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A book.........Title; AlOnE

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Staring out the window i hear my teacher call my name, "Mystique!" I snap back into
reality and look at Mrs. Milano, my math teacher. " What?" I ask flatly, she rolls her
eyes,"What is the awnser to pie times 3.35? AND NO CALCULATOR!" I just stare at her
blankly, a trick i learned in 4th grade. She scoffs, "DETENTION!! AFTER SCHOOL!! MY
HOMEROOM!!! FOR 1 WEEK!!!!!!" I just turn my head back toward the window, there is no way
in hell i'm going to that detention. Besides, i know why i'm the only one she picks on.
I'm not a cheerleader, i don't run, i don't play sports, and i sure as hell don't respect
all the jocks and preps in this school. In fact, im the opposite of what this school
wants, I have Orange-blonde-blue hair, cut short and spikey in back, bangs over my eyes,
lip pierced, black eyeliner, dark jeans, and long sleeves all the time. I  have a
disfunctional life, and if i had i family, they would be disfunctional too. The fact is,
my mom left me all alone with my dad, my dad left me all alone with my little brother,
Tommy, and my little sister, Chelsea. Well, my dad didn't really leave, he is just never
here, and when he is, he brings home strippers. After dreading on all day i went to
Lincoln Elementary to pick up Chelsea and Tommy. When i got there they were sitting on the
steps with their teacher, Miss Miller.  They are twins and do everything together, but
usually it involves me helping. We walked home and i got some hamburger out of the
freezer, at least we had food, because money was short in this house i  had to use
everything wisely, and work. "Im huuuuuuungryy!" I heard tommy whine and soon after
Chelsea was whining too.  the burgers were finally done and  i sat down to eat with the
kids, before leaving for work. At least they were 10, old enough to watch themselves.
After going to work and earning $2.50 an hour i went home to find Chelsea and Tommy asleep
on the couch. At least i could carry them to the only bed we had. 
The next morning i was called into the office and was told my father was there, to see me.
After i went into the principal's office i knew something was wrong. Dad was there with
Chelsea and Tommy, he must have gotten them from school too. After sitting in the office
for what seemed like forever we went home with dad and he told the twins to go in their
room. "Mystique Jade Mclauren!" he yelled and i could see his anger bubbling. "I havn't
had any goods in 12 days!" I knew what was coming,  goods ment, drugs or sex. He thought
he could get one or the other from me. "And guess who is old enough to get it for me?!" He
bellowed, making me flinch. "Daddy please!" I yelled feeling smaller and smaller with each
breath. He put his hand on my shoulder, making me shake with fear. then he pulled on my
shirt, grinning the whole time. I pulled away and his face went red. I went to the twins
room slammed the door and locked it. "Sissy! What's happening?!" Chelsea yelled and i held
up my finger telling her to be quiet. We went out the window and through the back yard.
And the whole time ikept thinking, so this is what its come to. And i think I know the
answer. My dad, My own dad, wants to have sex with me. No supprise though, i knew it would
come to this one day, and now, because of me, my siblings and i can never go back.
Suddenly reality hit me, not like a pat on the back, though, it hit me like a slap in the
face. We were 3 kids, ages 13,10,and 10, we had no house, no food, no water,and no
Soon,i thought, we would have no breath in us, we would be--DEAD.
And I think That's Exactly what dad wanted. So that he could have our leftover money all
to him self. GOOD! Let him have it, we'll...um...then the idea hit me...MOM! After walking
down all the back streets the twins were complaining, and it was killing me. Finally we
found a forest. "Well, guys, it's home sweet home now." I said, no so enthusiasticly. The
twins both had tears in their big brown eyes, "NO!" they screamed at once. Then i told
them something i shouldn't have, "We are going to find mom!" I told them.
 We then we all gathered pine needles and went to sleep. Luckily it didnt get cold at
night. When i woke up the next morning Chelsea was wide awake staring at me. "Chelse, how
long have you been up?" I asked sitting up. "I couldn't sleep and didn't sleep." She said
still staring at me. I hugged her, "I'm sorry, i am so so sorry!" We wouldn't be here if
it wasn't for me. and i knew that. "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME!" Chelsea said and i gave her a
smypathedic look. "Okay, but you guys are staying out of sight, i wil go in, get supplies
and get out, then we HAVE  to go. OKAY?" She smiled a little smile, i knew it was
fake.  "Okay." she murmered.

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Mystique is a very misunderstood character, the way I see it. :3 She seems cruel and sarcastic, but when the story climax's, you never know. :3 I like it so far, keep it up. ;D

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thanks missdori!

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