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a little thing about GOTHS

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what is GOTH?

This is probably the hardest question any goth could try and answer, one may as well ask
'what is society?' as it has so many facets it defies any definitive explanation.

Goth in its simplest form, is a subculture. A group of people who feel comfortable within
each others company. There is no specific thing that defines what you need to do or be to
fit into the goth scene (except of course the implied black clothing). People in the goth
scene all have different musical tastes, follow different religions, have different
occupations, hobbies, and fashion sense.

How do I get into GOTH?

This is the simplest part of the page. Go check out our Community section over on the
left, and use it to find out whats going on in your local area. Goths tend to be accepting
and open minded. Just turn up to a club or event wearing all black and your already in the
goth scene. You'll pick it up as you go along (just a hint though, lay off the vampire

The gothic sense of humour is highly developed, and often leans toward the satirical.
Quietly laughing at the more idiotic and less tolerant factions of society that seem to
think yelling out of cars at us makes them cooler. Goths have learned to laugh at
themselves and see society in a much different light. They have had to, and it is a trait
most would not give up.

Goths have for the most part (not unanimously of course, but mostly) dropped all forms of
prejudice. Noone is afraid within the goth scene to come out as being gay, and noone has
to hide their religion for fear of scorn from their peers or zealots wanting to convert
them from the arms of Satan. In fact because of these facts (and the general lack of
prejudice) the goth scene has a large proportion of gays/bisexuals, and followers of
non-mainstream religions and views. This of course is the most important aspect of
gothdom, and why most goths became goths in the first place, tolerance.

But they think weird!

Ah, but this is the beauty of goths. Most subjects that are taboo in 'normal' society are
freely discussed and debated about. Death, religion, magick, mysticism, and many other
topics that are only roached carefully outside of the gothic community. Most goths have
realised that fear is only a reaction instilled in us by dogmatic propaganda, and once you
realise there is nothing to fear from the topic, whats to stop you discussing it?

Goths often revel in the fear given to them by society as a whole. Often the behavior
exhibited by society to them based on society's perception of them from stereotypes,
rumour, etc are a constant source of entertainment. Of course, most of the rumours are
totally unfounded, goths are people like everyone else, however when you already have a
reputation, going for the shock factor is often far too tempting to see how much society
at large is willing to believe (or deduce) with only a little encouragement.

This does not totally fall away once you get inside the scene unfortunately, and goths are
all too often tempted to try for the shock factor within the scene (which turns out more
tacky than shocking). Goths when you get down to it can be a rather pretentious bunch,
trying for those extra 'goth points' on the gothier than thou scale, but it adds to the

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