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The Music of Professor Layton

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23 September 2010, 02:08 AM   #1
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The music definitely made me a bigger fan of the series. I'd have to say my favorites are
"Time Travel" from Unwound Future, the theme of Diabolical Box, and Iris ~ Shiawase no
Hako. I'm trying to play the last by ear on the piano and it's coming along. 

What are your favorite songs from the games?

23 September 2010, 02:19 AM   #2
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Puzzle Battle theme from Three, Nighttime in the First, puzzle theme from the
first, and, of course, Professor Layton's theme. <3
"I challenge you, Professor, to a game of wits!"

23 September 2010, 02:28 AM   #3
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Yes, I do love Puzzle Battle and Professor's Theme as well. <3
But his theme is a bitch to play on the piano, at least with the sheet music I have. T_T

23 September 2010, 06:31 AM   #4
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i like iris! And on the train in pandoras box >:D yeh

23 September 2010, 11:35 PM   #5
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I'm stuck between The Great Don Paolo and Professor Layton's theme as my favorite

4 October 2010, 05:40 PM    #6
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Memories of St Mystere and the Don Paolo are good, but I love the main theme the best.

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