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WRITING:Short story:Untitled

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6 May 2010, 11:03 AM    #1
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I gazed out at the silver dots against the black midnight sky. I remebered back an
hour ago, when my mum and dad were yelling and abusing me, and thought wha I was
about to do served them right. I slipped out f bed, put on my slippers and, tying
one end of my blanket to the bed post, I threw the blanket out and watched it tumble
through the still air. It didn't reach the ground, but close enough for me to jump.
Then I had second thoughts. I sat on my bed, wondering if I should run away or not.
I suddenly realised I felt hot. Hot? It was December and a thick blanket of snow lay
across the once green grass. A cloud of smoke entered my room and through the gap
udner my door I saw red and yellow flickering flames. I gasped. I kenw if i opened
that door to scream a warning to everyone I was a goner. So I screamed from inside
my bedroom. I screamed at the top of my voice. But the flames were starting to come
through the door and I had no choice but to escape. I quickly jumped out of my
window, frantically grabbing at the blanket rope I had made. I managed to grip it,
but my cold hadns were slipping and I tumbled through the cold air onto the snow.
Shivering, I stood up. I had hurt my wrist, but that didn't matter as I watched my
house crumble to black bits. I gave a violent yank at my blanket and wrapped it
around me. I heard the distant siren of a fire-brigade. But they were too late. My
parents were dead and no matetr how much they hit and slapped me I missed them.
Frightened and angry, I darted off to the woods. Who knew what lay there for me, but
I couldn't stand watching the horrific scene take place any more.

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