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You Know You're Addicted to Cumming Lusty Library When:

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You Know You're Addicted to Cumming Lusty Library When:

You say "giggles" during a conversation with your colleagues /partner/friends instead of
actually giggling. 
You begin to think that it's normal behavior for one (yourself or another) to throw off
shirt and skip about topless around friends, family and co-workers. 
You set your alarm to get up an hour early just so you can see who is on. 
Your phone bill exceeds your house payment because you're still on dial up and this is the
only site you visit. 
You would much rather sit on LL than go out with your friends, afraid you might miss
something exciting. 
You refuse alcohol, in case you go to sleep early or wake up late. 
You make excuses to your hubby/wife for being home EXTREMELY late from work. 
You smell your dinner burning downstairs, but you convince yourself you actually prefer
that char-grilled taste just so that you can chat a little longer. 
You have five minutes before you must leave to catch your train, but you think I'll just
log in and say hello it won't take long. 
You blow off a meeting to stay and chat. 
You first get to a bar and you run in with your top off, singing at the top of your voice
and slapping everyone on the ass. 
You take someone in for surgery and panic when your laptop starts to die while you are
waiting, rush into the doctor's office, and beg to plug in. 
In your dreams you are actually TYPING weird conversations and sex acts instead of
physically doing them. 
Your hubby asks how much longer you are going to be, and you say just five more minutes,
but you have been saying that for two hours. 
You set your alarm clock earlier than necessary in the mornings to have time to check the
site before you have to start the day. 
You are 20 minutes late for work because you were in LL and you only work across the
You are seriously considering sitting on the roof in the pouring rain with your laptop and
an umbrella desperate to find a wireless connection. 
The word cyber-drama enters into your vocabulary. 
You are going away for an overnight trip with your new man and you seriously consider
taking your laptop to check in. 
You are thinking of creative things your hubby and kids can do on the weekends just so you
can stay home in peace and log in. 
You consider it far more important to catch up with your Lusty friends and post in this
thread than submit your report for work. 
You call your Lusty friends to find out what is going on when you can't log in yourself. 
You teach your kids to cook so you don't have to get offline. 
You forget to have dinner altogether because you are busy chatting. 
You go away for a dirty weekend and take your laptop with you so you don't miss anything.

You walk around your house to do chores, or cook with your laptop in hand, afraid you will
miss something. 
You try to act out one of the recent stories you read on LL with a coworker and then ask
everyone else in the office to rate your performance. 
You come up with creative excuses to stay at the condo on vacation so you can secretly log
You wake up first thing, roll over, grab your laptop, log on to LL, and look up to find
it's already 5pm and you haven't moved. 
You wake up briefly at 3 am and consider logging on just to see who's there. 
You discover it is possible to almost burn your house down cooking an artichoke because
you were so distracted with LL. 
You burn almost every meal you cook because an hour seems like five minutes on LL. 
All you are thinking about it how and when you can post all over your stories and how fast
you can type one handed. 
Your husband catches you constantly on your pocked PC attempting to read when you are
waiting in line at the grocery store. 
You drink coffee so you can stay awake longer. 
Every time you have a crisis you feel the need to consult your Lusty Library family. 
You wonder if there will be wireless service in the wine valley where you are spending a
night, then wonder how hard it would be to balance your laptop on your horses neck as you
go trail riding.

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that is so true

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