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Republic City

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City Landscape "In contrast to the other major cities of the world, Republic City is a true modern urban center. The city has developed the architectural sophistication to construct taller buildings, resulting in significant high-rise development. Stylistically, the city generally incorporates traditional ornamentation with far more advanced structural techniques, but there are some departures from what is considered traditional, such as City Hall and the Pro-bending Arena. Despite this, there are still landmarks built in the traditional style, such as Air Temple Island. Beneath the city there is an extensive tunnel network. The metropolitan area is divided into many boroughs."
©Legends Of Korra Wikia Here's a better understanding of Republic City By the way here's the currency that LoK uses.
Chen Kaidong;24/Earthbender/Merchant/Black Hair Ponytail/Light brown skin
Raizen;52/Airbender/Monk-Mentor/Bald with reddish brown mustache-beard/Tan skin
Esha Taori;33/None/Equalist/Long Black Hair Bangs Centered/Brown Skin
Nirupama;50/None/Equalist/Long Dark Hair,Bunstyle/Brown Skin

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A tall male, with hood pulled to cover his face, walked into Republic City. He usually avoided the big cities, but he needed some supplies. And he would never admit it, but when he was little, his dream was coming to Republic City. That dream died when his father did what he did. This is where his father lived beforehand. Ever since then, he thought this place turned people evil. Yes, it was a silly assumption, but if you were in his position, you would understand more. Just a quick visit, he thought to himself. He had no intention staying here long. He had a job to do. He was on a mission and he was more than just determined to finish it. The male, Charles, sighed a little. He didn't know what to buy for food. Everything looked so good. Maybe that was because he had been out of food for a couple days. He needed to learn to pack better. He would've hunted, but there was nothing. Nothing at all. It was weird. He shook his head and walked up to one of the fruit stands. He loved fruit. And meat, but that wasn't the case right now. He bought some fruit and put it into his backpack that hung loosely over one shoulder. He took one apple and took a bit. "Mmm~" he moaned, satisfied to have something in his stomach. He was so hungry. A man his size should not go without food. At least for Charles. He was also weird, so it might be different for other males like him. Before he noticed, he had polished off his apple. He needed to get something else more filling and save those apple for later. He looked around. Hm. He stopped by a few more stands before going and renting a room for a few nights. He might as well just see what the place was like. A little part of him was hoping Republic City wasn't as bad as he thought it was. He wanted to it be a glorious paradise as he thought it was when he was younger.

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A slender builded girl, Sena, walked into Republic City and had her hands in her pockets with her head faced towards the ground. She took a deep breath as she continued walking and she could smell the fruit of a fruit stand as she walked past Charles. Sena continued to walk around the city and she looked around for something to do before she went to her normal job. Sena walked past an equalist riot and she paid no attention to them like how she always did. She already didn't like having to talk to people but it was all because she thought that they were all being immature and being full of themselves. Her whole life she hated people that were full of themselves and she especially didn't like it when people would shun her because of what she was. As she continued walking she walked towards one of her favorite book stores and she began to look at all of the books that she could read. Hmm, this looks like a good book to read, she thought to herself while holding a book that told about the Fire bending kingdom. She walked up to the counter and she bought the book before she walked out of the store. She began reading while walking and didn't pay any attention to where she was walking because she was so immersed in her new book.

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     Papers taped to the brick walls of the old buildings fluttered softly in the
cool breeze as crowds of people jostled by noisily glancing at it and walking away. Only a
few people paid closer attention to the posters plastered to the walls, and one of those
people happened to be named Chen Kaidong. He always wanted to know what was going on,
despite his carefree nature. Hey, it's good to know what's hip and happening if you want
to be a good merchant, right? It allows you to attract more customers that way. He reached
for the paper and yanked it off the wall holding it firmly in his rugged hands and gave a
side smile. "Join the Metal Bending Police Force to Improve the Safety of the Town" It was
a registration for metal benders to join the police force. Chen neatly folded the paper in
his pocket and gave a slight frown. He moved his earth bended backpack full of merchandise
 from his back over to the side in a shape of a huge sphere. And walked off with the rock
ball following him steadily.

