looking for recruits your near
perfect world shatters.


Mira:Has short neck length chocolate brown hair.She has shimmering green eyes.She usually
wears long elegant dresses.She always has purple,black,and white on them.She loves
orlesian shoes.

Personality:Happy and fun loving.Doesn't let her hearing impediment get her
down.Sarcastic,funny, and loving.

Lynn:Lynn is more of the rebellious one.She has a lighter caramel hair with chocolate
brown eyes.She insists on cutting her hair above her ears in a boy fashion.She usually
wears girly/dainty head bands. She likes to wear pants(when allowed)if she can't she'll
wear a skirt to her mid knees.she loves the colors pink,purple,black,white,and sword

Personality:Lynn is very rebellious.She is somewhat passive aggressive and somewhat hard
to get through to.She doesn't usually believe in love.She does have a soft side although
she rarely shows it to strangers.She's motherly,funny,rude*sometimes*,very
blunt,nice,caring.She does have a secret her sister can never know:She loves Alistair just
as much as her sister...maybe even more than he in certain aspects.


Lynn and Alistair POV

"No.No..NOOOO!!Your going to be okay!"I cried as I was rocking back and forth with my
dying sister in my arms.I couldn't believe it.We killed the thing but as it was dying and
she was walking away the thing pierced her chest with it's tail.She was bleeding
internally and there was absolutely Nothing we could do to save her.

"Lynn oh my god...I..what....I was suppose to die not her.." Alistair mumbled in shock.He
stared at the dying woman still in shock."What happened I was right there knowing it would
kill me not her!I.."h was processing the shock of the dragon and what just happened.He
remembered the push her felt right before the dragon s tail should have killed him.When
the young man put two and two together he looked at me with pity.

"You...are the reason my sister is dead...She died for you knowing that I loved you and
that I..I..I..HATE YOU!.,"I picked up my sword and ran at him.My moves daft as I swung
halfheartedly at him."Alistair the next time we meet after the blight I'll finish the
job.I won't be so forgiving.I won't kill you immediately but but I will.Trust me."I
dropped my sword and watched as he ran.I heard Mira cough and ran to her.

"Why did you do that.He loves you.You are going to have a good future together and you let
him go.I will die in vain if you hold your grudge."She started to cough blood.I knew it
was her time.Tears fell down my cheeks one after the other.

"May..the maker guide you sister.."I barely choked the words out as her body convulsed,her
breathing sped up and she went still.I screamed until I couldn't.After that I could barely
speak until my friends finally cheered me up.

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