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story...memories from the heart 1

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21 August 2009, 11:49 PM    #1
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Aria = heroine(aka main)
Josh=loved one
Madilyn=best friend(aka adviser)
Mayella=enemy(aka flirter to  Josh)
Here is the story...
      I've been in his class...His same class every year..His name is crush..he
sits in beside me every year.Today he finally talk to me...
      "Hi Aria,"Josh said.
      "Hey Josh,"I said.
      "How r u?"
      "do u want to study at my house with my friends and ur friends?"
      "yea sure."
      "Invite all ur friends especially  Madilyn."
      "oh okay..."
      That quick chat changed my life...
      I got my mom to drive all my friends to Josh's House.We had a good time when we
studied.After we all that we played games like truth or dare.Until my friend Hailey said
that we should play spin the bottle!I was nervous and excited at the same time
because i wanted to kiss Josh so  i can tell him i like him...Bailey got a plastic sprite
bottle and said for me to go first,so i spinned the bottle but it spinned everywhere but
it stopped and landed on to josh...
      "Uh oh..."I thought to myself.
      "Kiss Kiss Kiss!!"Everybody besides me and josh chanted repeatedly.
       Josh shrugged his shoulders and had a blush in his face.We both came closer to each
other and kissed with a lip lock.In my mind i thought that we were kissing with big
passion.We stopped the kiss and just went with our business.After spin the bottle every1
went to play outside.Josh and I stayed in.
      "I can't believe that we kissed,"I said.
      "yea i thought that u would forget that"Josh said.
      "Well we kissed how can u not forget that?"
       "ur right haha"
      "Well I kinda*cough*ke*cough* u."
      "i lu lu like u."
      "i kinda too"
      We looked at each other and i just smiled right to him.
      "Well let go outside or else every1 will think that we'll be going out..."I said.
       We went outside and played until it was time to go.Josh ran and gave me his email
and number and then i told him ill email him a message.
      At home i went to my laptop and emailed Josh that i like him since i was little.
Hey Josh
      How r u?I like u since i was little...I miss u already...Well wat type of
relationship r we going to be as?Seceret?Showy?just reply or tell me at school.
     I slept and thought of Josh in my dreams...I do luv him >_<
Well i forgot to say wat grade they r...
Every1 is in grade 6.
I forgot to tell who these characters i forgot to say...
Bailey and Hailey(aka twin sis and aria's friends that think a lot of romance)also they r
the ppl who made josh and aria confess to each other.
On the top just shows the characters that will be mostly be in the story.U'll see how the
title will connect to josh and aria in each story of memories from the heart...drama love
romance funny and just soo much luvs<3
About the author:kittysnow6
I was a girl living in the big city...I had a life without my dad.So im really more mature
than a 11 year mom had to work a lot(2 jobs)so i had to be left at home a
lot.nothing to do but just write stories.with a vibe or power in my brain,I had creativity
run everywhere every night...its a thing i full of drama was just the only
thing i can write about says kittysnow6 when she told imom.(lol)
I dedicate this mostly to my crush...u really want to know?Melven-Nathan.Hes my childhood
friend and my crush<3I luv u Melven!!^_^

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