    The smell of fresh fruit drifted in Chen's direction. Ah, he hadn't eaten for quite a
while. He saw a boy around his age standing over by the fruit stands as a female fire
bender reading a book walk by in front of him. He stood and stared in that direction for a
bit debating on whether or not to go buy some fruit. He was hungry after all...The sent
drew him closer and closer to the stand, and before you know it, he was there standing
next to the boy unsure how the heck he ended up here or what the heck he was doing. He
absentmindedly payed for a delicious looking apple and sunk his teeth into it. It felt so
good to eat that gorgeous round spherical Malus domestica, er, apple. Just a plain
apple. He chewed thoughtfully as he wondered where he should stay tonight. He drew papers
out of his pocket that had information about various Inns and Taverns. He could beg Raizen
if he could stay over at the Air Temple, but he seemed to be a bit busy now'a'days doing
his on thing.
Chen Kaidong;24/Earthbender/Merchant/Black Hair Ponytail/Light brown skin
Raizen;52/Airbender/Monk-Mentor/Bald with reddish brown mustache-beard/Tan skin
Esha Taori;33/None/Equalist/Long Black Hair Bangs Centered/Brown Skin
Nirupama;50/None/Equalist/Long Dark Hair,Bunstyle/Brown Skin

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Sena continued walking but had a little bit of trouble with reading because of her dyslexia. She walked over to a little store and just leaned against the wall as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. After having to look at the words really hard to be able to read it she was starting to get a horrible headache and she sighed. She looked around as she crossed her arms and held her pointer finger at where she stopped reading. She kept looking around and just kept watching all of the people walk by her. She looked over and saw Chen before she looked at her feet. She saw a pebble and kicked it which made it fly a little bit into the air before making a clattering sound on the ground. She leaned her head against the wall and looked at the sky as she stared into space.

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A young boy by the name of Jin was at the farmer's market, looking at Chen with a fair amount of curiosity lurking in his eyes. He had the faint outline of a scar on the right side of his face, a cap covering brown hair. In reality, this was a person named Eridan, the leader of a crime ring known as the Defective Dice. As long as they had their cowl down, no one would suspect a thing. They hoped.

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     The inside of this building was a bit eerie but mostly house warming. It was
an ancient temple built long ago by the City's old hero who is now deceased. The clocks
ticked loudly in the interior as the silence filled the room. Occasionally you can hear
humming or chants in the spacious hollow rooms as one meditates to distract his mind from
the outside world. Although, it wasn't always so deadly silent, you can hear children
acting up and misusing their bending and an old man yelling furiously at the brats for
destroying everything. But today, it was rather quiet. Only because it was meditating time
and and the children were rather sleepy in the morning and felt rather bored by the
silence. The old man, however, found the silence relaxing. He let out a long sigh as he
sat criss-crossed with his eyes closed feeling content. A woman loomed over him and called
out to him. "Raizen, darling, do you think you could buy a few supplies?" she said this
more imperatively than it should've been and waved a list of groceries in front of his
face. The old man, named Raizen, sighed and grabbed the paper gently from his wife. "Okay
Yenma....Dear." He risen up swiftly and unruffled his robes. He sauntered down the halls
of the temple and inspected the fine artistic value it brought. Such delicate designs...He
thought to himself and stroked the column and traced his fingers in the design briefly. He
left the beautiful architecture and used his airbending powers to propel himself into the
air and took out his hang glider to move with ease in the sky. He saw a city in the
distance and moved rapidly in the air to hurry up, get the groceries, and get back to his
meditating and monk teachings at Air Temple.

   Something felt odd Chen thought to himself. He saw a young boy stare intently at him.
It made him felt...Well, awkward. He shoved his papers back into his pocket and looked
back at the young lad. He chomped down at his apple and stared back at him thoughtfully.
What was he looking at? Was there a stain on his clothes? Is his hair that a obtrusive?
Maybe he wanted to buy some wares? He gave a giant creepy grin on his face and shouted out
"WELCOME, WOULD YA' LIKE A LOOK AT MY WARES?"at the young man as he unfolded the spherical
rock that contained goods and laid them out on the table. He had various items ranging
from weapons, to jewelry, and to completely useless things that people find fascinating
or...Useless. His eyes sparkled brightly and he was unaware of how, uh, conspicuous he
was. He waited patiently, in hopes he hadn't scared off his customer despite being well
you know,astounding.
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Chen Kaidong;24/Earthbender/Merchant/Black Hair Ponytail/Light brown skin
Raizen;52/Airbender/Monk-Mentor/Bald with reddish brown mustache-beard/Tan skin
Esha Taori;33/None/Equalist/Long Black Hair Bangs Centered/Brown Skin
Nirupama;50/None/Equalist/Long Dark Hair,Bunstyle/Brown Skin

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Jin, or as he was more well known as, Eridan, looked at the airbender and tilted his head. He would be a fine man to pickpocket, if they weren't in the open like this. He turned and bought a few small leeks and cubes of meat for the stew at home, putting them in his woven basket.

