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TITLE: Emily's Plan (DONE -- Please comment!)

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I had to do this story for school, but it is a pretty good one so here you go:

“Emily Flower get down here right now!” yelled Mrs. Flower, Emily’s mom.
	“What?” yelled Emily still upstairs.
	“I need your help.”
	Finally, Emily comes down the stairs.
	“Okay, but hurry, I was watching the rainforest.”
	“All I need you to do is take out the trash, and do the dishes.”
	Since Emily lived in South America by The Amazon Rainforest she could look out her window
and see it. 
	“Fine!” Emily started with the trash then moving to the dishes. Once Emily was
finished she went back upstairs to finish her sixth-grade homework, and watch the
rainforest. When she got upstairs, and looked out her window she saw that something was
wrong. She couldn’t just figure it out, so she finished her homework. Once she was done
she said good night to the rainforests, and when to bed. 

*						*					*
	The next day Emily woke up, and went to school. After school she came home, and rushed
upstairs to look out her window. This time she knew what was wrong. Some of the trees were
missing. She thought she was crazy, but then she took a picture of it. She took an older
picture and found out she was right. Right then she rushed downstairs, and went on the
computer. She found her answer and she could believe her eyes. All of her life she loved
the rainforests. Now she couldn’t believe that they would be gone in the future. Emily
though some one has to change this. Emily went to bed without her doing her homework and
she couldn’t get to sleep. 
*						*					*
	The next day Emily went to school, and got double the homework when she returned home.
She looked right out the window. Emily couldn’t hear the tractors, but she saw the birds
fly away from what they thought were their home. Poor birds Emily thought. Then Emily got
a brilliant idea! She could send a piece of paper around and ask people to sign it to save
the rainforests. She was so excited she typed up the piece of paper. Then she put it in
her backpack for school tomorrow. Finally, when it was time to go to bed she could sleep
at all. 
*						*					*
	The next day Emily, asked everyone at school including the teachers. Mostly everyone
signed. You would think 500 people signed, but her school was small. She only had 100
people who signed. To Emily that made her really proud. Finally, the big one: her parents.
She figured dinner would be a good time. To pass the time Emily started on her homework. 
*						*					*
	Finally, dinner came:
	“Mom what do you think of the rainforest?” asked Emily.
	“Amazing, but also one of few places we get food, paper, and my favorite chocolate,”
said Mrs. Flower. 
	“So, you like the rainforest?”
	“Yes, but we have to damage it sometimes.”
	“Okay, and dad what do you think?”
	“Same as your mother,” said Mr. Flower.
	“So you are saying you love the rainforest, but you would kill it if it means you get
what we need?” asked Emily. 
	“We do not kill it. We cut down trees, but we plant new ones,” said Mrs. Flower.
	“Oh! Then would you sign this,” said Emily handing her mom the piece of paper.
	“Wow! I never knew you were doing anything like this!” said her mom. Her dad did not
look too happy.
	“Yesterday I made it, and today I was sending it around school,” Emily said.
	“Next time tell us,” said Mr. Flower in a grumpy voice. 
	“Okay, but will you sign it?” asked Emily.
	“Sure,” said Mrs. Flower signing.
	“Maybe,” said Mr. Flower.
	“Why?” asked Emily.
	“We will talk about this later,” said Mr. Flower getting up and walking into the
other room.
*						*					*
	That night Mr. and Mrs. Flower had a talk.
	“Why wont’ you sign it?” asked Mrs. Flower.
	“Because you know that my job is to chop down trees for wood!”
	“But it is a good lesson for Emily!”	
	“I could lose my job for signing that paper!
	“Fine, do what is best for your job, not your daughter.”
*						*					*
	“Emily, come over here,” said Mr. Flower.
	“Are you going to sign it?” asked Emily.
	“Maybe, but I don’t recall telling you about my job.”
	“You see my job is to chop down trees and ship them to make paper.”
	“And I plant new ones. Look, that’s the reason I can’t sign your paper, and if I do
I could lose my job.”
	“I understand.”
	“Good, now off to send that paper of yours.”
	“Ok and bye!”
*						*					*
	Emily came home after she sent the paper.
	“Wow that took you longer than I thought you would,” said Mrs. Flower.
	“Ops, sorry,” said Emily. 
	“Well, we all make mistakes.”
	“You see I have a surprise that I sent too, but I had to get it done there or else you
guys would have seen it.”
	“Really, I hope it’s a good one.”
	“Oh, it is.”
*						*					*
	A few days later the Flower family had dinner.
	“Emily, we got your paper today,” said Mr. Flower.
	“Really? What did he say?”
	“That it was interesting, and he read it to us.”
	“Wait! Am I missing something?” asked Mrs. Flower.
	“Yep! You see when I sent my piece of paper I also sent them an essay. The essay was
about dad working, and that it was ok to chop down trees, because we need paper, and
wood,” said Emily.
	“I also, saw you changed your signers,” said Mr. Flower.
	“Well, kind of. I change the title to Plant More Trees,” said Emily.
	“Wow!” said Mrs. Flower.
	“And they are spending a whole day just to plant trees tomorrow,” said Mr. Flower.
	“Really?” asked Emily. Her dad nodded.
	“I am so proud of you two!” said Mrs. Flower. 
*						*					*

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