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So I basically wrote part of this story, because well I was having writer's block. This
is however basically the way how high school started for me. Even the very beginning is
similar that I am pretty sure my friends would know that it was like my life right away.
Then all of a sudden somewhere between it all it changed from being similar to my life to
something that I don't recognize.

So yeah, I will probably never continue this story.

Comment and enjoy!

	I have always hated and love the first day of school. I was excited and excited to get
back to seeing my friends practically every single day, but I always hated school. I hated
school so much that even the teachers started to hate me. Oh, well, I can’t make
everybody happy.
	But that first day of school, was special. It was the first day of high school. It might
seem kind of scary to you, but really it wasn’t to me. I have an older sister, who is a
senior, who showed me all around the school. I knew where all my classes were, and I knew
not to piss off the upper classmen. I also knew a lot of pointers, so I was perfectly
prepared. But I did not expect what happened that first semester.
	I woke up with my eyes pretty red. Needless to say I didn’t get very much sleep. I got
up, and went to take a shower. After my shower I got dressed in my clothes. It took like
the whole day yesterday to pick them out. I was going to wear cloth shorts that were
tie-dye and an orange shirt with a white cami underneath it.
	I finally went downstairs to brush my hair and put my bangs up in clips. I decided to
wear white flip flops. I was almost ready to go, but I grabbed my folder. For the first
day of school you should only bring a folder with a notebook (in case you have to take
notes) and a pen or pencil. I was ready to go, so me and my sister walked down to the bus
	Since I was so nervous I could not stop talking, which is pretty sad to say. I just kept
talking and talking. Even when the bus came and picked us up I still kept talking! Ugh, it
was horrible. I sat with my friend, Lily, who is a junior. Lily and I talked about our
summer and let’s just say we both had an interesting fun filled summer.

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