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 The young male went up to the room he had paid for. It was nice and roomy. For him at
least. It was better than a tent. It's also been a while since he had slept in a bed, he
kind of missed them. He set his bag down on the desk and looked around. It was a small
room. There was nothing much. A window, bed, and a desk. That was all he needed. It's not
like he was going to stay long either. He was just going to stay long enough to find a
couple of his father's thug buddies and rough them up a little. 
 "this will do." He smiled. "All I need to do now is get a few things to occupy me and
chill outside for a while." He laughed to himself and muttered a fwe things. 
 Once he was outside he smiled a little. He loved being outdoors more than indoors.
Indoors made him feel isolated and then he remembers what happens. He stood there outside
of the building, frozen like a statue. His hand reached up to his face that was covered by
his hood and ran his a finger along the scar. It made him clench his jaw. He almost wanted
to cry. Charles wasn't a crier. He was a tough man no matter what. 
 He shook his head, not realizing he had just done what he had done. "Not again." He
sighed and walked into the crowed. Looking for a few more things to buy. He needed to
stock up on everything. Maybe get a few things to entertain himself too.

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Sena took a deep breath as her headache disappeared and she began to walk down the
crowded street again. She kept her arms crossed while still holding her page in her book
and she looked around at everything. She walked towards a building and she could see the
air temple. She looked at it and began to wonder why she had to be a fire bender instead
of all the other elements. She continued to just stare at it as she began to think of what
her life would've been like if she was an airbender and so far she was thinking it was a
better life than the one she had. She sighed and then continued to walk around. "What
should I do",she thought to herself.

21 September 2012, 01:37 AM   #11
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The boy turned his attention to the trinkets, carvings that were pretty immaculate, homemade goggles, a key to what obviously looked like a CabbageCar. "I can give you four gold pieces for this." said he as he picked up a tiny automaton.

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 Items clanked against the rock surface as the boy placed it down to speculate
another. Once he came to a conclusion of what he wanted to buy, he offered four pieces of
gold. "Yes, that...That would be fine!" answered the strange merchant with an odd smile
planted on his face. Remember, the friendlier you are the more goods maybe bought...Or so
he thought. He noticed someone else coming by using his peripheral vision. It appeared to
be an elderly figure walking in a tempo that the young man could recognize. It appeared to
be his dear old friend Raisin, er, Raizen. "Hey Raizy, what brings you here?" he asked
smiling with his eyes looking empty and distant. "Shut up Kaidong. I'm here because I have
important things to do rather than lollygagging like you." replied the old man with
his chin up high giving Chen a snarky look. Chen disregarded this and kept a nice steady
voice. "Hahah, Raizy and his little jokes...Did the old lady send ya' here to buy some
groceries or something?" guessed Chen, or should I say assumed Chen. Raizen shook
his head and told him to mind his own business and also stated how he, Kaidong,
inconsiderately placed his merchandise infront of the fruit stands. Irritable
stares shot in Chen's direction, so, much to his chagrin, he removed his stand by placing
it back into a spherical rock. "Looks like you could use some help, old geezer." He used
this as an excuse to close his shop and to loiter around with his beloved friend, Raizen.
The elder rolled his eyes and shook his head and quietly allowed the funky lad to follow
Chen Kaidong;24/Earthbender/Merchant/Black Hair Ponytail/Light brown skin
Raizen;52/Airbender/Monk-Mentor/Bald with reddish brown mustache-beard/Tan skin
Esha Taori;33/None/Equalist/Long Black Hair Bangs Centered/Brown Skin
Nirupama;50/None/Equalist/Long Dark Hair,Bunstyle/Brown Skin

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Jin, or more likely Eridan, made sure no one was looking and stole a few other pieces before leaving for the sewers. They were supposed to lead back to the Sanctuary. When they got there, they stripped completely and put on their robes, cowl carefully covering their amber eyes.

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 Haru looked around at the different people. There was an elderly man walking with a
younger man, that looked around his age, he assumed they knew each other in a way. He saw
a girl who seemed to be trying to read the book in her hands. Then he saw a dark hooded
figure, he couldn't tell if they were a boy or a girl and he didn't plan on asking either.
That wasn't his style. Well, his style was just not talking in general. 
 He chuckled to himself and went to buy a peach. He loves peaches. Carp, he loved all
fruit. He hadn't come across a fruit that he hadn't liked yet. Now veggies on the other
hand, he was NOT a big fan of. Just fruit and meat. That's it. An odd lifestyle, but it
was his. What was he even thinking. He didn't know anymore. Which, that happened a lot.
 The male looked around. He wanted to talk to people, but he wasn't the one to randomly
strike up a conversation. He wasn't going to be here long, so he didn't need anyone else.
At least that's what he believed. But everyone needed someone, right? All he had were to
voices in his head. He had been travelling alone for five years. That's a long time to be
alone. He hadn't ever had a girlfriend either, though he didn't even know if he liked
girls. Sometimes he would question himself. He shook his head and laughed. He went from
food to sexuality all in a few minutes.

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Sena looked up and saw Raizen. She watched him and leand against the wall behind her and
just watched him. Wow, he's from the air temple, she thought to herself in

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