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+ Rules of Posting Art

10 July 2009, 04:57 AM    #1
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1. Limit yourself to posting three arts a day (same as drawing three times a day)

We don't want you to suddenly spam OB with your art. The more you spam a lot the less
people will be able to look at your art and give good criticism. So take it slowly. Don't
post tons of pictures all in one sitting. 

2. Only post one art per topic
Things like your little 'Oekaki Bunch' where you store your oekakis and update the topic
when you have new oekakis... they are very messy and hard to organize. So I would like to
ask that whenever you draw one picture, have only that one picture in only one topic. That
way it is not messy and the person who wants to critique you do not have to go through a
hundred pages of your art and the comments and critiques that are given. 

3. Keep non-oekaki/non-Kupika drawn art small
For example you can post your drawings here using a picture hosting site (imageshack,
photobucket, etc.) but please make sure the resolution/size of the picture is no more than
500 pixels wide. There are some users that have trouble downloading pictures so keep it

4. Talk about your art
Sadly, it's mandatory. Tell us about how you drew it, what troubles you faced, what you
don't like (because we don't want to repeat something that you know), and what you liked
about it. It's like a self-critique and it makes criticism from other people less harsh
because they become aware that you aren't ignorant to the possible problems of your

5. When replying to comments or critiques do not double-post.
Double-posting is when you post in consecutive order (one after another) without another
person between your posts. It's highly unnecessary since you can edit your posts when you
see that you are missing something. 

Quite different from DeviantArt, you must compile all your replies in one post, most
likely using the format of: 

@ person A: -reply to the person's comment/critique-
@ person B: -so on so forth-

6. Take all criticism to heart
It's rather unfair if you ignore a person that has given you excellent criticism and tips
just because 'you don't like the way they sounded'/you don't like the harshness of
it'/'you don't like the person in general.' 

They gave you a detailed review of it, you should at least show appreciation. 

If I run into any problems of the forum, I will edit this post.

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