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Blood's Lyrics Chapter 2- Lucia's Lair

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24 October 2008, 11:36 PM   #1
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The floorboards squeaked under Evelyn's weight as she walked into the living room. "H-
Hello? Is anybody here?" Her voice quivered slightly with frazzled nerves. All she heard
was the morning birds tweeting their little melody outside. She then heard a shuffle and
whipped around quickly, thinking it was something scary and frightening. Instead, it was
her friend, Lucia. "Oh, I finally found you! Were you scared of me or something? Come on,
practice nearly started!" She sighed, giving Evelyn a quick hug. Her black hair glistened
in the sun, but she was just a half blood vampire, so the sun didn't affect her as much as
it did to Evelyn, who was a full blood or a pureblood, in other terms.
  "Ok, ok, just hold on... I have to catch my breath... Did you guys even make breakfast
for yourselves!? You're actually that dependent on me!?" She joked sarcastically,
rolling her eyes playfully at her. Lucia remained silent, but a big grin spread across her
face. " Just hurry up and come on, I'll tell the others you're here." Evelyn nodded and
walked into the kitchen. As usual, they barely even have food in the fridge... She thought
to herself, rummaging around for something to cook. Finally, she found some waffle mix and
made some for the band members. In no time, the aroma of the waffles she began to make was
sweet enough to make anybody who was hungry drool profusely. "Hard to go around like
this, filled with my sorrow...." Evelyn began to sing, making her voice sound lonely
and pure. Suddenly, the door opened to show Damian with his ripped up shirt and with his
guitar in his hand. "So... You comin' or what? I'm getting sick of that fish smell down
there." He said, his eyes twinkling at the sight of her.
  Evelyn blushed when she noticed him and turned away, focusing more on the food. Damian
walked up and hugged her from the behind, burrowing his head against her shoulder. "I
really missed you... life was boring without you..." He muttered in her ear, his warm
breath blowing on her neck and giving her tingles. "Ah, Damian, get off me! I'm sorry
alright!? I missed you too..." She said, shaking him off and facing his mysterious eyes.
He stared at her and smiled. "So, my punk princess, are you coming or what? The waffles
can wait, can't they?" Evelyn rolled her eyes and sighed, placing the spoon down. "Fine,
but if you guys start getting hungry then that's your problem. Now where's my guitar?"
  Damian chuckled and replied, "Your guitar is all fixed up, thanks to somebody in this
room who also happens to be your boyfriend." He grabbed her warm hand and practically
carried her down to the basement. He was right; It did smell like fish. Lucia and the
drummer, Tyler, were chatting in a corner of the band room. "You finally decided to join
us then? That took forever!" Lucia screamed, running up to Evelyn. Then they all quieted
down and started to get their instruments out to tune them. When Evelyn found her
instrument, she was amazed at the repairs he went through for her... just her. She grasped
it; It felt just right for her. " Thank you, Damian." She kissed him lightly on the cheek
as they passed. He blushed, and smiled warmly. " I love you." "Enough with the lovey-dovey
talk here, this is a public area here, not a drama moment! We still got to practice!!!!!!"
Tyler interupted, breaking the moment. Evelyn rolled her eyes at him and walked over to
the mic. " Okay, a one, a two , a one,two,three,four-!"

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I like it! It rocks.

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rockam sockam robots awesome!

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Oh thank you!!!!!         

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your welcome!

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Your welcome too :DD

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did you see my funny word play there?? hahaha

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ha I just got it I'm dumb... hahahahahahahahaha!!!!   

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Aren't i special

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Yes, yes, you are!

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Yes... I'm going to make Chapter three now!!!!

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never mind i meant tomorrow sorry!!!!!

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