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The Sleep Glutton (Final Copy)

11 October 2007, 09:52 PM   #1
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    The Sleep Glutton.

                       They say he lives in the mist. Traveling with it. His eyes are said
to carry a spell of death with them. That's why he wears that mask. 

Some say he doesn't even exist. But, I know that's not true.   

...I know he exists.

Any one who has dreamt what I have dreamt would say the same thing.

I live in constant unrest.  I sleep in fear.

I am a hunter. A hunter who is hunted.

The Sleep Glutton is a dangerous creature. I don't know when he was created, or,
for that matter, how.

I only know that he lives...
in the watcher woods. These are the woods that you hear of kids getting lost in, the ones
where there are no traces of them at all, for these woods travel to
different places. But lately the woods have not left yet , I think that the Sleep
Glutton is looking for me. I am not fearful of this creature. Let it come.
Let him come and find me, for I will be ready. I am ready and waiting. 
My sister had always been a gentle one, a little too gentle to be let into the real world.
A few months ago she died. She died of a disease she got while she was helping an ill
person. If she had been a little less caring it might have not have happened. But it was
horrible to watch her die. The disease was horrible. it made her scream out in pain
whenever she got off meds. She'd grab her stomach and turn a dusty gray. The Gray
Disease... was that it? Mother would have been so troubled if she were around. Mother
always was upset when we were sick. She would always care for us, almost in tears. She
always feared we would die from our sickness but we never did. It's too bad she’s gone
now. I miss her but no time for sadness. I must find a new hiding place from the Sleep
Glutton. AHA!
How about....
the old warehouse! 
The warehouse...Memories...Her secret...
I shook my head. That’s not something to think about. I needed somewhere to go. The
warehouse is all I could remember. It was the only place, but every time I thought about
it, the warehouse, the memories, The Secret... The sleep glutton. I just couldn't help but
remember what I saw when I first saw the warehouse, first heard of the Sleep Glutton. I
was wandering with Sheila, my younger sister. She had been alive at the time. We were with
one of her older friends, who happened to be about my age. Her name was... Kira...Yes that
was it. Well, we were playing a game. I ran inside the warehouse with Kira, because I had
taken her “prisoner“. I put her in the corner and echoed “I've got her”, so Sheila
might find us. I saw something move in the shadows. I went over to Kira. She smiled at me
and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She blushed and looked away. I grabbed her hand to
relocate our hiding spot. I put her behind some boxes, and went out to taunt Sheila. "You
can't find her..." There was a loud scream. Sheila followed me to where Kira had been.
"K-kira..." She was lying on the ground, blood pouring out, with a message scrawled across
her arm. It said ,“This is only the beginning. Your life is going to become a living
hell just like mine did.”
I didn't understand that message, never will. Was the sleep glutton ever human? No, that's
not right. The scar on her became infected, and she died. I'm sitting around the old
warehouse. Got to find civilization around these woods. Got to find people. Or it'll get
me. But unfortunately the only city around this place is lost.
In ruins.
No one even remembers its name. 
All we know is survival. A way to keep living and breathing. 
A way to fight the Sleep Glutton.
A way to cheat death for one more day, only to have to fight it again tomorrow.
Some just quit. Some are sacrificed. 
I fight on.
What do I know about the Sleep Glutton?
It does not think. It does not feel.
It is just hungry; hungry for blood. Blood and life. He... or it... cannot live without
flesh. It has been said that he once fell for a human. But... it is just a rumor. Her name
was rumored to be Crystal. Ahhh...the name puts the delicateness of the Crystal I knew
back into focus. She was the kind of person who could beat anything, and yet faint at the
first sign of blood, her own or a friend's. How I miss her, but tonight the Sleep Glutton
will come for me, and I will not be here, nowhere in this town I know so well. I will be
in the ruins, the lair of the Glutton.
"You should rest master-" a soft voice came up behind me, causing me to jump ten feet in
the air. It was only Amelia, a robotic simulated person. Only one foot high with stubby
arms and legs...cute. I remember in our old town there were millions of these things built
 day, costing 7,000 dollars, but well worth it.  "Master..." She...It didn't know about
the sleep glutton. I carried it along in my backpack for practical purposes...and so I
won't feel alone. "No, it's okay Amelia. AURGH! I feel like I REALLY need information! The
Glutton's weakness!"
I added,” sleep mode,” to Amelia. I wouldn't need to haul that false company anymore;
talking to the robot was talking to myself, because she said what I programmed her to say,
nothing more. Tonight I would need nothing more than the clothes on my back and the sword
on my hip.
I WILL slay the Sleep Glutton tonight.
And after that one thought, there it was, the mist.... and lying and moving with it was
the Sleep Glutton. No doubt about it, he was coming for me. I knew that this was my time
to strike. This was my time to try to make up for all the lives it's taken. And then I
saw, amazed, that it was one of my friends, one of my best friends.... Kira.... I had
heard rumors that the Sleep Glutton had been "replaced" by someone around the time she
died. I stared straight into her eyes with the same kind look we had given each other so
many years before, but quite a different look she was giving me now...
But, I thought, it isn't Kira. The Sleep Glutton is a shape shifter, I am quite aware.
Able to take on the appearance of any whose blood and sleep it has gorged itself on. 
I reached for my sword...

The screams of many reflected in my ears.
My life before my eyes.
Loved ones gone.
Hope gone.
Life gone.
Need to sleep gone.
Being made obsolete.
NO! screamed every fiber of my being.
And I jumped up and plunged my sword into the creature's heart.
Only a whisper remained as it became ashes and dust on the wind.
Thank you.

12 October 2007, 04:39 PM   #2
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13 October 2007, 10:29 AM   #3
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Last edited by ‹I <3 kitties XD›, 13 October 2007
You know she didn't write it, right?
It was the chain writing that was on here.
And I'm the one who edited.
She was just reading over my shoulder.
When all are one and one is all,
When terrible leaders and cities fall,
When all hatred has been locked away,
Peace and love will be here to stay.

13 October 2007, 01:03 PM   #4
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i know she didn't write it.

I was just cheering.

In fact, i'm the one who MADE the writing chain. I suppose you didn't know that ''-_-

13 October 2007, 02:44 PM   #5
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I know she did most of the chain (i_ttly_heart_cats8193) and most of the editing...and i
didnt do anything on the chain except what my friend did... she is taking to much
credit!!! I hate you!!!(i_ttly_heart_cats8193 and/or my sis)

14 October 2007, 12:12 PM   #6
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14 October 2007, 09:05 PM   #7
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Oh yeah, you did make it! I just remembered...
And yeah, I did do a lot of the chain because nobody was writing.
When all are one and one is all,
When terrible leaders and cities fall,
When all hatred has been locked away,
Peace and love will be here to stay.

3 November 2007, 10:00 PM    #8
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yeah i was the one who is emmie's friend who wrote that part

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