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☑Important Topic: Updates and Joined Stuff☑

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This is where I will write down updates, and keep track of fan topics/anti-fan topics joined!!! Just an easy way of keeping track of things. No need to look here, unless your suspicious. C: Join Rate Beautiful Like Roses: NAOI!!! <3 (Fan Topic) SpArK4GrLz: LIMITS D:< (Anti-Fan Topic) kayden: Briigal_faery: SecretlySawyer: Updates: 1. BeautifulLikeRoses created ♥ Welcome! (And Rules + Some Stuff To Know) ♥ 2. BeautifulLikeRoses accepted SpArK4GrLz into the club. 3. BeautifulLikeRoses created ツ Important Topic: Staff ツ 4. BeautifulLikeRoses created ✕ Important Topics: Genres ✕ 5. BeautifulLikeRoses created ❣ Announcement: Stuff We Need ❣ 5. BeautifulLikeRoses created ⌨ General: Random Lounge ⌨ 6. BeautifulLikeRoses created ☩ Debate: Limits: For Our Good or for The Forces of evil... ☩ 7. BeautifulLikeRoses created ✉ Introductions: Introduce Yourself! ✉ 8. BeautifulLikeRoses created ♡ Fan Topic: NAOI!!! <3 ♡ 9. BeautifulLikeRoses created ☑Important Topic: Updates and Joined Stuff☑ 10. BeautifulLikeRoses deemed SpArK4GrLz VP! 11. BeautifulLikeRoses accepted kayden into the club. 12. BeautifulLikeRoses created 。◕‿◕。 Event: Icon Creator 。◕‿◕。 13. BeautifulLikeRoses became a judge for 。◕‿◕。 Event: Icon Creator 。◕‿◕。 14. SpArK4GrLz became a judge for 。◕‿◕。 Event: Icon Creator 。◕‿◕。 15. BeautifulLikeRoses accepted SecretlySawyer into the club. 16. BeautifulLikeRoses invited Siatwin. 17. BeautifulLikeRoses invited Briigal_Faery. 18. BeautifulLikeRoses accepted Briigal_faeryinto the club. 19. BeautifulLikeRoses created ✄ Anti-Fan Topic: LIMITS D:< ✄ 20. BeautifulLikeRoses became leader of ✄ Anti-Fan Topic: LIMITS D:< ✄ 21. SpArK4GrLz became a member of ✄ Anti-Fan Topic: LIMITS D:< ✄
Nick Name: Softie Birthday: 5/1/99 Fan Topics: Naoi!!! <3 (Leader), Anti-Fan Topics: LIMITS D:< (Leader), Roleplays: **By that sin fell the angels** If you find a wild russia wandering around, he belongs to me and is not wild...although he will kill you. VODKAAAAAAAAAAAA

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