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16 June 2011, 12:57 AM   #1
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 Roleplay room for flywithme and shady.

16 June 2011, 02:07 AM   #2
Rayne Harder.
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 45
 Green leaves canopied the sky, blocking out the sun for the most part, or
at least what was left of it from the rain. Birds chirped high in the treetops, and brown
trunks were peeling all around. The ground was wet from recent rain, though there were
some dry spots here and there. Grass, if any, was scarce, and it's unknown why any horse
in their right mind would travel through the forest to begin with. Birds hid from the rain
and any passing animals, chirping wildly from the treetops that towered above the earth. 
Rayne trotted skillfully through the pattern of trees, as though she'd been there a
thousand times over. However, that would be wrong. Rayne'd only been through the area
twice, and why she'd come back a third time was news to the mare. 
She flicked her tail and came to a stop, huffing as she found a small patch of bright
green grass that stood out like a sore thumb against the dark brown dirt. Rayne lowered
her mouth and pulled a chunk of the sweet, luscious leaves from the ground, closing her
eyes and taking in the lovely taste of the treat. 
She lifted her head and tossed her mane, which was matted from rain. Despite her name,
Rayne absolutely hated the wetness. It messed up her mane and made her fur smell.
"Hurry up, slowpoke!" she called to the stallion that still had some catching up to
do. Falcon and Rayne had known each other since they were both young. Falcon was a colt
when Rayne was born, and the pair had been inseparable since the day Rayne was born. 
She looked back and flicked her tail, "If you don't hurry up, I'm going to eat it
all!" the mare teased.

16 June 2011, 11:54 AM   #3
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 75
A dark canopy hung overhead and only made his curiosity worsen as to if
this mare was sane or not. He'd been here once, and sure as all didn't want to return.
Obviously his will meant nothing, considering she was the louder of the two. Falcon stayed
far behind, ready to turn and bolt like the wind out of the forest and back into the open
fields. That's where he liked it, not cramped and crushed by erect logs.  The only good
thing that came to him when he came here was the cuisine. The leaves and grass and apples
were divine. Heck,
the first time he was here he ate a pear and two strawberries. 
When he heard a familiar voice his ears pricked up and listened, he bolted in her
direction, dodging trees and shrubs with the swiftness of an eagle and slowing to a
playful trot around a tree to stand in front of her. He leaned down and nipped at her
little meal. He swallowed and tossed his head up, his black mane flying. He tossed about
his tail as his feet stumbled under him, trotting about, weaving his way through the
It was so densely forrested on the outside it was almost hard to get in. As you moved
toward the center the trees became more spread out and easier to move through and there
was even a spring. The spring tasted sweet, he was sure that if it was in the center of
anywhere else it wouldn't exist because everybody'd drink it. In his own mind he'd dubbed
it the fountain of youth, but he wasn't sure if it had those kinds of powers. He wished it
did though. He stopped and waited for her, keeping his head high as something moved off in
the distance.
The biggest probable downfall to coming here was that big critters did live here. Once
that liked horse meat just as much as they did any other animal. Bears and Puma's resided
here, and maybe a few wolves and yotes. There was definitely foxes, too. Those were all
over the damn place but they minded their own business and kept putsing along. They knew
they couldn't get a single bite out of the horses so they didn't bother unless there was
already a fresh kill. And honestly, from what Falcon gathered, they hated horse meat.

16 June 2011, 12:14 PM   #4
Rayne Harder.
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 45
 Rayne perked up her ears as she heard the fast-paced sprint of the
familiar stallion. She couldn't tell where he was at, though, and when the running
stopped, she looked around, cocking her head before gasping, not having expected him to be
in front of her. She backed up a little, obviously scared. "Why would you do
that?!" She asked, tossing her mane around so that it fell neatly to one side. 
If there was one thing Rayne was particularly proud of, it was her mane. She was never the
prettiest mare of the herd, and was often dubbed the outcast, but when Rayne left, there
was nothing she had to care about. She was free.
When something moved not too far away, the mare glanced at Falcon, "Which way do we
go?" She asked, obviously concerned. Rayne absolutely hated other animals. Deer she
could live with, but anything that could possibly try to hurt, kill or eat her, she
feared, and my god was it obvious. She stayed still, trying not to move or give off too
much of her scent so that they wouldn't be detected. "Falcon." She said sternly,
"Answer me!"

16 June 2011, 12:22 PM   #5
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 75
 Falcon watched the frightened mare and cocked his head, "Forward." he said
bluntly, "Never go straight, go forward." he told her as he reached his neck out to her,
brushing his nose against hers and taking a step towards her and nipping at her ear
Falcon's tail flicked, "Relax. I've got you." He started in front of her into the
ever-winding trees. He constantly checked back at her, his black eyes getting covered by
his long forelock. He tossed his head to rid it behind his ears and moved forward under
the dense canopy until the trees were more spread and light flooded in through the cracks
and imperfections in the cap. 
He slowed down when they approached the small clearing and turned back, facing her. "I
told you." He said, a stingy smell passed his nostrils, he raised his head. 
Falcon looked around, and then it was gone like the wind. He lowered his head once more
and ran his nose over the ground, his whiskers gracing the little blades of grass and
leaves that rested upon it. He took a big mouthful and swallowed it, moving closer to the
water with shuffling hooves under chest. He looked over at her, "Ease up."

16 June 2011, 12:39 PM   #6
Rayne Harder.
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 45
 The mare nodded, "Forward." She repeated hesitantly, flicking her
ears as he nipped at them. She huffed, suddenly a little more comfortable that he was with
her. Rayne followed close behind the stallion, constantly glancing around to make sure
nothing was following them.
Each time he looked back at her, Rayne gave her companion a worried expression, though he
didn't seem phased at all. She, however, was scared out of her wits, and could hardly take
two steps when they reached the clearing.
The mare stayed tense, she was still afraid of something following them or tracing their
scent, even though she was half focused on how beautiful everything was. 
She shuffled forward awkwardly, "You're sure nothing's following us?" She asked
hesitantly, lowering her head a little.

16 June 2011, 01:06 PM   #7
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 75
 The stallion looked at her, "I'm sure." He told her as he moved close to
her and brushed his body against hers. He groomed the smaller mare, walking around her and
fixing her mane. 
"I don't see why anyone would hate the way you look." He told her, walking over to the
water and stepping in slowly and wading in it. The cold against his hooves felt good as it
seeped up and along his fur. He moved a little closer into it, far enough that it came to
his front knees. His tail floated like little reeds on the water, and his hooves clicked
against the rocks underwater.

16 June 2011, 02:56 PM   #8
Rayne Harder.
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 45
 She closed her eyes, letting him groom her as he pleased. "Thank
you." She murmured, trotting forward to the water. The mare lowered her head and
submerged her mouth in the spring, swallowing a mouthful of water. Rayne shifted and
lifted her head, stepping into the water hesitantly. She waded out until she stood beside
him, her own tail floating freely in the clear liquid. Rayne nipped playfully at his ear
and tossed her forelock behind her ears with her head so that it wasn't such a bother.
"Payback." The mare teased.

16 June 2011, 03:37 PM   #9
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 75
 Falcon smiled as she nipped at him and then moved deeper into the water
until it was at his throat. He poked his head under and blew bubbles with his nose. He
looked around and then came back up and moved toward her. He got out and dove into the
dirt, rubbing the dust all over his body until he was caked in a brown powder. He got back
up and let out a huff of pleasure and laid down. He watched her in the water and lowered
his head when she came up. 
"You're so childish." he told her teasingly.

16 June 2011, 03:58 PM   #10
Rayne Harder.
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 45
 She flicked her tail, the water splashing up onto her rear end. She
watched as Falcon rolled around in the dirt, which looked like extreme fun. She waded
until the water was at her own throat, then going beneath the surface and coming back up
quickly, she wasn't all that much a swimmer to begin with. 
Rayne followed Falcon, rolling vigourously in the brown powder until it caked her body.
She laid beside him, snorting at him and sticking out her tongue. "So are you." She said
just as playfully, "You're more childish than I am!"

16 June 2011, 04:09 PM   #11
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 75
 Falcon watched her and grinned, his tail flicking. He leaned back against
her, his legs straightening out as he put most of his deadweight on her. He got up and his
ears pricked at the sound of twigs snapping. A stingy scent, the same one he smelled
before, crossing his nostrils. They flared and he backed up when a puma came at him with
claws extended. 
The cat pounced on his back and he reared up and almost lost his balance, feet stumbling
below his hefty weight. He dropped down onto all fours and then kicked out his legs,
bucking like he'd gone mad until he got the animal off. 
When the cat came off it got down and stuck it's rump in the air, tail wagging. It pounced
back up and latched onto his neck when he reared up once more. He tossed his head, biting
the cat in it's shoulder and the cat hissed and went flying into a tree. He ran over to it
and stomped his hooves with rage, huffing and rearing up once more, the cat letting out a
screach as he stomped on it's tail. It slipped from under him and ran like a bat outta
He stumbled away, taking in a big breath as the powder stung his open wounds. He had
gashes from the horrendous bite and open slits in his muscle from it's claws. He glanced
at the frightened mare and stepped with a limp towards the water and submerging himself to
rid himself of the dirt and grime.

16 June 2011, 04:46 PM   #12
Rayne Harder.
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 45
 She shifted for comfort, supporting both her own weight and Falcon's. When
he got up, she did the same, "What is it?" She asked hesitantly, fear snaking its
way up her neck. 
Rayne watched in terror as Falcon bucked and flung himself around. She snorted and
squealed, backing up a little, her ears laid back. She had no clue what to do, or how to
get the cat away, but she was too afraid to try and move anyway.
When the puma darted away, Rayne stared at falcon. She slowly approached him,
"Falcon.." The mare whispered, "I'm sorry."

16 June 2011, 04:49 PM   #13
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 75
Falcon lowered his snout beneath the water and took some in his mouth and
swallowed it. He tossed water over his wounds with his nose and winced at the sting. He
looked over at her, "Why're you sorry?" he asked, once he was clean besides the drips of
blood that snaked from his wounds he climbed out of the water. He kneeled down onto the
ground and then let his back feet slide forward so that his back leg was beside his front
leg. He looked up at her and closed his eyes, shifting a little for comfort.

16 June 2011, 04:59 PM   #14
Rayne Harder.
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 45
 Rayne sighed, "because I made you come." she explained, "I
could've stayed in the field like you asked." The mare huffed, lowering her head.
"Are you okay?" Rayne asked hesitantly, afraid he'd say no. 
Rayne cared so much for Falcon. Maybe even too much, she didn't know nor care to figure
out. All she knew is he was her best friend, and she could see them mating somewhere down
the line. In her head, they'd be perfect together. they'd make adorable little foals and
she'd be an amazing mother, Falcon an amazing father. But she'd never admit that. It'd be
too embarrassing.

16 June 2011, 05:12 PM    #15
Joined: 15 Jun 2011
Posts: 75
 Falcon watched Rayne and sighed, "I'm fine." He told her as he then forced
himself to stand back up and walk slowly towards the edge of the small clearing. "Let's
get back out there so I can sleep this off." he told her and trotted with a limp through
the trees.

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